Collection of lyrics from Winx Club openings and insert songs. Enjoy! (If you want to contribute lyrics, email me at [email protected]! Also, don’t be afraid to correct me on something if you think it’s wrong. I’m not perfect!

(All songs are in English, unless otherwise stated.)


Season 1

“Heller als Licht” (German)

“Nel Segno di Winx” (Italian)

“Under the Sign of Winx”

Season 2

“Under the Sign of Winx” Season 2


Season 3

“Enchantix!” (Italian)


Season 4

“La Magia di Winx Club” (Italian)

“Winx are Back”

Winx in Concert


Season 7

“Winx Noi Siamo La Magia” (Italian)


TV Specials

“Winx! You’re Magic Now!”

“The Power of Charmix”

Beyond Believix (Season 5)

“We’re the Winx!”



Bloomix (Season 6)

Opening Theme

“Way of Sirenix”

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  1. I love winx club and especially the songs I use internent for looking in winx club only! I love winx club! I wish all my things has picture of winx club!

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