(Credit goes to my affiliate Michael’s Winx Club for this news!)


The title’s no lie! Target’s selling the Sirenix dolls for $10 each! That’s half price! Looks like it’s part of Target’s “Pre-Black Friday Sale,” which ends Wednesday, Nov. 27.

Aisha, Stella, Flora, Tecna, and Musa are in stock as of the time of this post. Yep, no Bloom. (That’s backwards, huh?) But if you really want her, you can get her Harmonix doll for $10, too — if you don’t have it yet.

Important note: the sale price is online only, so you’ll need a Target.com account to buy anything. Kids, ask your parents! 😛

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8 Responses to “Sirenix Dolls for $10 Each at Target!

  1. I don’t own any of the Sirenix dolls, but I think I may ask my mom to pick up Tecna for me since she lives in NY and can get to a Target easier than I can.

  2. LOL, never mind that I don’t have too much left in my US account until Friday 🙁 I could order offline, but there wouldn’t be anything and it would still have to be shipped to my parents’ in NY

  3. I looked on the site and didn’t see them. And I would rather have some of the Witty and Simba dolls.

    • If you just search “Winx Club,” you won’t find them. You have to search “Winx Sirenix.” (Or you can look for them under Toys, but that takes longer. :P) I wish we could find the European dolls here somewhere, but oh well.

      • Thanks. That sounds like the Canadian TRU website when they first started posting the Sirenix dolls. First you had to go from the link from their toy book. Now that the toy book sale is done, you can find them on the Canadian TRU site.

  4. *holds breath waiting for a JAKKS Pacific Roxy doll to be made*

    must… get… Winx doll…

    … now to decide which one…

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