There was a serious problem with season five’s script. I hope Nick and Rainbow realized this serious problem. If they realized it, then season six may be a better season. I hope season six is a better season because…

S4, EP3 - Facepalming

Okay, I can’t do this anymore.

That was painful to read, wasn’t it? No, I wasn’t sleep-deprived or on meds when I wrote it.

Most fans would agree that season five’s script was…unimpressive. I could list several reasons, but I think the main one is what the Muse and I call “Shyamalaning.”

Listen to these examples from M. Night Shyamalan’s famous flop (adaptation-wise), The Last Airbender:


AANG: Is there a spiritual place where I can meditate?
YUE: There is a very spiritual place. This city was built around this place.


KATARA: The Fire Nation knew that the Avatar would be born into the Air Nomads. So they exterminated all the Air Nomads.


IROH: I advise that you pull back your men soon. They will trapped in the city when the moon’s power comes out.
ZHOU: Do not worry about the moon’s power, General Iroh.
IROH: Why should you not be worried about the moon’s power?

Get the point? “Shyamalaning” (our definition) is repeating a word or phrase so many times, its impact lessens. Powerful lines become weak. Emotional lines fall flat. The whole scene — or movie — feels dead and robotic.

And that’s how “Beyond Believix” was to me. Remember these conversations?

EPISODE 6: “The Power of Harmonix”

RANDOM FAIRIES: The Rainbow Creature! C’mon! We can get it!
STELLA: Hey, they’re going for it!
TECNA: I don’t think that’s the creature.
[A few seconds later]
MUSA: Aw, man.
STELLA: That’s not the Rainbow Creature. That’s the Rainbow Creature!

EPISODE 21: “A Perfect Date”

DAPHNE: Tritannus is going to the Pillar of Control!
BLOOM: Yes. We will stop him!
DAPHNE: Bloom, you must destroy the seal!
BLOOM: Destroy the seal?
DAPHNE: Destroy the seal of the Pillar of Control! Destroy it!



I know Rainbow can write better than this. When Winx Club was all theirs, the dialogue was witty, creative, and more natural. My guess: Nick was in charge of the scripts. (That would explain Legend of Korra, too. Ugh…)

Like I said in the opening paragraph, I hope Nickbow noticed the problem and fixed it, whether that meant changing writers or studying past seasons to match their feel. The dialogue in “Inspiration of Sirenix” was good, so at least they’re starting off well.

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26 Responses to ““Shyamalaning”

  1. This is simple writing 101 – don’t repeat words. That’s why we have vocab, it prevents the flow, catches at the brain like a rag nail and causes the viewer/reader to pause and say: Wait, what?

    For me, I cringed. A lot. It was an embarrassing thing to watch and hear. It was almost like speaking really slowly to children because obviously children are stupid and need things explained to them very, very slowly, with a lot of repetition so that they understand.

    There was also the fist bumping – really? You girls now fist bumb? Since when and why? Does that make them more American? Do Americans need fist bumping in order to feel a show is trendy?

    There were just so many moments where I wanted to hurt myself to avoid seeing the catastrophe about to happen with the show. Really there was too much wrong with that season that they don’t deserve to be allowed to have other seasons. Good shows are being cancelled all the time, I’m surprised Winx is still going.

    • Trust me. Fist bumping does NOT make you American. I am American, my friends are American, the people at my school, the mall, the park, everyone who lives here ARE American. And I can count on one hand how many times I’ve seen a fist bump. I think that Nickelodeon is just using American stereotypes.

  2. You forgot the most painful example of all.
    Stella: Positive energy.
    Bloom: Yeah, positive energy.
    All: -giggles- Positive energy.

    Ugh, as Darcy would say…”Gag me”.

    • This is actually a really good explanation for why S5’s dialogue was so awkward. Oh, and when that scene came on, I just decided to laugh at it, view it as Narm, and only use it sarcastically as a joke. Taking it seriously makes things far too depressing.

  3. I never saw The Last Airbender but the dialogue already seems awkward just from those quotes…

    The dialogue WAS ridiculously repetitive; it made every episode boring knowing that they would all say the same things they said in the previous episode.

    And then there’s the amount of times they used the word “must”. “You MUST destroy the seal!”, “We MUST stop Tritannus!”, etc. etc.

    You know when you say a word so many times it seems like it’s not even a real word anymore, just a funny sound? I already feel that way just from writing this comment…

    (LOL I just noticed that ‘Nickbow” is now a tag)

    • Yeah, that bothered me too! Like, what ever happened to “We have to!” or “We’ve got to!” or “We need to!” There are so many variations!

  4. unless some still wish 4kids still doing writing on the series?

    give this is nick writing/cartoon writers unless make switch in hire writers from anime like main 4 area of texas, new york, canada or california style of anime writing?

  5. Well first of all season five is over so what is the point of talking about this annoying season being horrible….. We are in a new chapter in Winx Club called season six. The season was half horrible everyone gets it but it is over so calm yourself. There is going to be a next season also this season five stuff is getting me annoyed I am sorry but I just have to say. O.o

  6. It’s not just dialogue, its the overall pacing of the storyline and the structuring of the episode.

    Because the series doesn’t follow the standard 3 act structure, the episode sometimes feels really slow and boring. Not to mention episodes like “The Power of Harmonix” or “The Gem of Empathy” or countless others are just too boring to watch because almost nothing happens, save for one decent scene of “action,” if you wanna even call it that. I feel like the show would benefit from this.

    For those who don’t know what the 3 act structure is, it’s like this:
    First 7 – 8 minutes: introducing the characters and the issue
    Next 6 – 7 minutes: the conflict at its prime
    Last 7 – 8 minutes: the end of the conflict and either the resolution or a cliffhanger

    Shows that follow this are:
    -Avatar: The Last Airbender
    -The Legend of Korra
    -Ben 10 (all 4 series)
    -Danny Phantom

    I think foreign shows, mostly anime, don’t follow this structure because they are more focused on the story arc than telling it episodically (episode-by-episode with each one having a main focus by itself). Although, Winx could definitely use this to improve itself and its pacing. And also, if we must have our filler, it should be like the filler from season 2, with lots of character development. No more of “Faraway Reflections,” “The Devourer,” etc., etc.

    Also, no more rehashed storylines. Drama does not equal interesting. It’d be nice to see the characters be mature and confident in themselves and their relationships and just dealing with everyday problems instead of this “Oh my God, I think he/she might not like me anymore” crap. Either Diaspro grows up and finds her own special someone or she can take a hike…off a cliff…

  7. Like someone has already said in the comments section of this website, there’s apparently only one writer previously associated with Nick. And OP, the italian version is still the original version, Rainbow is still writing it, Rainbow is still animating it. The americans have a bigger influence on it, but you are quoting the american dubbed scripts. Romantic languages (like Italian and French) are way more intolerant to repetitive vocabulary than the English language, so there’s no way Rainbow’s dialogs are so dumbed down like the american ones.

    • Actually, it’s fuzzy now. Since Nick’s co-producing the series, you could almost say both the Italian and the American versions are the originals. The American version of season five actually premiered before the Italian one.

      We don’t know who’s in charge of what in “Nickbow,” but the reason I think Nick’s doing the writing is because Legend of Korra‘s dialogue sounds similar. It’s dull and repetitive, too. Especially this season.

      Also, I watched part of “The Emperor’s Throne” in Italian and whole episodes later on. I’m nowhere near fluent in Italian, but what I could understand, the script were very similar to the American ones. So sadly…yes, the Italian version may have suffered, too.

      • Well… Dubbing nowadays happens really faster than before, it doesn’t matter if the country is co-producing the series or not.
        Here in Brazil, someone asked Fabiola Martins (our VA for Bloom since season 1) on her facebook page two or three weeks ago if season 6 was already in dubbing process into Brazilian Portuguese. She replied “yes”. And the season 3 finale for “My Little Pony: FiM” had its brazilian version recorded months before it even aired in the US..

      • OP, the fact that the American version premiered first has nothing to do with one being the original or both being equal.
        Season 3 premiered on 4Kids way before it did on Rai Due.
        And Rainbow is doing the writing, not Nick.
        You can see this by looking at the ending credits.
        Of course, Nick now has a certain input as to how the writing flows, but they do not contribute to the original writing.
        Only their dub, which by the way, is far less impressive than the Italian dialogue.
        They may be similar because they follow the same pattern, and some of the lameness that Nick has come with does end up in the Italian version.
        But watching the Italian and watching the English version, huge difference.

        • Some of the differences might be the nuances of the languages. But how can you explain why the dialogue’s so much like it is in other Nick shows if they weren’t involved? Do you think Rainbow just emulated their writing style?

          I do treat the American and Italian versions as equal, but just seasons five and six. It’s hard to call the American versions “dubs” (the way we mean it) if Rainbow and Nick produced them together. When 4Kids owned the rights, Rainbow didn’t have as much control over the finished products.

          We might be defining “dub” differently. I’m talking about the whole production, which is why I don’t call it a dub. (Nick’s version of season four was a dub because all they did was re-record the voice track.) I think you’re referring to just the audio, which is what dubbing’s literally about. But if Nick did have some control over the original script, it’s still a different situation than most dubs.

  8. Yes, now you’re saying this, i realise how simple the scripts of Season 5 are.
    Winx Club’s scripts were better in the previous seasons.
    I hope Season 6 is improvement!
    I can’t wait to see the next episodes!

  9. To me, the worst case of “Shymalaning” was in Episode 21. “Shymalaning” is a great word for this. Can I use it too?

  10. I think what you meant was “linking back too early”? Because, sometimes, Daphne’s power would run out very quickly, so she needed to say what she wanted to quickly. You know when you’re panicking, like when you’re about to drown, you go, “I’m about to drown!” Then the other person goes, “I’ll help you.” Then the first person goes, “Pass me the kick board!” for example. Then, the second person goes, “Pass you the kick board?” Then the first person would say, “Yes, the kick board! Pass the kick board!” Like, in really urgent situations, they need to link back to their point early for the person/people to understand. Yes, Nick used Shyamalaning in very unnecessary situations too, which was wrong.

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