Winx fans, I wanna hear from you!

I’m working on a couple posts about the Roy/Aisha/Nex love triangle, but I’ve realized I don’t have enough of an idea of why the fans prefer one guy over the other. I want your opinions!

Here’s what I wanna know:

  • Which guy do you prefer?
  • Why do you think he’s a good match for Aisha?
  • Why do you think the other guy’s not a good match for Aisha?

You can write a few words or a few paragraphs. It doesn’t matter. I just wanna know what you think.

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21 Responses to “Roy or Nex?

  1. Okay, here goes:

    Which guy do you prefer?

    Roy. There, that one was easy.

    Why do you think he’s a good match for Aisha?

    This is a trickier question. The matter of whether two people are a “good match” is obviously not an exact science. Fictional romances tend to be one of two extremes: either the couple is exactly alike in almost every way, or they’re an obvious mismatch who somehow connect despite their differences. We’ve all seen both of these, so we know they both “work.” Since these are opposite extremes, though, do relationships at each end of this spectrum have anything in common? Sure, but it’s hard to define. We call it “chemistry.” Whatever mysterious, intangible thing makes two people “click,” we know it when we see it. And it’s a powerful thing; it makes shippers out of us.

    So… Why do I think Roy’s a good match for Aisha? I don’t know, exactly. I can’t point to any one characteristic that makes him “right” for her. But I know this: they have chemistry. I’m not sure you agree with me on that (in fact, I’m pretty sure you don’t), but they definitely had a moment in “Saving Paradise Bay” (ep. 5X24), and that was good enough for me. It was good enough for Aisha, too, if her part in the bizarre ballet scene from “Battle for the Infinite Ocean” is any indication.

    Why do you think the other guy’s not a good match for Aisha?

    I wouldn’t really say that. Aisha also happens to have chemistry with Nex. In fact, her relationship with Nex falls neatly into one of those cartoon-brand fictional extremes. You said it yourself: Nex is the male equivalent of Aisha. That’s not a problem, but don’t we already have one of those?

    I don’t think Aisha stands to win or lose here; I’m sure she could be perfectly happy with either one of these guys. The choice is hers, and I don’t believe she can make a wrong one. But while she can’t lose here, one of the boys definitely will. Since it’s all up to her and my opinion doesn’t count for anything anyway, I’m going to cheer for the guy I like the most. And that’s Roy. Nex has just irked me one too many times (by trying to kill / maim Roy on two separate occasions – I don’t feel unreasonable for holding a grudge over that).

    • Thank you for your opinion. I wouldn’t argue against it, since that’s all yours.

      I will say this, though: I disagree Nex was trying kill or maim Roy. What he did could have potentially had one of those consequences — I’d go with maim, since I doubt Rainbow would let a hero character kill an ally — but I don’t think that was his goal. (If it was, I wouldn’t like him either!)

      The real problem in the first incident was he was playing too rough. Even the Guru scolded him for it: “This is a civilized training session, not a cage fight!” But no one said anything about death or even injury. (Remember this is a fantasy show. Physics don’t work the way they do in real life.)

      The problem in the second incident was the sabotage itself, which was more of a nasty prank. Yes, he left Roy dangling from a platform, and that wasn’t right, but again I don’t think killing or maiming him was his goal. Inconveniencing him? Yes. Causing him to miss the final target? Yes. But if he had really been trying to kill or injure him, I doubt anyone (especially Aisha) would have trusted him again.

      For what it’s worth, in ep. 11, Roy, Aisha, and Nex jump off a rink that seems to be about the same height Roy was dangling from. None of them get so much as a scratch. Nex and Aisha even land on their feet! (Again, fantasy physics.)

      • Fair enough. That was just some hyperbole on my part, honestly (hey, I did say was holding a grudge). There’s really no way Roy was going to get killed or maimed, as maiming implies permanent damage. Fantasy cartoon or not, it’s rare for any show to have a character suffer permanent injuries. But still! Thanks to “Return to Alfea” (ep. 5X03), we know that even in this fantasy show, falls from great heights can cause memory loss. 😛

        • Thanks to “Return to Alfea” (ep. 5X03), we know that even in this fantasy show, falls from great heights can cause memory loss.

          That’s true. Although, I’m pretty sure the Winx have been knocked out of the sky from higher heights and have barely gotten scratches, so things like memory loss seem to be plot-mandated only. 😛

          • Maybe it wasn’t the fall so much that caused the memory loss, but maybe the beam Icy hit Sky with? After all, she was aiming for Bloom. How easy would it have been to erase Bloom’s memory, have her not remember anything (including the fact she has magic) and then kill her?

          • I think Layla/Aisha should stay with Nex, for all the reasons stated above.

            I personally like Roy, but I think he would be a better bf for Tressa.

  2. I definitely prefer Nex over Roy – everything you said about them in the Boys of Winx Club series expressed just how I was feeling about them 🙂

  3. Which guy do you prefer?

    Well, in my opinion, Roy’s like the most boring character. I like Nex so much more, because I see him as an interesting person. We have seen him as brave, as jealous, as funny, as shy, as competitive and as loving. I think that’s what makes him special. It seems like Roy has only one emotion.

    Why do you think he’s a good match for Aisha?

    Nex is someone who can make Aisha happy. Of course Roy could make her happy, but that relationship would be pretty boring, like Bloom and Sky’s. For us to watch. For Aisha to live in. Nex is an exciting person, who loves challenges and sports, just like Aisha.

    Why do you think the other guy’s not a good match for Aisha?

    Roy is just so lame. He has only like one side. But I still believe Aisha would be happy with either one of those guys. I just hope it was Nex.

  4. Which guy do I prefer, Nex.

    Why? In the beginning of season 6, Nex is just this arrogant guy but as the season progresses so does his characeter. In my opinion he came at a time when Aisha was ready to move on from Nabu. He showed us his more arrogant side by completely claiming Aisha and not giving Nex a chance to say goodbye.

    Why Roy is not my choice. I was never a Roy fan from the beginning. The introduction of his character was just too soon after Nabu. And I honestly just see him as a watered down Nabu.

    Since watching the new season, I still like Nex for Aisha and unless Nabu comes back, thats not gonna change anytime soon.

    • Even if Nex became the official guy he still could have allowed Roy the chance to say goodbye. IRL a guy who dated one of my best gfs allowed me to say goodbye to her and was actually cool with me being around since he knew we were just friends as the time of my departure drew close. Is there any harm in letting Roy say “goodbye, hope we can still be friends?” I understand that Nex might be over protective but the thing is that Nex does not get to declare himself Aisha’s boyfriend, that’s her choice.

  5. I think I would’ve preferred Roy, because they introduced him in S5 and it seemed like they were going somewhere with him, but then in S6, Nex appeared and now Roy is being pushed to the sidelines. I haven’t seen any mention of him in S7, so it’s like they introduced him for nothing. Nex likes Aisha because she’s fierce and stood up to him without hesitation. If memory serves me right, he was picking on Roy. If Roy wasn’t going to last for more than 2 seasons like this, what was the point of getting him in the picture? Aisha would’ve found some other way to belittle Nex for his behavior; it wasn’t just Roy he was hard on.
    I guess I just would’ve liked to see Roy have more purpose and I’m a first-come-first-serve person, so I think Roy could’ve used more screen time at least, before Nex appeared. And the triangle was never really resolved. We just saw Aisha get more interested in Nex and saw Roy get left behind. She never told the boys who she liked better herself, which would’ve been more realistic. And who’s to say she doesn’t still like Roy?
    Nex has gotten better though. Aisha’s been a good influence on him, and even though I’d rather her be with Roy for a while so that he’d have more screen time then maybe break up later, I’m glad she seems happy with Nex.
    Hope I’m making sense

    • I don’t think Roy was completely useless. He was a major part of Aisha’s grief process and helped her heal because he was NICE and didn’t ripple emotionally. She may have needed that calmness in him to help her find stability especially since her personal life was a mess then with Tritannus destroying her family. Unfortunately that also left room for Nex to walk in just as she may have settled into a good place emotionally. He presented a challenge and in this case I feel the more complex guy won.

  6. i prefer nex cause he didn’t automatically switch to being a red fountain specialist like roy did and i don’t think it was nex’s fault that roy disappeared it was the writers in one episode he was there and then he was gone

  7. I like this question!!!!
    #2. Nex I chose him because yeah he wasn’t nice and very cocky but after a while you can see he had a soft side. The way he was so nervous to greet Aisha and didnt know what to say shows the effect she has on him. I think this is a good couple, I don’t know why no one likes him, yes he was mean to Roy but he did make up for it and honestly there’s a 5 percent nabu may come back but right now he’s not. Usually I like it when the girls don’t have Bfs because they can stand to be alone for a bit. I mean rhey usually do alot more than the guys. But I think it’s alright for Aisha to move on

    #3 I couldn’t choose Roy because of how they handled him. They brought him in so close after Nabus death she didn’t have time to heal. He was also boring. He doesn’t take enough risks for an adventurous girl like Aisha

  8. Neither, they are both wack…Aisha deserves so much better ( and NO im not refering to Nabu, he was a great guy but he wasnt the only great guy in the world). Im pretty sure both these guys are nice people but im sorry im just not feeling the romance between Aisha and neither one of them. Personally i would have rather she stayed single and concentrated on yourself or even waited for that right man to come along. Nothing wrong with being alone for a while..In general i feel like this love triangle storyline was poorly written. I think i would have preferred if she was friends with these guys and nothing else…that’s my two cents worth

  9. I think that Roy is better for Aisha. He is nice, friendly and all that and in my opinion is is very similar to Nabu. And I thought Nabu was perfect for Aisha. Roy is caring and likes Aisha for who she is.
    Nex is just impressed by her skills and the total oposite of Roy and Nabu.

  10. I have always preferred Nex (or anyone other than Roy) for Aisha.

    I remember their first meeting when Aisha called him out on his BS and instead of being annoyed or upset he felt intrigued and said she was “no joke” with a smile on his face. I also think he felt remorse when he took the joke too far with Roy on the Morphix gym thing because he rushed to protect Roy after he was petrified. At the core Nex is not a bad person, just a bit of an a**. What did get my attention about him was that he seemed to enjoy his rivalry with Roy but doesn’t know his boundaries, that is, when to stop the joke because it is going to far. Aisha was good at reigning him in and scolding when he messed up. In turn he was always up for a challenge and appears to be her athletic equal. They seemed to have settled well on a balance with each other and have continued that feeling into season 7. I am always interested to see their interactions because he is not a “nice guy” like Nabu so his reactions would be different but he also isn’t as clueless and emotionally handicapped as Riven so he doesn’t hesitate to express his feelings for her. I am really looking forward to seeing more of them as the season progresses.

    My dislike for Roy is tied up with my emotions over Nabu dying. I personally felt he came along too soon but I was willing to give him a try. I watched him for some emotional range besides ‘nice’ and came up with nothing. He was a blank slate of a guy because while nice is ok, it only takes you so far. After a while I started seeing him as an emotional void who was there to suck Aisha’s sadness and loneliness away so she wouldn’t feel alone. Once Nex came and he suddenly developed a second emotion, jealousy, he still didn’t exhibit the emotional range Nex was capable of nor did he seem to bring forth the level of emotion Nex could from Aisha even if it was only annoyance. I always felt the absence of a real goodbye meant he was never that important to the group or was never meant to stay.

    • There’s an interesting angle on Roy just vanishing. You’d at least think that switching into the red fountain uniform he’d at least get somewhat of a send off.

  11. Roy. That will be short comment, since my English is not the best.
    Simply, because he is good. Nex may be on the good side, but he was still a jerk. And for me that’s not okay. I understand they wanted to have Riven-copy, since they planned to remove him, but with Riven, we saw how he changed. That wasn’t the case with Nex. He is a little better this new season, but we never saw if he understand his mistakes, and I can’t like him. Roy on the other side is the good guy – he was rival for Nex, but he was always fair. His rivalry with Nex was about being close to Aisha, not about pushing, insulting and trying to kill him (what would happen if Aisha didn’t use her magic?). But, on the other side, I think Roy is the better choice for Aisha in seasons 1-4 and first part of 5th. Because later Aisha changed, I can’t like her anymore. She is completely different character. I think Roy would be too good for her.

    • I’m only gonna comment on the “trying to kill him (Roy)” thing. I disagree that was ever Nex’s goal. It seems like several fans went to that extreme (I’ve heard this argument on YouTube, too), but I seriously doubt Rainbow would have a hero character try to kill an ally. The problems with what Nex did at the beginning were he was fighting too rough and (as you said) he wasn’t playing fair.

      But trying to kill Roy? No.

      Here’s a thought. At two points in the season, Nex saves Roy’s life. If he wanted Roy dead, why wouldn’t he just let him be killed?

  12. 1. Which guy do you prefer?
    Roy, of course!
    2. Why do you think he’s a good match for Aisha?
    Because they have chemistry. They seemed to be getting along great and have some things in common. Yes, Roy may seemed to be a knock-off version of Nabu, but at least we know that he’s from a planet with a name and that he’s a water wizard. Another good example would be in episode 8 when they were searching for the Gem of Empathy when they were really enjoying each other’s company in racing. We do see this in later episodes, too.

    3.Why do you think the other guy’s not a good match for Aisha?
    It’s not that I don’t really think that Nex is a good match for Aisha, it’s just the question of why he exist. Okay, that does sound kinda mean coming from me, but they already seemed to give Aisha a new love interest in Roy in season five. Why does there need to be another guy to compete for her? Like you said, it makes Aisha looked flaky. If it was two boys fighting for Musa, I could buy it because they nearly implied that in season two. Aisha was always the “boy-hater” so it seemed really off. The both times she first met Nabu and Roy, she was pretty hostile to them, granted Nabu was the stalker and probably deserves it, but still!
    Another reason why Nex turned me off is because he ticks me off during his intro episodes. I’m sure he didn’t mean to maim or kill Roy by knocking him over the arena or kicking the Morphix hoop away, but the way Nickbow portrayed him doing it, it actually felt like he was doing it with bad intention rather than as a practical joke. Nabu may have stalked Aisha, but even he didn’t do something like that. Sure it’s his fault that Valtor got the magic box and he seemed very shady when he snuck off after the museum battle, but when Rainbow did the story, you can tell that Nabu had good intentions. Same thing for Roy. Nickbow could have done greater things with him but they screwed it up the same way they screwed up the Imaginary love triangle in Flora’s head and the rest of season five. While I don’t mind Nex much now, but whenever I re-watch season six, I still can’t help but feel a strong feeling of dislike for this guy. Dude, you gotta learn that some pranks aren’t funny. Not only that, but he seemed to also exist to bring out the worst in Roy as they both compete for Aisha. Honestly, I don’t understand why Nickbow didn’t just integrate Nex’s personalities into Roy this season. That way, it would be as if they’re giving Roy more character development and character and it wouldn’t make Aisha look flaky with two guys!

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