In case you haven’t heard, World of Winx does have a transformation. It’s called — as the title says — Dreamix. What’s it about? According to my affiliate Michael of Michael’s Winx Club, it’s about making dreams come true, supposedly the dreams of the kids the Winx are looking for.

Michael gave me permission to post this close-up shot of Stella’s Dreamix form. Please do NOT steal! To see other pics from the WoW trailer, visit his news page!


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18 Responses to “Stella Dreamix From “World of Winx”

  1. This transformation is gorgeous. It had the battle-friendly look that I absolutely adore in Bloomix (minus the slightly more impractical stiletto heels as opposed to the arguably slightly more comfortable wedge heels in Bloomix but eh, still gorgeous), not to mention the outfits look super classy without being too elaborate/embellished. Also I love how the wings kind of look like stained glass meets butterfly patterns. Insta-favorite.

  2. Oh, Stella looks fierce here!
    I have to say, I like the design. Kinda has a middle eastern look to it though… or maybe it is just me? Love the wings. They look gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the rest of the Winx girls. I hope they don’t look too similar to one another. Or at least has a better transformation (a full one for each of the girls) sequence. Butterflix and Tynix (as much as I love the outfits and song) transformations sequences were plain and boring.

  3. I LOVE this transformation’s aesthetic. It just looks awesome. I especially love the hair and as Lex said the wings kind of looking stained glass-ish. My favorites are Stella and Flora.

  4. Dreamix will be the earliest earned transformation to date given that Michael had the titles of eps listed on his page. A new transformation episode 2, that’s probably when either the group as a whole or someone will get it. I remember s4’s version of the main website mentioning that Tecna had become a fairygodmother, so if WOW is treated as canon (even if it has a separate merch line from everything), Tecna just might get something first for once.

    • Since we only have 13 episodes per season as opposed to 26, I have a feeling they’ll all earn it at once. Also, the Winx haven’t been earning transformations individually since Enchantix, and Bloomix was a one-off thing due to the circumstances and the rather lax earning criteria.

  5. I have a question about WoW. Is this show cannon to the actual show… or more like they’re just reusing the characters for a different show? Kinda like how My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic had thos Equestria Girls spinoffs.

  6. If the episode titles Michael got from WinxCluRus are real, then the second episode will be called “New Powers”, pretty sure it’s a reference to Dreamix. So we’ll hopefully get to see the girls earn Dreamix.

  7. The transformation looks gorgeous, it looks like a mix of Bloomix and Tynix, I love it, but I don’t like Musa’s wings, and the name sounds kinda fanmade, tbh. I also love this new animation style [what we’ve got so far, at least.]

  8. Seeing this beautiful transformation gives me hope for Winx Club being restored to its former glory.

  9. I hope it will not be like Butterflix where there was the complete transformation only for bloom … or like tynix where it was just pieces of transformation .. I want a transformation like bloomix for each winx . But Dreaminx really look beautiful, I love the design and the music especially, and stella is still beautiful

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