According to, we’ll have to wait “a few years” (un paio d’anni) for the next season of Winx Club.

In their article, they talk about Rainbow’s plan to grow over the next three to five years. It mentions the two upcoming shows we know about: “a live action series for teens” (Maggie & Bianca: Fashion Friends) and “a spinoff of the Winx on Netflix” (World of Winx). The line about season eight comes after that, but what it means depends on if Rainbow has started production yet.

WinxClubRUS predicts the season will premiere in fall 2018, but we don’t have any proof. A closer meaning of paio is “a couple” or “pair,” so 2-3 years makes sense. Coincidentally, three years from now (2019) would be Winx Club‘s 15th anniversary. Maybe Rainbow wants to wait till then so they can promote the season the way they promoted season six (the tenth anniversary season).

Don’t worry, guys. We’ll have plenty of Winx magic to tide us over until then: World of Winx seasons 1 & 2 , the fourth movie, and maybe — unless they’re one and the same — the live-action movie. And if World of Winx does well, Netflix might even order another season or two.


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48 Responses to “Season Eight Will Premiere In “A Few Years”

  1. This is going to take a long time it seems. Actually I wonder what are they going to do for season eight. I mean they could go for another environmental message (please no seasons five and seven seemed to have suffered because of this) or they coulld try to go back to Winx roots like in season six tried to do (E.I. A villain tied to Bloom in someway, or something dealing with the Ancestral Witches,). I for one hope they explore the Legacy of the Great Dragon or the origins of the fairy.

    • I’d like to see origins of the fairy first just to be fair and give a break from the Bloom is (insert something she isn’t here) accusations. Although i’ve noticed that this series performs better if Bloom and Aisha are the focus (as much as it ires the fanbase) there comes a time when Bloom and Aisha connected to everything gets on everyone’s nerves and they start claiming “bloom’s fire shouldn’t be able to do this because it’s fire and Aisha’s water shouldn’t do this because water.” Forgetting about season 2 entirely explaining “Fire represents life, ditto with Aisha’s water magic, that’s why things regular fire and water can’t do can be done with their magic.” That important fact should not have been left out of the nickelodeon dub. It’s confusing people, it even confused people when season 2 first aired. Maybe the origins of powers should be more greatly covered. Like how Morphix actually works and how each is connected to the dragon flame. Especially since each character save Roxy and Daphne has a share of the dragon flame now (although Daphne might still have a tiny bit somewhere or else she wouldn’t have joined in the Bloomix convergence). All we’ve been told is “dragon flame starts it all, all magic is derrived from it sunlight directly, others ?”

      • I think Alfea shouldn’t have a connection if that’s the case. Each season the school seems to become tied to it in some way. There are rooms that would be more in place in a castle then a school!

        Also no more earth please…. lets look at the universe itself the realms something!

        • More universe sights please! Can’t we see something besides castles and the seas please? I wanna see “the hangouts” on these realms, even some “peasant” places would be cool too. We’ve only seen that sketchy club in Gardenia and of course the park(s) and Vanessa’s shop and Mitzi’s place. Anything else?

          • I don’t ever wanna see Gardenia again, to be honest. (Too bad that’s where World of Winx takes place. Sigh.) I wanna see new places, too. And no more beaches. I know they have a beach episode every season — The Frutti Music Bar was on the beach, so that was even worse — but I’m not really a beach-loving person.

            And please, please, please no more underwater settings! That’s one thing I hated about season five. The Winx were underwater practically the whole time, and each ocean looked almost exactly the same. Boring!

          • I think Winx needs another myth arc. Something that made seasons 1-3 and the first movie great was the focus in the background. Season’s 4, 5, 6, and 7 are so self contained that they become hit or miss as they have no real unity.

    • If it’s good enough for me to cram it all into a single day then I would be ecstatic. 😀

  2. The wait between Winx seasons always kills me. I wanna know what happens next, constantly. But Rainbow tends to be distant, so what ends up happening is a burst of information over here, a trailer over there, and several cancellations as to when the season will premiere in the U.S. But I can wait a few years for season eight. Now all we have to do is hope WoW doesn’t get postponed again! (Rainbow? Netflix? Please?)

  3. I guess waiting for season 8 won’t be as painful due to WoW. The painful part is waiting for WoW. I hope it isn’t like SMC and gets postponed even further (totally jinxed it lol).

  4. I know this may generate some controversy, but I kind of like that they’re waiting a little while for Season VIII. I think that it will give them some time to re-organize and recharge their creative engines, so to speak. I think with a little time to refine their writing, Season VIII could be the Winx Renaissance we have long been waiting for…

    • My thoughts exactly. It kind of seems like lately they’re mainly trying meet deadlines and air dates instead of taking time to look through their story completely for plot holes (6×24, anyone?). If they’re willing to go slow and think it all through, they can take as long as necessary.

  5. Waiting on season 8, that’s a good thing and a bad thing both.
    Why it’s bad is both for the wait annoying the fanbase and harming ratings also the fact that if 2019 is to be the airdate then Winx 15th anniversary is the same year as Scooby-Doo’s 50th anniversary. Seeing as all the networks would want to market the daylights out of Scooby’s 50th all year long likely (especially CN&Boomerang) then Winx airring on NickJr instead of CN/Boomerang would get overshadowed by Scooby since both shows aren’t on the same network (although the first 2 live movies are viacom/wb split via paramount) anymore the two cartoon humungous anniversaries crossover which would be cool to do (wouldn’t you like to see Fred and Velma actually accept magic without having freak outs/and their minds wiped for once or at least see Velma and Tecna arguing about science vs magical science? Or even seeing the Winx solve an actual mystery that isn’t always so obvious?) and a great crossover since Scooby-Doo has the honor of being the longest running cartoon of all time (i don’t think anything else in animation has lasted 46 years and counting).
    The good would be time to refresh the show and maybe find a way to bring Daphne and Roxy up without knocking the main six down. That’s the problem with the Nickelodeon seasons and a bit of season 7. Seasons 5 and 6 pretty much tried to elevate Daphne by forcing the Winx to rely on her and tore down the others except for Bloom and Aisha who narrowly escaped the sidestep treatment (by being the two fairies who have powers that symbolize life as well having official co-leader status also helped, so does having similar hair, eye and wardrobe colors) by showing that they had a little bit of common sense still, yet even they had to fight to wake their friends up, Stella and Flora obviously woke up first, then Musa,Tecna and Roxy required a lot more work than Stella and Flora to wake up and start thinking again. Season 7 was trying to work out the bugs but well…there’s still a sense of “rely on the season’s guide” thing in certain areas, sure it’s not as noticeable because it’s Roxy this time and she’s trying to get everyone to think for themselves but you can still tell Bloom’s mentality isn’t “i wonder what Roxy/Daphne knows about this or could Roxy/Daphne help us fix this problem?” like in s1-4 but rather “What does Roxy/Daphne think we should do?” in all post-believix seasons.

    Now for s8 what i’d like to see…What’s been said above about going back to roots with either a Bloom connection or an Aisha connection or both (like Darkar and Valtor were connected to both, I don’t recall anyone ever getting under a villain’s skin as much as these too doo, well unless Flora’s having a bad day…note to future Winx villains do not meet Flora on a bad day.) I seem to see a bit of a sense of “Bloom and Aisha are childhood friends but unaware of it, Bloom and Anne are one and the same person just Bloom decided to use an alias because she dreamed of heroes just as much as fairies so when she met Aisha she pulled a clark kent without having to find glasses.” implications Afterall I highly doubt only knowing Aisha for 2 years there’s no way Bloom would forgive someone that easily if she hadn’t known that person for longer than that, also bloom and aisha’s fairy outfits are always the rainbow color arrangements splashed around and acted in s2 as if they’d previously met.

  6. What they need to do with the extra time they have now is think of a story that is stretched out over 3(or more) seasons.
    Thats what was so great about winx season one till 3 + the movie. It grew every season and it was really going somewhere. Now since season 4 it just feels like the winx are ‘reset’ every season.

    • I think that a good three-season story could be one of three things;

      I. A prequel: in which the backstory of the Company of Light and the first War against Valtor is elaborated upon. There’s great potential for storytelling in this, as it led directly to the events of the series.

      II. A spin off focusing on Roxy and a group of her own friends that she gathers, while going on her personal quest to bring magic to the Earth. There could even be some potential for overlap and crossover between this and World of Winx, featuring the main cast and set on Earth.

      III. A sequel, possibly focused on the adventures of some of the descendants of the original Winx (children, grandchildren), or completely new characters, fighting a completely new battle. (This is the idea I am most a fan of…)

      What do you think of this, or should the Winx’s adventures continue along a new arc as suggested?

      • Those might be good ideas for spin-offs, but I don’t think Rainbow would use them in the main show. Winx Club right now is still about the Winx. After the series ends, Rainbow might try something new.

        • Either way, I think that such a spin-off would truly breathe new life into the series. That being said, I also wholeheartedly agree with the idea of a three season arc, rather than a simple reset like we have seen in the last four seasons. This would give a lot of energy to character development.

      • Roxy and Daphne both belong with the main group even if no one else is that wild about Daphne joining. Daphne certainly wouldn’t make her own new group when she couldn’t trust her old one (save diletta as far as we know) so it is safer for her to join Bloom’s team. Also given what we’ve seen with Roxy do you really think Roxy’s going to break off from Bloom’s group? No. She’s too attached to Bloom to leave her. I like calling Daphne,Bloom and Roxy Earth sisters (even if Daphne hasn’t really been to earth yet, she’s closer to Bloom the others than anyone else.) since even if not all of them have been to Earth, they consider themselves Earth Fairies by nature even if Roxy is the only natural born Earth fairy. I guess the same is true of the other five as well. Sure they’re natural denizens of their own realms but each Winx considers themselves an Earth fairy, especially since they’re a lot more easy going but still hard workers and much more agreeable than others and quite connected or distant with everyone on their own planets and even magix.
        Nova should be the one to make a new group if she does.

  7. Please note that the following is all speculation.

    I like to think that season seven was Rainbow’s “try-and-get-the-show’s-popularity-back” season. They were aware of the mess Nick created, and they knew they needed to clean it up. But they needed more time than they had, so they decided to delay their clean-up a bit. That might explain why there’s unicorns, weird furry blue things, pixies, and impromptu dances – they’re eye-catching, “cute” things that appeal to the show’s main audience – little girls.

    But I think that WoW, any upcoming movies, and especially season eight are the “clean-up-the-damage” stuff – where they try and get the best plot possible from what they have. My hope is that the new series will get the “first-three-seasons-and-first-movie-are-awesome-everything-else-is-bad” people to not be as mad. (If you hold this opinion, that is completely okay. I was not intending to offend anyone.)

    Am I saying that season seven was pointless, then? No. I still feel like it was satisfactory with a decent plot (there were plot holes, such as Roxy not getting Butterflix [still bitter about that] but they weren’t as big or as frequent from what I saw). Plus, I like how they used unmentioned elements from past seasons. And we finally got to see Flora’s parents.

    I just think that they’re saving the major clean-up of Nick’s backfire for a few years so they can clean it up as well as possible.

    • Well, I hope they don’t retcon or change a bunch of things. That would just be ridiculous. For example, as much as I hate that they gave Daphne her body back, it wouldn’t make sense for her to become a spirit again. She has a husband and a kingdom now!

      Not everything that happened in the Nick dub was bad. I hope Rainbow know what to change and what to keep/leave alone.

      • There are some things you can’t change without it being stupid or random, such as Daphne’s corporeal-ness. (Plus, I really don’t care which form she’s in; I’m fine with her either way.)

        I don’t believe that everything in the Nick dub was bad. But there are a few things I could see them changing without it self-destructing on them.

        • They seem to be implying that the Dragon Flame is only one sixth of the balance now. It would make sense the Winx other powers making up the other 5, Each Winx has their own part to balance out…Aisha’s was ironically shown before Bloomix, as it’s her responsibility to keep the seas in check, Bloom keeps life stable, Flora tends to the Earth, Musa the skies/sounds, Tecna the energy, Stella the light.

  8. I really hope that a lot of things go wrong in the next season. Well, not that way. If all the things go horribly wrong, someone loses something precious or someone gets in coma, Alfea is destroyed or any Winx’s parents are kidnapped. ?What I mean is that we can only expect an epic season finale in which everything gets right (and with logic), if things terrible in a season which either provokes the Winx to work harder and fight harder, or feel hopeless and helpless. I want darker themes and settings. Real tragedies. A death maybe? (Nah. Gosh, I’ve gotten so sadistic). What I think is that maybe Rainbow has gotten afraid of putting Winx in real pinches. Ordeals that you see yourself difficult to get out of. Not something so predictable. My favourite example? Does Princess Amentia ring a bell. That was a time when I had actually, really, really, REALLY gotten worried about Brandon’s fate. I couldn’t figure out a solution myself. That’s how shows should be if you count the genre as “action”.
    What I’m liking about this date postpones that I think Rainbow is trying to redeem itself but still I’m not completely sure. If they wanted to do so. They would else give a glimpse of it in S07. But all the more, it was even more childish than previous seasons. Not that I hate it. But still, somehow it felt, it was right of Nick to put it on Nick Jr. Maybe, they had already seen S07, that’s why they did it.
    So, I’m happy that Rainbow’s taking time to think things through and return the show to it’s former, well-cherished glory. But I’m sill not a hundred percent sure, if that’s what they want to do. I just wanted a little hint of it, in S07, a season they produced on themselves, without any interference from Nick. Yet, it wasn’t their best effort. Don’t get me wrong though. I still saw a few dark themes. For example, I loved the fight the Trix put up in the finale, when they were being sucked into the limbo. That was intense, their struggle and all, and especially facial expressions.
    I just want a decent plot with a little mature setting this time. Kids these days pick up things so quick. They’re smarter than we think they are. They are bound to get more interested and pick things up, if (how I wish) Rainbow does do make a season of the earlier season’s caliber.

    • I think we need to be careful of one thing. We all have our preferences, and while a lot of the fanbase wants darker material, not everyone does. Some fans loved seasons 5-7 exactly as they were. I think we need to stop equating less “mature” to bad, or saying that because those seasons were geared toward a younger audience, Rainbow didn’t put as much effort into them.

      The final product may not have been what the majority of (mainly older) fans wanted. But that doesn’t Rainbow didn’t work hard to produce it. They created what they wanted to create. Our preferences for the show aren’t necessarily “better.”

  9. It would great if season 8 end with the winx getting defeated because if have not be done yet. If could lead to amazing season 9.

    • Defeated by someone difficult to defeat like maybe bringing darkar or the black circle back and of course make the new powers the last ones for awhile and just give ’em “frills of justice” for a season or two. Darkar being “the dark one” would be ideal. After all he was able to make a Winx work for him willing or not. Maybe what they should do with him if they bring him back is have him again turn Bloom into dark bloom but we should also see dark Aisha as well (i’d like to see a villianous Winx duo like Aisha proposed in s4) and it should take more than saying “I love you” for Nex and Sky and the others to get them back. Sort of a test of love thing. Maybe have it be “saying ILY” anyone can do but proving it…well that’s another story. In otherwords Sky and Nex must be willing to die (or live with something worse to prove it.]

  10. I may be the minority here (Oh who am I kidding, I definitely am), but I like the Winx seasons as they are. Season 7 was a bit too bubbly for my liking, but I’ve learned to enjoy it too. Seasons 5 and 6 were great, especially season 6. Sure, if I were in charge, I’d drop the whole CGI thing altogether, but I saw the whole ordeal as Nickbow experimenting with new things, finding out they don’t work, and getting rid of them. That’s cool too.

    I most definitely do not want to see “dark” themes on the show. Some people believe that all the problems and issues on the show get solved too easily (untrue, refer to Stella’s parents still divorced after 7 seasons, and Nabu actually staying dead), and everything working out perfectly in the end is too unrealistic, but that’s why I come back to this show after all those years. Real life is bleak enough, I just want to enjoy a show where girl power and friendship triumphs over evil, with an extra dose of “slightly mature” themes (Stella’s parents, Aisha coping with her lover’s death and finding happiness again, Musa and Riven breaking off a destructive relationship and realizing that sometimes simply loving someone is not enough to make a relationship work, etc.).

    Besides, Game of Thrones fills my quota of “bleak, dark and hopeless” just fine. I watch Winx for the happiness it brings.

  11. I just noticed something… that winx timetravel pic matches the layout’s colors perfectly. Maybe you should update the banner to be of all seven in time travel, it’d look really cool!

  12. Probably not the best time to point this out. Seems Wikipedia been feed false information on season 8

  13. ^ ah sorry about the confusion in the backlogs OP info hasn’t changed my phone entered a typo, but my point still stands.

  14. I’ll admit it, I’m not the biggest fan of Bloom since 2011 (when season 4 aired in my country), and since then I’ve been fantasizing a season when Bloom ‘goes away’ to find ‘other paths’ (to not say: disappears magicly captured by the villain in a super cliché) in like episode 2 or 3, even (please no) in episode 14, the last from part one. I really want a full or half-season focused on the Winx (because it’s ‘Bloom and the Winx’ nowadays) and no one else, that includes Roxy and Daphne. My fear is that if this happens, it will be ‘Sky and the Winx’ show, which would be worst.

    • Aisha will become the main if Bloom has to go elsewhere. Focus goes by the original order of focus (Bloom, Aisha, Stella, Musa, Flora, Tecna, Roxy, Daphne). It won’t be the Sky & the Winx show. Rainbow isn’t going to do that. Now if the show were still partnered with Nick….they might be dumb enough to do that.

    • …. You want to take away the main protagonist because you don’t like her? Ok ignoring the fact that we seen twice already that the Winx can’t function without all of them (season 3 they basically disbanded because of Tecna missing and in season six the girls came very close to imploding when Bloom leaved) do you know that makes you sound like a heartless person right?

      Also really, why is this fandom so hateful of there protagonist. Seriously anyone casually looking at the show could tell Bloom the protagonist. This is like I don’t know DBZ fans hating Goku…. The difference is those would become pariahs in this liking the protagonist makes you one!

      • I don’t get all the hate for Bloom, either. 😕 I admit I’m sick of how much attention she gets (and she and Sky over the other couples), but what’s wrong with her herself? She’s impulsive, clingy, and stubborn sometimes. Okay, fine. All the Winx have character flaws. But she’s also compassionate, generous, loving, brave, and a respectful leader. There’s plenty to love about her, too.

        So yeah, I don’t understand what this fanbase has against her.

        • I tried to figure it out but some of the reasons make no real sense.

          Some hate her because so too beautiful… Which makes no sense because each of the Winx are all like that so that totally defeats it.

          Another is the fact she’s the most powerful fairy. The reason is cultural differences where as in the US and other nations most heroes work there way but in Europe there is the idea you are born for greatest. Even then Bloom doesn’t seem all that more powerful then her friends disputed having the literal power of God in her. (I think it might be subconscious control or the Flames own doing)

          • Other fans hate her because everything goes her way, she gets everything she wants, and they feel like it’s not fair for other characters. For example, she got Daphne back, but why didn’t Aisha and Musa get their loved ones back? Fair is fair.

            I had a conversation with someone about that, and one of my arguments was yes, Bloom does seem to get everything. (I’ll leave my thoughts about Daphne out of it this time.) But in my opinion, Aisha and Musa are better-developed characters because they’ve been through real hardships and suffered real loss. Aisha lost Nabu. Musa lost her mother as a child and endured a stressful relationship that ultimately failed. But both of them got through those situations and are happy again. To me, they’re the two toughest girls in the club.

            What about Bloom? She went through a lot to get her family back together, but ultimately she hasn’t had to lose or sacrifice anything. I think it’s easier to relate to Aisha or Musa than to her.

          • the irony that Bloom did lose her home. But being a infant that didn’t bother her at all unlike the others. Though I don’t think having the Dragon Flame was as much as a blessing as you would think given that it seems to attract or force her and her friends into facing a threat after threat.

            Actually that makes total sense.

  15. Season seven is probably nearing season 5 in terms of overall let down. A waste of Roxy, power magical fights and by far the most weakest villain ever!

    Seriously Karsra is as old as Faragonda… And she been a villain on a quest of power for almost a hundred years with little to show for it.

    In that time the Wizards of the Black Circle where finishing up the earth fairies, The Ancestrals destroyed realms and kingdoms before almost putting out Domino, A avatar of the Magical Universes equivalent of Satan almost gained total power, Valtor stole almost all the spells, the Trix almost won, Tritanus became emperor and A Ancient wizard stripped the whole universe of magic!

    Seriously you would think she would have realized that One) No animal had the ultimate power Two) The mini worlds exist Three) Realized her brother was more trouble then hew as worth.

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