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According to the TV Guide section of, season seven will premiere Monday, July 6 on Nick Africa. New episodes will air weekdays at 12:35 p.m. CAT, followed by an encore presentation of each episode the next weekday morning at 5:45 a.m. CAT.

New Character: Orlando

The episode descriptions on the site seem jumbled up (or just wrong), since they don’t seem to match the titles. (For example, the description for “Butterflix” mentions “the First Color,” so shouldn’t that be for “The First Color of the Universe?”) But one of them caught my attention:

Orlando, a minstrel who knows how to summon the Quillcat, decides to help the Winx. Brafilius ambushes the cat, but Musa stops him with her Butterflix power.

Remember the man sitting next to Critty in Rainbow’s Fairy Animals video? Everyone was trying to guess who he might be:


He could be Orlando. It’s interesting that he’s a minstrel — a.k.a. a traveling musician — and he’ll be crossing paths with our Fairy of Music. Food for thought. 😛 (Of course, he could be an old man, for all we know.)


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18 Responses to “Season Seven Premieres July 6 on Nick Africa

  1. *hopes he’s old, just to be contrary*
    *hopes he at least has more personality than Roy anyway*

    I’d kinda like to see more singleness in the club. Singleness, it happens to everybody and is not the end of the world!

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    I’m so conflicted about that cat. Half of my brain goes, “Pretty colors! Yay!” The other half goes, “Pink kitten! Tacky!” ^^;

    • I agree it’s cute but it should be redder, pink clashes with Musa’s outfits (since she’s the pink one now that Flora commandeered green). At least make the animal stick out against the girls! Critty just kinda blends in compared to every animal else.

  2. I’m really hoping for the old guy just making witty music.

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    Next quillcat? Who thought a porcupine kitten was a good idea? I ♡♡♡ cats but seriously how could you pick ’em up if they’re always spindly quilled?

  3. Yeah I can’t wait. Its starting on the 1st for us in South Africa and even though I’ve seen the Greek, I can’t wait to have it in English.

  4. Are they really going to push another guy in again? I was glad when Aisha was single until she wasn’t and look how that worked out.

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    To me, when they do the whole boyfriend thing it makes it like like the Winx can’t live without a man in their life and in Aisha’s case she is wishy washy and can’t settle for a guy.

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  5. “Remember the man sitting next to Critty in Rainbow’s Fairy Animals video?”
    I don’t see any man in the video, or do you mean the one in the screenshot? I thought it was Musa. By the way, according to the site [it may be wrong], the episode in which Orlando appears is “A Friend from the Past”, which probably means that Musa already knows him, but it may also mean that the Winx know him in the past [I mean, during one of their travels to the past].

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    • Someone tell me if that’s the right episode. I know the description for “The Alfea Natural Park” is wrong (it’s the general description for the show itself), and the one for “Butterflix” sounds wrong, since it says something about “The First Color.” (Should that be “The First Color of the Universe?”) If it’s right, then maybe.

      • A Friend from the Past is supposed to be episode 5 and since you don’t want spoilers then that is all I will say 😉

      • “A friend from the past” isn’t where he appears. We only see the Winx guys in that episode. They don’t always introduce newbies right off the bat, especially if they’re boys. We got to wait a bit. I’m sure they would have made a big deal about it if he did show up there. The only ones who got fussed over were number 6 and number 7 aside from Squonk.

        • Then it must be the one with the synopsis corresponding to S7/E7, or maybe the one corresponding to S7/E2.

      • I think it’s the right episode, the description fits with the name of the episode more than the others, though “A Friend from the Past” can also be the one which mentions Roxy.

  6. I have watched the first six episodes of season 7 in Greek, and I’m not gonna give any spoilers, but here’s the episodes that have aired:

    Ep. 1 The Alfea Natural Park
    Ep. 2 Young Fairies Grow Up
    Ep. 3 Butterflix
    Ep. 4 The First Color Of The Universe
    Ep. 5 A Friend From The Past
    Ep. 6 Adventure on Lynphaia

    They have not introduced Orlando up to this point, so we can accurately state that their Episode synopsis’ are a little mixed up. Just thought I’d clarify. 🙂

  7. Sorry to post again but I just checkout out the site and most of what they have is wrong. I have seen the English episodes up to episode 5. The First Color of the Universe is episode 4. 3 is Butterflix and 2 is young Fairies grow up. They repeat some of the episode listings on this site and while some descriptions are where they should be most are not. Episode 6 should be the Linphea adventure. After that I cannot tell you how accurate they are. That site is really terrible.

  8. According to legend. Several Minstrels were heavy users of the old Magicks and used music to access that magick! (I know this for a fact, because I DO IT!) SO! I would NOT count this new guy out just yet!

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  9. Am I the only one who noticed the everywhere else in the world will probably be watching Winx Club on TV before it’s even given a commercial for it in the USA on Nick? I mean, Winx is NOT dead in America I saw a girl wearing a shirt that had Bloom and Stella on it this week! I’ve only seen the first seven episodes of the season because two people from the UK were kind enough to post the episdodes on dailymotion. USA wants Winx Club! We can make it popular again!

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