No, I’m not done talking about World of Winx. I’m just taking a break from it.

I’ve had this idea for a Winx Club/Regal Academy crossover for months. It practically writes itself since these shows are so alike. Rose’s story even starts out like Bloom’s: a teenage girl from Earth learns she’s from a magic family and enrolls in a magic school in a magic realm. (What do they teach? Magic! What else? 😛 )

Winx Club already has a framework to bring these shows together: season six. Here’s how it could work.

The Magic Dimension and the Fairy Tale Land exist side by side, unaware of each other. When Acheron made the Legendarium, he unknowingly built a door to the Fairy Tale Land (which he called “The Legendarium World”). You know how the doors Rose and Travis use to get to school look like books? It’s the same idea. Their keys work the same way as the Legendarium Key — the Winx could unlock the Legendarium if they wanted to — and the Legendarium Gate is like the portal at Regal Academy.

Even the Mythix wands fit into this. Everyone at Regal Academy has a wand, right? If fairies came from the Legendarium World (a.k.a. The Fairy Tale Land), it makes sense they’d have wands, too (even if the school didn’t exist yet). The magic inside them is known in the Magic Dimension as “Mythix energy.”

That’s everything we need. Now the Winx just have to meet Rose somehow. Some fans have said her hometown looks like Gardenia, so why not just say it is? Everything magical happens there, anyway. 😛 Even if it’s not, the Winx go to Earth so often, it wouldn’t be too cheesy for them to bump into her one day.

I think this would be a fun crossover. 🙂 Rainbow could use the CG Winx models from Mystery of the Abyss, or they could make 2D versions of the Regal Academy characters. Or they could do both like in seasons five and six. (Please, no. Not again. 😕 )

Either way, I’d love to see how these casts of characters interact with each other. Rose would probably get along best with Bloom and Stella — Bloom because of their back stories, and Stella because they could talk shoes and fashion together. Astoria would probably latch onto Tecna, since they’re the brains of the groups.

Joy? I don’t know. I’m thinking Flora. And the boys could take some lessons from the Specialists and Paladins.

What do you think of a Winx Club/Regal Academy crossover? Would you watch it?

By the way, Zap2It and TV Guide say the next episode of Regal Academy, “The Legendary IronFan” (1X14), premieres tomorrow at 7 a.m. EST on Nick. Don’t miss it! 😉

Episode Reviews

“Avatar State! Yip yip!”

I tried something new last time: adding more screenshots to help guide the post along. No one said it blew up their browser, so I guess it’s okay. 😛 Here’s another change: from now on, I’m gonna highlight the main moments in the episode instead of recapping the whole thing. You watched it, too. You don’t need a detailed breakdown. 🙂

Episode Highlights

IMG_33861. Daphne and the Winx are still looking for something to trade Rumpelstiltskin for the Legendarium Key. Out of nowhere (which is her M.O.), Eldora appears and gives them the Infinity Box, which can store anything, even magic power. I know the Legendarium Key’s important, but I wish this sideplot with Rumpel hadn’t lasted so long. It doesn’t even make sense. Alfea’s loaded with magic goods: rare books, artifacts only the teachers know about, and even a piece of the Codex! Yes, some things are too valuable to give away, but you’re telling me they couldn’t find anything?

How about the Sirenix Boxes? The Winx don’t need them anymore. Granted, they’re valuable, too, but all Rumpel would do is sit them somewhere to collect dust. Bloom’s leaving hers on her desk. What’s the difference?

2. The Winx go to Domino for Daphne and Thoren‘s wedding. I’ll talk about these two later, but I wanna gripe about a few other things first. One, is Stella the only Winx with fashion sense now? Morphix ribbons, Aisha? Who’d wanna wear pink glue all over her body on her wedding day? Lady Gaga? 😕

Two, was there a time skip between the first scene and the wedding? Bloom’s line made it sound like there was, but the scene with Selina and the Trix picked up from the end of the last episode. If there wasn’t, that means Thoren proposed about a day or two ago! Talk about a short engagement!

Three, what right did Eldora have to officiate? She’s not a priestess. She’s a retired fairy godmother with too many flowers in her house! Sigh. Maybe it was just for laughs.

IMG_33993. Selina finally frees Acheron. He betrays her, traps the Trix in the Legendarium, and casts a spell called Infinite Chaos that negates all magic but the Dragon Flame. That’s right. Selina got used. If you didn’t see this twist coming, you might not be smarter than a fifth grader. (Apologies to the fifth graders who did see it coming. 😛 )

Doesn’t Acheron’s outfit look like the Paladin uniform? 😛 I confess: I thought Nex and Thoren were gonna be villains when I saw them in the trailer. That uniform just screams “evil” to me. (Great. I just threw a bone to the fans who think Nex is a villain in disguise. 😕 )

4. Selina contacts Bloom through Griffin’s Magic Eye. After Acheron’s spell interrupts the wedding, the Winx head to Magix to beat him. Wait a minute. Don’t you need a spell or an inter-realm ship to get to Magix from Domino? It’s another planet! How could the Winx just fly there?

They did it in “Inspiration of Sirenix” (6X01), too, but I assumed they entered the Infinite Ocean along the way. This time, they didn’t have Sirenix. Did Bloomix give them the power to fly through the space? 😕

5. After the Winx save Selina and stop Cloud Tower from crash landing, Acheron summons a three-headed dragon to destroy them. Bloom comes up with the plan: lead him into the Legendarium World and trap him there for good. I don’t have much to say about this. The scene with the Winx saving Cloud Tower was cool. Why would Acheron have the power to summon a lizard spirit, though? Is it because of the Dragon Flame? (By the way, I know some fans were wondering why he had the Dragon Flame. It’s simple: he had the piece Selina used to free him. No plot holes here.)

IMG_34286. Bloom traps Acheron in the Infinity Box and trades him to Rumpel for the Legendarium Key. But before she can return to the real world, the Trix ambush her. Great. Bloom saves the day again. Hello, seasons three and five. 😕 Sigh. I wish the Winx would fight the “final boss” (or bosses) together, like they used to.
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Episode Reviews

IMG_3181I guess this was the “tie up loose ends before the final battle” episode. Nickbow resolved two main plots and two sideplots, but they dug a plot hole as big as a crater along the way.

(Note: you’ll notice I put more screenshots in this review. As long as someone’s mobile device doesn’t break when they try to load the page, I’m gonna do this from now. I think it’ll help organize my thoughts better.)


The next target in the Trix’s conquest is the Magic School for Forgers, run by someone we haven’t seen since the first movie: Hagen the blacksmith. Still as proud and brave as ever, he refuses to bow the evil trio. Unfortunately, they overpower him and steal the source of the school’s power: the Magic Steel. Now, one school remains: Alfea!

Our nerd couple, Timmy and Tecna, are still preparing for the inevitable attack. They finally figure out how to get the Spectrographic Localizer to work. It was simple. All they had to do was set the Spectro..sensitive..Potenti…ometer…thingy. Yeah. 😛

While they’re downloading it, Daphne and the other Winx — minus Stella —are trying to solve their Rumpelstiltskin problem. What can they trade to him to get the Legendarium Key back? The professor suggests they search yet another hidden room: the Alfea “Underfloors.” It’s full with magic artifacts. (Was basement not a cool enough word? 😛 )

Where’s Stella? She’s in her boutique helping a customer. Just as she’s jazzing up her look up with some peacock feathers, Griselda comes in and catches her. But to the princess’ surprise, she’s not angry about her business. She loves it! She wants some feathers, too, and she wants to tell everyone in the school about Stella Couture! 😀

(Was anyone else creeped out by this scene? I mean…it’s Griselda! Stone-faced Griselda! She never gets excited about anything! 😯 )


Bloom comes to get Stella, then Daphne, the Winx, and the Pixies head to the Underfloors. Inside are all the treasures a dwarf could ask for. The three that catch their eyes first are the statues of the Champions of Alfea, the strongest fairies in history. Everyone starts looking for something to trade, and as normal, the Pixies — specifically Chatta — cause some trouble in the process. (Pixies… 🙄 )

Meanwhile, the Trix gather their students in front of the dragon skull once more. Using all the power they’ve stolen from the magic schools, they cloak them with the same invisibility spell protecting Cloud Tower. They waste no time flying to Alfea and beginning their attack. Faragonda, Wizgiz, Palladium, Eldora, and Griffin create a barrier around the school, but the witches burn it down like it’s made of paper.

It’s up to the kids to save the day again. Palladium races off to call the Specialists and Paladins, while Daphne and the Winx suit up for battle! Of course, it’s hard to fight an enemy you can’t see. Bloom, Stella, and Flora get knocked out of the sky, but their boyfriends show up just in time to catch them. (Geez, that was fast. It’s like they live at Alfea. 😕 )

Tecna takes care of the invisibility spell. With the push of a button, the Spectrographic Localizer brings Cloud Tower and the witches out of hiding. That doesn’t sit well with them, so they retreat. 😛

Selina watches all the action through Griffin’s Magic Eye. As soon as she sees Bloom, she remembers her own goal: stealing a spark of her Dragon Flame. Now’s the perfect time. Acheron, soon you’ll be free from your prison of paper!

“Selina, who are you talking to?”

Oops! Icy almost catches her. As usual, she comes up with a good excuse to throw the Trix off her scent. Why are they here? Because it’s time for phase two of the battle.

While Faragonda’s praising the gang for fending off the first wave, the Trix appear. For once, they’re not here to fight. They’ve got a proposition: instead of an all-out war, how about a duel between the strongest witch and fairy? The strongest fairy’s Bloom, of course, and she’s more than ready for the challenge. Bring it on, Icy!

Nope. It’s not Icy she’ll be fighting. It’s her childhood friend: Selina.


The young witch can’t wait, but first, she leaves something to keep Bloom’s teammates occupied. Summoned from the Legendarium, the Champions of Alfea come alive and rise up from beneath the courtyard. Looks like the Trix never meant to play fair, after all!

At last, Selina and Bloom meet again. True to her nature, the fire fairy tries to talk things out, but her old friend’s not listening. She’s the first to attack. Fine. Let the duel begin!

Meanwhile, the Champions of Alfea turn out to be just as tough as their title suggests. Their attacks overpower the Winx’s spells, and the guys can’t even get close enough to hit them. Poor Musa ends up getting a shower. 😛

Nex comes up with an idea to beat the Water Champion. He draws her attention, while Aisha attacks her from behind. It doesn’t work. Aisha hits her, but she recovers right away.

For a moment, the two of them don’t seem to care. They’re too busy praising themselves for their teamwork — and making goo-goo eyes at each other. Hmmmm… 🙂

Once they snap out of it, they ask Eldora and Daphne for advice on how to beat the Champions. Neither of them have any, but Daphne remembers an interesting detail from the legend: the Champions were so strong, they refused to bond with the Pixies. That gives Aisha an idea. Maybe they can use Pixie bonding to defeat them!

There’s just one problem: most of the Pixies disappeared. Bloom said it’s as if they no longer exist in this dimension! Does that mean…they’re in the Legendarium World? If that’s the case, Aisha must go to Pixie Village and enter the Legendarium World from there.

She heads off right away, but Icy blocks her path. Nex floats up next to Aisha and draws his halberd to knock the witch out of the way. Before he gets a chance, she shoots an ice beam right at him.

“Nex, no!” Aisha yells.

The Paladin doesn’t flinch. He bats the beam right back at her, sending her flying. That takes care of her. Now, it’s onward to Gloomywood! Nex decides to tag along.

Once they reach Pixie Village, Aisha stops to praise him for standing up to Icy. She was very impressed by his courage. Nex basks in the compliment for a second, then wishes her good luck with her mission. Cue second goo-goo eyes moment. 😛

After promising to save the other Pixies, Aisha pulls out her Mythix wand and disappears into the Legendarium World. She arrives in a forest full of rocks, but there’s no one there. After flying around a bit, she spots something familiar: the Tree of Life, the tree that normally stands at the center of Pixie Village. It’s rooted itself here!

Before she can do anything, out of nowhere come the Gloomywood Trolls, the monsters the Pixies trapped under their village. Aisha’s not afraid. She beats them quickly, reducing them to bubbles with her Waterizing Ray. Piece of cake.


Back to the Tree. She can hear Ninfea’s voice coming from it — the Pixies are trapped underneath it! Using her Morphix magic, she dissolves the new roots, and she, the Pixies, and the Tree return to the real world. Her tiny friends race up to her and thank her for saving them.

Nex and the others find them. The Pixies are glad to see their friends, and he’s glad to see Aisha. 🙂

But there’s no time to celebrate. The Alfea fairies need the power of bonding to beat the Champions of Alfea! Ninfea gathers all the Pixies in a circle, and they converge their magic and send it toward Alfea.

The energy pours down upon the courtyard. All the students gather up, absorb the power, and dissolve the Champion of Alfea with a wave of magic. The Trix have lost again! Time for them to surrender!

Not yet. The duel’s not over.

In between dodging and blocking attacks, Bloom keeps trying to reason with Selina. It’s no use. The young witch has tasted power, and she’s not giving it up.

Time to end this game. She summons two snakes to bind Bloom’s arms, then she sucks a piece of the Dragon Flame right out of her body! Her plan worked. There’s no need to stay anymore, so she “forfeits” the duel and flies back to Cloud Tower.

Bloom has no idea what just happened. All she knows is she won, which means it’s time for the Trix to leave. They’re confused, too. Selina’s got some explaining to do!

When Bloom returns to the others, Flora gives her a hug to congratulate her on her victory. But the fire fairy doesn’t feel like a winner. She just had to fight her childhood friend, and the duel ended with her just…quitting! What’s gotten into Selina?

Back in Pixie Village, the Pixies celebrate their freedom. If it hadn’t been for Aisha, they’d have trapped in the Legendarium World forever. To Aisha!

After accepting cupcakes from Cara, Aisha and Nex turn to each other. The fairy shyly admits how scared she was when Icy shot at him at Alfea. The Paladin smiles and takes her hand. Turns out he was worried about her, too, when she entered the Legendarium World. He was afraid she’d never come back.

“And now you’re happy?” Aisha asks.

“Happier than you can even imagine.” 🙂


Someone else is happy, too, right now: Selina. With the piece of the Dragon Flame she stole from Bloom, she can finally accomplish her goal! Soon, Acheron will be out of the Legendarium and in the real world — with her! Read the rest of this post

Episode Reviews


We asked you to choose your favorite episode of the marathon in our newest Site Poll. The most popular pick, with 41 percent of the votes, was “Mythix!” I agree with you. It was a great episode.

Remember: assume I haven’t seen the last two episodes. No spoilers, please! 😛


IMG_0609Eldora’s thrilled to meet Bloom’s parents — especially her mom, since today happens to be Mother’s Day! Oops! Bloom completely forgot! But at least she won’t have to buy a gift; Eldora takes care of it. She gives Vanessa a magical plant with a funny-sounding voice. (It’s the thought that counts.)

On to what the Winx came to do: talk to Eldora about locking the Legendarium. First, she tells them more about the book. It’s a link between the Real World — the one they know — and the aptly-named Legendarium World, where fictional characters live. When Selina reads it, it pulls monsters out of that realm and into the Real World.

The only way to lock the book is with an item that once was in the Legendarium World. Sadly, Eldora doesn’t know where it is. All she has a lead: a good place to find magical artifacts is Tir Na n’Og Island! But she’s searched there before and found nothing. Good thing the Winx know the locals!

Meanwhile at Cloud Tower, the moment Selina’s been waiting for arrives. The Trix are ready to channel the power they’ve gathered from the magic schools. She’ll use her share to finally free Acheron.

But things don’t go as she hoped. The three witches make stone pendants for themselves to store the power, but Selina doesn’t get one. Why does she need it? She has the Legendarium, after all. On that note, they leave her behind to go try their new powers on another school: Tir Na n’Og College!

Eldora and the Winx are already there, warmly welcomed by Queen Nebula. The school is really Morgana’s castle remodeled. What a great way to continue the Winx’s mission of bringing magic back to Earth. 🙂

IMG_0615Nebula leads them to a room where seven, colorful wands float inside a magic mirror. According to legend, they belonged to the Seven Ancestral Fairies who crossed over from the Legendarium World, thus making fairies real. These items contain a power called Mythix. With it, a fairy can enter the Legendarium World.

Sadly, the Winx can’t just take them. No fairy can hold them until she’s proven herself before them. No, their record of saving the universe a dozen times doesn’t count. So what can they do to prove their worth?

They don’t have long to think about it before the Trix attack! And they’ve brought backup: the former fairy Lazuli and her “friends.” Eldora and the Winx transform and help Nebula and her students defend the school. But the Trix outsmart them. While they’re keeping them busy, Lazuli and another witch sneak in!

Of course, two, new Cloud Tower students are no match for a Bloomix fairy. Bloom follows them and beats them easily. But she’s not ready for her next enemy.

While she’s chatting with a group of Tir Na n’Og students, a bolt of dark magic suddenly zaps her in the back. It came from Selina! She follows it up with a magic snake that binds Bloom’s arms to her side. The students aren’t strong enough to save her.

Bloom tries to convince Selina she’s trusting the wrong person, but she won’t listen. Eldora was weak. She only gave her rules — Acheron gave her real power. She’s determined to free him, and she’ll use Bloom’s Dragon Flame to do it!

Bloom’s not about to let her magic be taken again. She gathers all her energy, and with a massive flame burst, she sends Selina flying to the other side of the room! That gives her time to go help her friends, who are having a hard time fending off the Trix.

But she’s no help. The power from the magic schools really has made them stronger! The fiery attack doesn’t phase Icy, and she counters it with an icicle barrage. Bloom tries to take cover inside the school, but she’s knocked into the wand room and lands (conveniently) in front of the magic mirror. The ice witch gathers her energy for a final blow.

As Bloom lifts her head, she notices a glowing stone hanging from Icy’s neck. That’s the source of her power! With a powerful flame ray, she shatters it, triggering a chain reaction that breaks Stormy and Darcy’s pendants, too. The Trix retreat to recharge and plan another attack.

IMG_0635The Winx win again!

Better yet, the wands like what they saw. They fly out of the mirror and into the Winx and Eldora’s hands. Now they can become Mythix fairies and enter the Legendarium World! (But no new look for you, Eldora. Sorry. 😛 )

They end up at a gateway between dimensions, which Eldora calls the Wise Doorway. It tells them that to lock the Legendarium, they’ll need…the Legendarium Key. That’s simple enough.

But they’ll have to forge it themselves. They’ll need two items hidden in the Real World: the Fantasy Emerald and the Silver Spear. The Mythix wands will guide them to them. Once they’ve found them, they’ll cross over into the Legendarium World.

This “Real World,” “Legendarium World” talk is confusing, so the girls decide to head back to Alfea to do some research. Which means asking Daphne. 😛

The professor quickly finds the spell to make the wands search for magic artifacts: “Mythix Insight.” (I love that name. 😀 ) It shows the Winx an image of an island called Calavera, which has a lot of legends associated with it. Sounds like a good place to start!

But not yet. It’s still Mother’s Day, and the girls have planned a party at Alfea with flowers, pizza, and a live performance. All their moms are invited — and Roxy’s, too! (Poor Musa. I think she’ll be okay, though. 🙂 )

Eldora feels like she’s intruding, but Bloom says she’s welcome, too. After all, she’s their fairy godmother. 🙂


Like I said, I thought this was a great episode — even better than “Shimmer in the Shadows.” (Can you tell how much I loved that episode?) I was glad to see Nebula and the Earth Fairies again — Nickbow finally remembered them — and the history of the Legendarium and the Seven Ancestral Fairies was really interesting. I even liked the Mythix scene; it was well-done and really beautiful. (Maybe I like fantasy worlds more than the ocean. 😛 )

I still have some complaints, though.

First, I hate how the Mythix wands match Eldora and the Winx so perfectly. I know it’s mainly for the dolls, but it’s too convenient. I want an in-universe explanation. Are the Winx descendants of the Ancestral Fairies? (I hope not. That’s been done already.) Do the wands adapt to their users’ powers? Make things make sense, Nickbow!

Second, I feel like the seventh wand was wasted on Eldora. To me, this episode was begging for more Roxy. The wands were in her homeland in a school that used to be her mother’s castle. The Seven Ancestral Fairies spread out to all the worlds of the Magic Dimension, including the Earth. And if each fairy had a different power source — the designs of the wands suggest it — why couldn’t one of them be “animals?” Instead, Nickbow doubled up on nature-themed wands. Boo.

Honestly, I think a lot of season five and six would have made more sense if Roxy had been a Winx.

Third, as much as I love the Ancestral Fairies story, doesn’t it conflict with the legend of the Great Dragon? He created all the worlds in the Magic Dimension. Did the fairies just come and live in them? For that matter, did he come from the Legendarium World, too?

Finally, a small gripe: I wish Nick had shown this on Mother’s Day. They probably could have if they’d air the show consistently. On television. *Sigh* 🙁

Final thoughts: very good episode. Should have been a Mother’s Day special, but still well worth watching.

Next episode: “Mystery of Calavera.” Following their Mythix Insight, the Winx head to Calavera Island to find a pirate’s treasure. Stay tuned for the review! Read the rest of this post

Episode Reviews

IMG_0574May I skip this episode? Please? *Sigh* I really didn’t like it. It wasn’t a complete mess, but the cons definitely outnumbered the pros. It was one of the worst episodes in the marathon.

Well, let’s get this over with.


IMG_0576Bloom’s back with the Winx Club! To celebrate, the girls get together at her house for a pizza party. This is when the Bloom worship begins. While blending the sauce, Tecna says — in her robotic way  — the harmony of the group was out of whack without her. (I think Bloom was planning to leave for good.)

The six fairies almost wreck the kitchen but still manage to make a decent, cheese-less pizza, which Bloom duplicates so everyone can have their own. Stella proposes a toast to her BFF, calling her a “fearless leader” and “the greatest friend in the world.” Cheers to that! Hurray for Bloom! “For she’s a jolly good fairy! For she’s —” Okay, that’s enough. 😕

Quoting Stormy: “Whoop dee doo.”

Speaking of the Trix, they’re watching the event through Griffin’s Magic Eye. Selina, meanwhile, has snuck off to talk to Acheron, who’s sick of her using the Legendarium for their benefit. Don’t worry, she tells him. It’s just until she gets some of the power they’re collecting from the magic schools. Then she’ll be able to free him.

Stormy finds her and calls her in to join the Winx-mocking. But Selina’s actually jealous of the Winx. She used to laugh with Bloom, too. Awwww. 🙁

After the party, the Winx go to the Forest of Flowers, where Eldora’s cottage is. When they reach her front door, there’s the fairy godmother herself, happily while watering her plants. Boy, is she ditzy! She doesn’t recognize Bloom at first — her name just makes her think of flowers (like everything else). But soon the metaphorical bell rings, and she invites the Winx inside.

Selina starts feeling nervous. If Eldora mentions her, the Trix will find out she knows her! That can’t happen! She secretly casts a spell on the Magic Eye, causing it to blackout.

Not a problem. If the Trix can’t spy on the Winx, they’ll just have to drop in on them. Selina stays behind to find a good story to read.

Now for the interesting part of this episode: her backstory!

When Selina and Bloom were kids, Eldora would watch them play in the Forest of Flowers. She could tell they were both full of magic potential, but Selina would need some extra guidance. So, she became Selina’s fairy godmother.

IMG_0587Eldora was then the keeper of the Alexandria Library. One day, she made the mistake of bringing Selina along to show her the Legendarium. When she read from it, one of the creatures jumped out of the pages! They quickly sent it back in before it could attack. Eldora now knew the book was dangerous, so she left Gardenia to find a way to lock it forever.

As Eldora was coming back, Acheron reached out to Selina from inside the Legendarium. He promised to teach her how to harness its powers and gave her a new type of magic: control over snakes. (Ew.)

Thankfully, Eldora interrupted the conversation. She warned Selina not to go near the book again, but she didn’t listen. Late one night, she stole it and pledged her allegiance to Acheron.

There’s still hope for stopping them: Eldora knows how to lock the Legendarium! Just as she’s about to tell the Winx, the Trix attack the cottage! The Winx transform and knock them around like always. But Selina turns the tide by summoning Ectoplasmic Spectors, evil spirits that used to haunt the Forest of Flowers. These monsters are tough. All the Winx’s attacks go through them!

IMG_0585After half the Winx are knocked out of the sky, Eldora decides enough is enough. She uses the magic of the Luneshas to create an energy wave that wipes out all the Spectors! She’s more powerful than she looks! The Trix get scared and retreat.

Eldora feels her cottage isn’t safe anymore, since her enemies now know where it is. She and the Winx need a new meeting place. How about Bloom’s house? (Since the Trix have never been there before. 🙄 )


Ugh. What a lame episode. All it did was make me want a slice of pizza. 😕

My main complaints:

  • Too much Bloom worship: “A fearless leader?” “The greatest friend in the world?” Nickbow, please stop! This show’s not all about her — at least not anymore. Do you care about the other Winx at all?
  • Too much filler: It took ten minutes to get to something important in this episode. Ten minutes. That’s about halfway! Aside from the Winx meeting Eldora and learning what happened to Selina, everything else could have been shortened or cut. Yes, even the “Monster of the Week” fight. Speaking of which…
  • The ending: Why did Eldora stand there and watch when she could have beaten the Spectors the whole time? Yes, the Winx had to show off their Bloomix powers this episode, but Nickbow didn’t give us a reason why Eldora would hold back. I might have even settled for something like, “Oh, silly me! Why didn’t I think of this sooner?” She’s scatterbrained, after all. Or maybe since her spell acted a little like the Legendarium, it could have been “forbidden” or “dangerous.” But, no. She helped because…the Trix were cutting into her tea time? Huh?

More thoughts about Eldora. I like her a lot, but her voice got on my nerves after a while. It was cute at first — and then grating. Plus, there’s a limit to how much ditziness a person can handle, and to me, she flew past it. I liked her more when she was serious. Too bad we didn’t get to see as much of that side of her.

As for Selina’s backstory, I was a bit confused. Why did Selina betray Eldora? They were getting along well, and Selina didn’t seem to have a dark past or something like that. She just changed for no reason. It didn’t make sense.

Final thoughts: bad episode. Not worth watching again.

Next episode: “Mythix!” To lock the Legendarium, the Winx must earn a new power (guess what it’s called 😛 ) and enter the Legendarium World. The items that’ll give them this new power are in Roxy’s homeland, TĂ­r na nÓg. Stay tuned for the next review! Read the rest of this post