winx Pictures, Images and PhotosThat’s the latest from The new “Girls’ Month” article gives this timeline for Winx on Nickelodeon:

  • Summer: The four one-hour specials, summarizing seasons one through three (not just the first two seasons, as first stated)
  • Fall: Season four
  • February 2012: Season five

The article also says “U.S. and U.K. toy deals are in the works.” If I had to guess who will pick up the toy license, I’d say Bandai, which currently has the rights for Pop Pixie. Regardless, it’s great that Winx merchandise will be back on American store shelves. I know what I want for my birthday. 🙂

Source: “GIRLS MONTH: Sector Guide Special 2011”

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10 Responses to “Season Five in February?

  1. Oh, that’s awesome! It’s not really that far away if you think about it. Plus I bet that season 5 will come out a lot earlier in Italy and maybe other countires.

    Thanks for sharing the exciting news, OP 😀

  2. RAISE THE ROOF! Sorry, I’m sick and I’m going to get my hyperness out on the Web so there is no throat pain involved.

  3. whoo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*starts dancing* season 5 will be out around my bday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Talking about Toy license I really wished they would get better back together with Mattel. Its the most expirience company, but yeah, yeah, I know they probably won’t. Also I think it was weird the they made a toy-license with Simba then for such short period.

  5. Oh, cool!! I would love to see the winx on nick!!
    But, i think they are rumours, coz they said tht season 4 will come in summer 2011 on nick, but its not come yet!!
    i wonder if it will come in late summer…..
    but to explain my point of view, ther are no winx club toys or anything similar or related in the u.k!! Even if they gave toy companies permission to manufacture winx club toys in the U.K. that’s absolutely unfair. How much time will they take to bring up winx club in the U.K and other contries??

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