flora writing a letterYikes! I’m infamous! I’m now that annoying fan who’s “spreading rumors.” I’m glad the letter campaign’s getting attention — but not like this. 🙁

It sounds like there’s some misinformation going around — rumors about my “rumors.” 😛 Let’s clear it up, shall we?

Oh, no! Winx Club‘s gonna be cancelled! We’ve gotta do something! Fast! Ahhhhhhhhh!

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Stop! Calm down! WINX CLUB’S NOT ABOUT TO BE CANCELLED!

I’m sorry if I led you to believe that. I didn’t mean to. I thought everyone knew season six is on its way. It’s been mentioned many times (I even said it in other campaign posts), and we first heard it in 2010, when Nick was announced as the new U.S. licensee.

So, don’t worry. The Winx are safe for the next couple years.

Okay. Then, what’s the big deal?

From what we’ve heard, Nick’s contract with Rainbow ends after season six. What happens then will depend on the ratings. If they’re still low (like they’ve been this season), Nick might drop Winx Club. Why keep a “dying” cartoon?

So the goal of this campaign is to convince Nick to make changes that could increase the show’s ratings. That will give it a better chance at being renewed for season seven.

This sounds kinda iffy. Are you sure you’re not just crying wolf?

I don’t know anything for sure. No one does. We don’t work for Nick or Rainbow, so we don’t know what they’re thinking or discussing.

All I know is Winx‘s ratings have been low and falling. There could be many reasons, but I keep hearing fans say:

  • They can’t watch the show because they’re not home at 1 p.m. on Sundays.
  • They don’t hear about a movie/new episode until it’s too late.
  • They don’t know when the show’s airing because they never see the ads (or they don’t see them in time).

Another problem: the breaks. The longer you stretch a series, the more viewers you’ll lose. It’s like they say: “Out of sight, out of mind.” Even one week off can be damaging.

Another of my favorite shows, Once Upon a Time, had a few one-, two-, and three-week breaks last season, and the ratings dropped because of them. (The creators have said season three will air straight through.)

What Nick’s doing right now is hurting Winx Club, and we need to tell them so.

So you’re gonna send a bunch of letters telling Nick what to do? Talk about annoying!

We’re not “telling them what to do.” They don’t have to listen to us. We’re just sharing our feedback and ideas.

Why is that okay? Because ultimately, Winx Club is for us, not them. We know what we want. Companies just guess based on “market data,” but hearing it straight from the customers — and that’s what we are — is much better.

Remember, if our ideas work, that will benefit Nick, too. A hit show on their network means more money in their pockets. (Who’s to say Winx can’t become a hit in the U.S. again?)

Who knows? Maybe they’re already planning to make these changes. Will we have wasted our time? No. At least they’ll see how much we fans love this show.

You know this might not work, right? What are you gonna do then? Another campaign?

We all know this might fail. If it does, at least we tried. And no, we’re not doing this again. Once is enough.

REQUEST: Please share this post. The sooner the rumors are squashed and people understand what this campaign’s really about, the better.

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20 Responses to “Setting the Record Straight About the Letter Campaign

  1. I’ve already sent out my letter (3 days early, but I live across the country from NY so It’ll probably arrive on time) and I’ve already posted TONS of chain letters about this. LOL!

    Awwww, it’s sad to think the Nick dub will end at season 6. Even if it may continue in the other countries, I’ve gotten used to the dub and voices and occasionally catching it on TV… I hope they will renew their contract for season 7 😀 then again, if not, maybe Rainbow could sign with another company that could air and publicize and handle it better….? (But what if I don’t have that channel on my TV?!)

    So torn! But I’d say its good where it is now, on Nickelodeon, but with some improvements 😛

    • You’re the one that’s been saying it was going to be cancelled (or it WOULD be cancelled if no one wrote any letters) 😐

  2. I think right now, there is no use.
    Winxclub isnt getting alot of views. And critics are telling them to shut down winxclub, which almost half of America hates winxclub right now.
    You may not have a chance, to be honest. Nicks shows usually make money, but im SURE winxclub isnt getting the expected prophets or the good reviews.
    We need everyone to butt-in this letter compain, everyone counts!

    • It’s not that half of America hates the show. It’s just that the people who do hate it — or rather, hate the look of the characters, since most of these writers haven’t watched the show — are being very vocal, so it seems like there’s a lot more of them than there are. These same kinds of people have been bashing Bratz, Barbie, Monsters High, Disney’s Princesses, etc. for years. Yet those dolls are still selling well, which means there are enough fans to drown out the criticism.

  3. We really need more people to watch winx, and nick lacks of showing ads, commercials and they keep on changing the air date of the new episodes. I hope this campaign will work!

    P.S: I also watch Once Upon a Time 😛

  4. Thank you SO MUCH for clearing all this up. I got the chain letter saying that Winx Club “will be cancelled” and I’m like “Where the crap did you read that?” And then people on dA freaking out about this saying it starts rumors…

    Sorry about all the people that have been spreading misinformation. I wish you the best of luck with your campaign (I haven’t decided yet if I will be participating or not).

  5. Off topic, but when is the new episode supposed to air? Ive forgotten half of the stuff that happened in the last episode.

  6. Great, now I’ll be known as “that crazy fan who was the first to threaten to write a letter.” But I have a sort of trump card planned for the letters. Let’s just say I sent them to more than one person. 😉

  7. Someone’s been posting a chain letter saying it was in danger of being cancelled, so now everyone on DeviantArt is panicking because that person has basically started a rumor inadvertently. That person whose journal you linked, it’s not HER fault that rumor is going around and panicking people. I have seen others making journals, assuring people that Winx isn’t going to be cancelled, because why would they even cancel it after showing a trailer at the Licensing Expo, and making announcements that there’s going to be a season 6 and a third movie?

    • I know it’s not that person’s fault, but her post is the only one I’ve seen. Really, I had no idea this was going on. I do have a dA account, but I don’t get on it much.
      I’m sorry everything got so out of hand. 🙁

      • It’s not your fault either. I didn’t exactly see anything posted on this blog that outright said it was going to be cancelled. That person who’s been posting the chainmail inferred that somehow and now people are upset and panicking about their favorite show being cancelled.

  8. I don’t understand why you have the post this when the person in question who posted that was just expressing in thoughts on the whole idea of sending letters to Nick about winx club’s future. I’m sure she didn’t think that anyone would get the wrong idea on her journal. I didn’t see anything wrong with it people just need to learn to read everything before jumping to conclusions like that.

    I used to love this blog but if you have to point directly to a close friend like that I don’t know if I can follow your blog any more..It’s a shame

    • I wasn’t trying to accuse her of spreading rumors. In fact, I’m not even trying to be rude about it. She told me herself where she got her information from; someone has been sending chain letters and confusing everyone, including her.

      I’m sorry if you felt I was being hurtful toward your fried, but I wasn’t trying to be. It’s just that her post is the only one I’ve seen. If I had found others, I would have linked to them as well.

      I want people to know the truth about the campaign before the misinformation damages it.

  9. I just wish nick and JAKKS have more advertisments. Here in highwood,highland park, chicago,buffalo grove, and other places i go , kids just walk by the winx aisle and.don’t bother getting the dolls. They just stare at thedolls and go to the barbie aisle or the bratz aisle. It’s so sad. And walmart put harmonix dolls on the clearance aisle around march and they
    Their are no more harmonix dolls at target. Concert figures are on clearance. For $3.49 bloom season 3 everyday dolls were on clearance but not anymore. Toys r us in highland park has mini figures on clearance, vanity on clearance, the spinning bloom to transform her (sorry i forgot the name of it) on clearance. Walmart….just mini figures. Some kids make faces or say “really. Winx club r just stupid fairies” wich upsets me. I also wish that they don’t put lots of blooms. I remember she used to be the hardest to find, know she is the easiest of all.

  10. i just really hope that winx club will not end after season 6 because i love musa so much that i would be completly heart broken if it was cancelled. Pls. tell them to not cancel it .=(

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