Season five Harmonix transformation song, as seen in episode 6, “The Power of Harmonix.”

Harmonix! (2X)

There’s nothing like a magic feeling
The super me that it’s revealing
Winx, it’s on! We’ve totally got this!
Full of fairy power — let’s rock this!
It’s like a bolt of shimmered lightning
Completely gravity defying!

Harmonix! (2X)

Light is spinning all around me
Something like a dream has found me
Calling forth my mystical powers
In exploding rainbow showers
It’s shining up the wings that fly me
It glitters up the girl inside me

Harmonix! (2X)

3 Responses to ““Harmonix!”

  1. Here is some. I dont know if this is the official corrections but here:
    *Exploding rainbow showers
    instead of light is spinning all around me and i know it sounds like that it might be : *Life is feeling overwhelming
    about the second thing im not sure. first one, i know is right. ok thanks.

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