These are the official rules of this blog. If you break them…Griselda will make you disappear!

Just kidding. 😉

But, seriously, these will make things easier for everyone. If you have questions, comment on this page or email me at [email protected].


I don’t mind if you use my info. It’s not “mine” anyway. We’re all talking about Winx Club, right?

But please write your own article. Don’t re-post mine — especially not the Musings & Rants posts, since those are my opinions. If you agree (or even disagree) with me, leave a comment!

It’s annoying when someone sticks my words on their site and says, “I agree because…” or “she’s right/wrong because…” Unless that’s your point — for example, I said something that upset you.

This isn’t The Associated Press. Even if we agree, we express ourselves differently.

Quoting me is fine; I’m flattered you think something I said is worth quoting! But if you do, please:

  1. Make it clear it’s a quote. Mention the author or the blog.
  2. Put the quote in italics or quotation marks, or use the blockquote HTML code (especially for large quotes). (You only have to do one of these things. I’m not that excessive.)
  3. Link back to the post where the quote came from or to the blog itself. This is the most important rule. You know how teachers make us write “Works Cited” pages with our research papers? Link-backs are like those.
  4. Don’t quote me quoting someone else. Link back to their article instead.
  5. Don’t quote half my post; I’d rather you linked to it or cut down the size of the quote.

If you need an example of what I want, see this article on Winx-Fairies. You don’t have to do everything the author, Stella Solaria, did (like plugging my blog, which was very kind). Here is the article she quoted from. She only took one line from my translation of Roxy’s profile and wrote an article that looked nothing like mine. Even though we both mentioned Roxy’s mother, I focused on what happened to her and she focused on who she might be.

The bottom line: let’s be ourselves. Be original. We all are.


We have a new comment policy. Please read it here.

20 Responses to “Site Rules

  1. Sorry if we sound really stiff in this. We just want everyone who visits to have a positive experience. =)

  2. dear person who rights this blog ( sorry but idk your name) i would like to use your information regarding keke palmer as the voice on the winx forum im not going to tell about the name change im asking your permission first if you want you can tell how you find out this information and i can look for it myself please rply im not going to do anthing until its okay with you first thanx for all your news nova;p

    • It’s fine. I don’t mind as long as people don’t copy my articles word for word or take huge chucks from them and don’t bother to link back to the page. As for the news itself, it’s out there—I didn’t make it, so it’s not mine. I’d appreciate if you mentioned Ella from Winx4Life, too, since she’s the one who brought it to my attention in a comment. And I go by “The Oblivious Prattler” or “OP” online. That works. 🙂

      • May I ask how you connect this site with WordPress and all that? I’m trying to create a Winx fan site using Weebly and I really hope you could give me some tips.

  3. dear op i am new to word press sorry this doesn’t have to do with winx but you have done a lot on wordpress so can you help me. you dont have to if you dont want to or don’t have enough time to.

  4. Will keep these rules in mind! Thanks for blogging here! I love your site! Its so nice to here peoples opinions (or read I guess, whatev) and just knowing other Winx club fans makes me happy! So thanks!

  5. My siblings really love this and we comment a lot. We were thinking “Wow, it’s a good thing they love comments, we check this blog multiple times a day now!

  6. …So, linking to .gifs is not allowed either, I presume? No matter how much work was put into them?
    Just wondering why my post on “Ep. 6X01 Preview: “A Whole New You”” was never accepted…’

  7. I tried the blockquote html on my website, but there was no big quotation mark. I’ve been trying to find a html code for a big quotation mark for ever, and I STILL can’t find anything that works. Can you please tell me where you got your big quotation mark from?

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