Winx Club‘s finally returning to U.S. television, but not where we expected it!

Yesterday, lots of fans noticed Winx was on Nick Jr.’s schedule for this weekend, but naturally, knowing Nick, we were…doubtful. Well, doubt no more! Rainbow confirmed it through the official Winx Club website!

Write these dates down, Winx fans!

  • Sunday, July 26 from 7-9 a.m.: Episodes 1-4
  • Sunday, Aug. 2 from 7-9 a.m.: Episode 5-8
  • Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 7 p.m., starting Aug. 3: The post simply says “new episodes.” Does it mean the final six episodes of the series?

This is good but surprising news! Is Winx Club moving to Nick Jr. permanently? If so, how do you feel about that?

UPDATE: NickALive just reported on this, and they brought up something I hadn’t thought of. Every episode of season six from “Shrine of the Green Dragon” (6X09) onward aired online only, so technically they’re new to TV. Maybe that’s what Rainbow’s post meant by “new episodes.”

Lots of fans spotted this first, so credit goes to them! Special thanks to Dane A., Marcus M., Michael’s Winx Club, and World-of-Winx-Club (Tumblr)!


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52 Responses to “Season Six Moves to Nick Jr. *UPDATE*

  1. I am ashamed. Like, does Nick think Winx’s viewers are THAT young? Ugh, at least the show’s back.

  2. Yay!!! Winx Club will be on TV again! I don’t care what channel I’m just happy that’s in America! Plus, Nick Jr. is not just for little kids. I watch Paw Patrol in the morning sometimes…

  3. I liked it better on TeenNick. It’s no Junior Show – makes me feel like Nick COMPLETELY misunderstood the fact that adults & teens like the show too :/ but at least it will be on. I just hope all the merchandise (if any) isn’t for – ugh – toddlers!
    I think it’d be better if it was on Nicktoons. It’s a cartoon for everyone, and Nicktoons has shows for everyone from ages 5 to 55.
    At least we’ve got better time slots. Maybe Nick will FINALLY see how popular it is, and maybe they’ll take notice of the older kids watching it too. Here’s hoping

  4. They are officially making the show for babies is what they’re doing. I am OUTRAGED.

  5. From a business standpoint moving to Nick Jr is the best thing Nick can do. Different people are in charge of the different channels themselves and unlike whoever runs the main channel, the ones that run Nick Jr actually put effort into their marketing and produce decent shows that not only preschoolers can enjoy but adults too. I find Bubble Guppies to be entertaining sometimes, i’m a sucker for sea based series, which is the only reason i managed to sit through season 5 as irritating as it was. I don’t think this is a babies only move but rather one to try seeing how it works on a premium channel in the US since it worked on Boomerang overseas. Nick,Disney and CN are all basic channels now (for cable) and premium cable is where the dough is at so they need to move it to a premium channel where they get the most viewers. Teen nick is pretty much a girls only style channel, which as we know Winx is not just a girls show (ok on paper it is but on the airwaves it’s not) it’s an all ages show and putting it on Nicktoons they may as well just cancel the show (seriously that’s what they do with Nicktoons that channel should be called await to be canned here) since it’s no longer trying to be CN-Nick edition aka a boys only type channel and finally the main channel we pretend to like online shows we’ll give them a pickup then we’ll rewrite their creations because we don’t actually like their shows the way they did it. Winx belongs on a family channel and Nick Jr is the only one of nick’s channels that actually holds any semblance of one. On the upside that’s a perfect time slot for Nick Jr. Kids get an energetic bedtime story from the Winx and then get a calmer one from their parents afterwards. Now let’s see how it will work.

    • Interesting perspective. I looked up Foxtel Boomerang, and it looks like some of their shows are kinda kiddy, too (from an adult perspective). Yet that was the channel season four aired on! I hope you’re right, and this move to Nick Jr. pays off. What I’m most worried about is how the parents will perceive the show. They already complain about the Winx’s figures, the fantasy violence, etc. Will they reject the idea the show’s safe for preschoolers?

      • That’s probably where the main reception is going to be. Also all the critical parents need to learn not to let the tv raise their kids, that’s their job and all four can be answered with the simple explanation of “It’s all pretend and when you’re in a pretend world there’s little to no rules, however we don’t do things like that in reality because we have a lot of rules for safety.”

      • Also on the boomerang thing at least Boomerang’s shows are mostly Hanna-barbera reruns plus a few others and yet even if they seem kiddy adults can still enjoy them. You can never go wrong with a Hanna-barbera rerun especially if it’s Scooby-Doo or Superfriends, those always rake in the ratings, even the Cartoon Cartoon 90’s toons that were initially HB rake in the ratings I bet that’s how Australia did s4 wedging it between Scooby and possibly Scooby.

      • To be honest this totally depends on episodes,I mean if we take into account the actuality of what is going on,it is really not as childish as it appears I mean just in the 3rd episode we have a pretty much assinination attempt on Bloom as childish as that was portrayed parents may still see it for what it was.

        • If you’re talking about season six, I see what you mean. Honestly, I’m kinda disturbed by the Trix this season. They’ve blatantly killed at least three of the student witches! It was all fantasy-style, of course, but still…geez. 😐

          • They’ve done worse before, I swear in s1 before I knew that magix was just trapped I thought the Trix had wiped out the entire town just because they didn’t bow to the trix, especially when Bloom and Sky are walking in ghost town that’s way too ghostly or when they duped Bloom into thinking she had been defeated without them lifting a finger to snatch the dragon fire from her which as Daphne pointed out later was not the case just another of Icy’s tricks, now that is truly evil to crush someone’s spirit and then try to see how long they can keep it going before the truth comes out.

        • I hope this isn’t another parent, but it probably is. This is the third comment I’ve gotten, and I’m getting annoyed. I can’t change anything. If you wanna complain to someone, complain to Nickelodeon. I’m just a fan blogger. I have no affiliation with Nick whatsoever!

          • I’d say that Nicktoons (where Avatar TLA is aired) would be an ideal channel. It was on TeenNick before which is another good choice. I don’t think the show is necessarily “too old” for preschoolers, but it’s not ur typical Disney Junior “rainbows and butterflies” show either. That’s why I think Nicktoons would be a good channel for Winx

          • I disagree about TeenNick. That would alienate the younger audience because parents wouldn’t feel comfortable letting them watch that channel. Nick was perfect, but they weren’t advertising it nearly as well as Nick Jr. is.

            Sigh. It’s a tough choice. I feel like we fans are gonna lose in the end. 🙁

          • Yes we are parents complaining on a fan site, that is where you get redirected when you look us winx on Nick Jr. I had no clue what Winx was when it came on following a show my child actually watches. I watched a few minutes of it couldn’t believe it was actually on Nick Jr and looked it up online to see what could be done to rid it off of the channel. This is how parents are posting negative comments on here cause that’s what comes up on search engines!!! Everyone who is writing comments should take a moment & contact Nick on their website and complain to move it too Nick teen with other age appropriate shows!

          • TeenNick is too old. Regardless of how some parents feel about the content, the show’s meant for 5-12 year olds, not teenagers. And I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t comment on my blog anymore. I understand you’re upset, but as I said, I can’t do anything about it. I don’t enjoy being a scapegoat.

  6. Nick jr for u.s. viewers indeed wonder does nick channel have probs with winx series?

    Make wonder if s7 will get fair u.s. tv showing if arrive?

  7. I am getting mad that the show is going more and more towards younger audinece but this is just tto muc. The show was once for early teens and a bit below but now nick treats it like it is for 2 year olds::(((

    • The range was 4-12 year olds. The truth is they were always gearing toward young kids, but they wanted it to appeal to older kids, too. But yeah, this does make it feel like a preschool show.

      • I just dont get what rainbow wants. But at least they care about the fans and get it back on TV

        • Rainbow wants all ages, I think that Nick moving it to jr was because they knew that channel will get all ages views for sure. I mean how many teens/young adults babysit for parents at that time? I’m sure that they would be asked to watch jr with the kids (i know this because i do it for my cousins on occasion) or teens who go through their “i miss the good Ole days phase” and then make a half excuse that goes like “oh i’m watching this to tell (insert younger relative here) about what’s going on because they like it/ begged me to watch with them” everyone goes through a phase like that. Often times it’s when i’m upset beyond all reason that i’ll use the 90’s-2005 era (plus Fetch!) of PBS Kids as mine, because back then it was cool. Perhaps Nick has this in mind? Testing to see how many teens use nick Jr as a security blanket for those times?

          • I also think that season 6 might not have that much action, but it is not even NickJR. On that channel kids learn how to count numbers and everything is peaceful. Winx Club does not even fit in that channel

          • Nick jr doesn’t just teach counting they go through the basic preschool/kindy/first grade curriculum which consists of the primary subjects which are Languages,Math, simple sci & history, art & music and healthy living which includes sports & aerobics plus basic social skills. The Winx may not seem like they fit but actually if you remember they’re supposed to be teachers now (or teacher’s assistants) wouldn’t it make sense to have them on a network that focuses on teaching? Each Winx actually covers all the basic points as their basic trait or power.
            Bloom is the social skills teacher (when they treat her like a human being and not some sort of deity) Tecna covers math & english, Flora and Roxy simple science, Daphne history, Musa the arts (including music) and Aisha healthy living. This might be Rainbow’s way of bringing the teacher angle back and fusing it with the new superheroes focus. I mean Daphne’s already a teacher so we could be building the main Winx back to being teachers themselves, probably as soon as Roxy graduates would be when a decision like that would be made.

          • @OP i don’t think they’re going to go that far but s6 sure suggests that with all the core element glorified treatment of everyone. I’d say something about s7 here but I know you don’t want spoilers so i won’t say anything other than what’s been said about it.

          • @OP well they are going more and more for the extreme enviormental messages so maybe that is the next step. but i dont think that rainbow would do that. Nick maybe!

  8. Does this means that we’ll have to wait until August to read your episode reviews of the rest of season 6?

    • I know it does not make any sense. winx does have action and is definetely not for 1 year olds

  9. I think that moving Winx Club to Nick Jr. is not such a good idea for many reasons. One is that most of the shows that air on Nick Jr. are educational and Winx isn’t educational. Second, the dialogue is too inappropriate for younger audiences and parents might not like it. Thirdly, they might just stop airing it after season 6 wraps up. I at least want them to air re-runs of the specials and seasons 3-5 and possibly air season 7.

    • Winx isn’t educational? Actually it is, they just do it properly by not beating you over the head with it in most seasons by keeping the focus more on the action. It’s built very much like a 90’s cartoon along the lines of Carmen Sandiego as far as setup of villians do one thing heroes stop them and learn something while doing it without being annoying about it. Which is why it did so well in the animation heyday of 2007-2010. The problem with the Nick seasons is they tried to make it like a modern cartoon where very few know how to mix education into something where the focus is on the entertainment rather than the education like all they know is pander pander pander. The only inappropriate for preschoolers dialogue i’ve ever heard come out of the show is minor psuedo-swears and only in the first three seasons,that was changed to cut short in s4’s english dub if irc. You can explain the heavier dialogue in most episodes at a preschool level. For a lighter example if a four year old were to ask why did Roxy say “growed ups wouldn’t believe in fairies just from seeing some nice girls with fairy wings when us kids do?” That can be answered with “because some grown-ups are silly, they forgot what it’s like to be a kid and she’s telling the others you’ve got to make them feel like a kid again.” That makes them think “Oh so Believix is helping growed ups be kids again? Cool! Now we have more play pals!” On the enchantix episodes you simply have to say that “the Winx displayed the true meaning of love by putting others before themselves” (which might get a yuck! From the younger boys) for something heavy
      Sure it’s generally not edutainment but as per broadcast rules they do have to put some in there and usually it’s not forced and you can actually explain it to a four year old if you know how. Especially when you consider s5 & 6 being more preschool oriented than most. I really think we’re underestimating this change and it could turn out great whether or not they keep this direction. We’ve got to consider looking at it from the kids perspective at least once in awhile. Kids aren’t worried about the stuff we adults are, they just want to see a group of friends in costumes fighting evil and just being good friends. They could care less about the thin figures, some costumes being cropped or even the level of fv because they know (and they’re smarter than we want to admit sometimes) that it’s all pretend and can distinguish fantasy and reality most of the time. It’s the witchy parents that cannot really. I think that the 7:00p time is going to work for the best no matter which route they go.

  10. Even though I live in the UK (Or that other country that airs the same Dub on a proper timetable on Saturday; unlike the fiasco the US had with the Season 5 Episodes) So it does not affect me much; as Winx will still air on Nick; But i’m torn between how I feel about it; half of me is weirderd out because it would be on the same channel as things like Peppa Pig and Dora. But then I remember that most of the writers from S5 and S6 were from those sorts of things.

  11. I dont get why Rainbow makes youtube channels, instagram profiles and facebook pages when they are aiming for little children, cause which 3 year old has youtube and would subscribe?

    • They’re aiming for 5-12 year olds. Their parents would control the content they watch, so they would allow them onto those sites. It’s just like how PBS Kids, Nick Jr., or another kids’ channel has those same sites.

  12. I’m glad it’s going back on t.v!! Many of my friends don’t watch winx anymore :-(. I been waiting 2 see if Nickelodeon would air the FULL season 6. The winx dolls r on clearance for 16.99 . I kinda wish that Nickelodeon would release the seasons they aired on dvd. I don’t want 2 see winx’s popularity fall in the usa.

  13. @Oblivious Prattler are you going to be a beta tester for the Butterflix Adventure game?
    They said there criteria was who has big blogs and channels so i thought you might be one

  14. It looks like Nick Jr is actually handling it better so far. Sure it’s only one promo but they have done what the main channel has failed to do for 1. Giving it a decent time slot on whichever day they picked (i.e for the first 8 the traditional 7:00-9:00 on a weekend morning, or 7p for weeknights)
    2. Actually pairing it with another magic based show. (Little Charmers). This is what should have been done on the main channel or TeenNick or even Nicktoons. 1. Decent timeslots 1. Similar show leading into or following it and finally promos that make you want to watch it showing battle fights or Bloom and Aisha getting ready to call the girls into transforming. Nick Jr apparently studied 4kids marketing. I think that Nick Jr can go from being the puppy/backpack to being the fairy of they keep this up. Who knows we might see season seven in October if the ratings are high now that people can actually watch the show.

  15. As a parent of s preschool aged child Nick Jr is geared for smaller children. I do not think Wink Club should be on Nick Jr at all. Nick or Nick teen would be a better fit age group. Seriously miss placed between Dora the Explorer , Wally Kazam & Team Umizoomi….educational shows for children!!!! I say move it & quicker the better.

    • While I agree, I wouldn’t say Winx Club has no educational value. The current season is more of an adventure story, but the season before it and the next season (which may air on Nick Jr.) emphasize protecting the environment and protecting the animal kingdom. The messages may not be as simplistic as they are in shows like Dora the Explorer, but they’re there.

      That said, the show was originally on Nick, not Nick Jr., and many fans wish it would return to that channel. TeenNick is a bit above the show’s target demographic (4-12 year olds).

  16. Wait – I heard recently that Nick is only planning to show part of the season!! Can you confirm? I was able to see PART of season six on Amazon Prime. Will the rest of the episodes ever air?

    Just to weigh in on a debate – I’m 43, my daughter is 5, and we both love the show. She and I watch it TOGETHER, and I found seasons 4 and 5 to be very educational on a subtle level. Now my daughter’s 4-year old friend, I might point out, has only seen the first couple of seasons, the ones that older fans seem to prefer. This little girl likes the Winx because of the clothes. The Clothes. My daughter – a season 4-6 kid – likes the fact that they are superheroes and all best friends. Personally, I think that is awesome.

    As an adult who watches primarily adult TV (scary stuff on after 9pm), I think the “dumbing down” of the show in season 5 actually produced subtler, more sophisticated characters. The Winx have grown up, and matured beyond the “Shut up” squabbles of teenagers. I dig that.

    Nick Jr… whatever. American kids seem to watch all the Nick channels and Disney and PBS. (Does anyone watch live TV anymore?) With TiVo or other DVRs, most of us don’t even need to know what channel it’s on, you just tell the machine to find the show, record it, and we watch it whenever. Placement has no bearing on that…

    • I seem to remember a tweet from Nick at the beginning of the month saying only three weeks for the magic marathon plus the Curse of Fearwood. We won’t get anything else from Nick until closer to whenever they’re planning to release s7 (if they do, btw s7 in the UK is going nonstop so it’ll be really hard to avoid spilling the beans).

  17. Get this show off Nick Jr. My 3 year old doesn’t need to watch girls bulling each other and worried about fashion and how they look at this age.. The show is dumb, no child needs to see it!!

    • First of all, I don’t control what channel this show airs on. If it were up to me, it wouldn’t be on Nick Jr. Second, if your child’s only three-year-old, I highly doubt she’s thinking of the show the same way you are. Worrying about how she looks? At her age, you’re probably still choosing her clothing, so that’s not a concern.

      The show’s not dumb. I understand if you don’t like it, but to make such a statement of a fan blog is quite unnecessary.

  18. So even though this is an older post I just felt like reacting to this one. In my opinion parents are definitely Overreacting. When I was a child i watched Fox Kids and Jetix which had far worse things on it (e.g. Shin Chan) so I don’t really get why people are so concerned. It might be some sort of culture barrier between the US and Holland but tbh, that barrier is pretty nonexistent.

    • American parents are much more fussy about what should/shouldn’t be shown to kids. I don’t know when that started. Like you, I’ve seen far more “inappropriate” shows than Winx Club on kids’ TV.

      • Ditto that. As kids many of us have seen things that are now labeled as “inappropriate” but the thing parents need to realize, is that kids don’t think that way. I know my sister and I didn’t think much of things like that (ie we weren’t horrified by the character Him from PPG) and kids these days don’t really think like that at all – they’re just kind of “whatever” about it. A few battle scenes never hurt anyone. It’s not like there’s cussing and swearing. Parents need to lighten up and think more like a chill, carefree kid

        • Yeah. Plus, I find it funny some of these parents are fussing over children who are too young to even understand words! Two of them complaining here have a two-year-old and a three-year-old. I don’t think they know what they’re looking at, even when they’re watching Dora the Explorer! 🙄

          I’m gonna block all the complaining parents from now on. I’m sick of dealing with this.

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