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Just a little light-hearted post from Will today.

“Random Observation”

~ By Will N. ~

Are magical monsters and bad guys the real threat? Maybe for a moment. However, the Winx have a serious threat at school…and their library card can’t save them because that’s actually the problem.

I mean, really, Barbatea has got to have the most stressful job at Alfea. Whose idea was it to leave those books flying around? It’s a good thing that the Book of fairies, the real Sirenix Book, and the Tome of Nature were not filled with beasts. The fake Sirenix book was most definitely cursed. Don’t even think about the deathtrap known as the Legendarium.

I hope no one has an overdue book there. The fines must be unspeakable horrors.

To any young readers out there, no, reading is not a real danger. You should read to learn about the wonders of imagination and other life skills. Reading is fun and Tecna-approved!

Guest Posts

Christmas in June? Why not! Jordan B. is here with a review of the season five Christmas special “A Magix Christmas.”

“Thoughts on Winx Club Episode 5X10: ‘A Magix Christmas’”

~ By Jordan B. ~

Ahh, Christmas, the season of good will toward all, the time for giving gifts to loved ones. In Winx Club, it’s no different, but will an uninvited terrible trio ruin Christmas? Well, time to find out.

The episode begins at Alfea as usual, where Bloom is humming “Jingle Bells” when the Winx make their presence known. Bloom explains what Christmas is, since they haven’t celebrated, but the Trix, spying on the Winx, mistakenly determine that a feeling that you get around Christmas is a form of power and plan to steal it.

Back at Alfea, as Bloom and the Winx are saying goodbye, the Specialists arrive. Sky notices Bloom has a suitcase and asks where she’s going. She says that she’s going home for Christmas and wishes Sky could celebrate it with her (which I get), but the Trix summon the ice dragons to ruin her day. The Winx try to fight the dragons but are unable to destroy them, while the Specialists get the Alfea students to safety.

But the ice dragons then seal everyone inside Alfea. The Winx try to destroy the dome but are unsuccessful again, which makes Bloom sad. She goes for a walk round Alfea.

The Winx and Specialists decide to make Christmas for Bloom in…let’s just say an odd way, which works as well as you’d expect. The Trix show up and fight the Winx, and Bloom learns that the Trix are attacking based on failure to do research. Icy destroying the gingerbread house sends Bloom into a rage where she goes to max power, one-shots the ice dragons, and destroys the ice dome, making it snow while sending the Trix blasting off again.

Then Faragonda, who has done her research, allows Mike, Vanessa, and the Gardenia kids to visit Alfea to celebrate Christmas with Bloom. We get a Peter Pan-style flight sequence around a Christmas-decorated Alfea, and Bloom wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.

What I Observed

• Bloom’s elf costume was cute as heck. 😊

• The friendship bracelets being the first Christmas gift the Winx get was nice. 😊

• Wait, why weren’t Marion and Oritel invited, since they are Bloom’s birth parents and Christmas is supposed to be celebrated with your whole family, which includes your boyfriend and birth parents? 😕

• The ice dragons made an interesting monster for the Winx to fight.

• So, a magic ice dome can block phone signals? Sorry, I have to call BS on that. 😤

• “We’ll miss you Bloom.” “I’ll only be gone for two days.” Seriously, can’t the Winx go two days with Bloom not being around? 😤

• “Our magic isn’t working on them!” Once again, I call BS again, but I’ll explain why in my overall thoughts. 😤

• Yikes, Flora, that tree looks as bad as dodo and that creature’s dead! 😱

• The Christmas house was nice, and Stella dressed up as Santa claus was amusing. 😊

• The Trix destroying a Christmas decoration sends Bloom into an anger outburst? Yikes! Remind me never to ruin Christmas! 😱

• The ending song was nice, as was the flying sequence. However, Santa hats and Harmonix don’t work together.

Overall Thoughts

Now was this episode good? Well, yes and no. It had good voice acting and animation, and lastly good pacing and an easy plot to follow — if you ignore the factor that makes the plot fall apart — while the Trix not knowing the magic of Christmas was not actually magic is understandable, since they have never visited earth at Christmastime.

However, the major problem with this episode — heck, with the show from season one in general — is that most of the conflicts could be solved by brute force. All it took to destroy the ice dragons and ice dome was the full power of the Dragon Flame. Bloom could have done that during the first battle against the ice dragons, but then the plot would’ve ended early, so they needed an excuse to make the episode last longer.

But do I recommend this episode, obviously. It’s a nice episode to watch and a good Christmas episode.

What If Wednesday

Today’s “What If Wednesday” question: “What if the schools in Magix got new teachers?”

Have you noticed the faculty at these schools hasn’t changed much? Alfea added Avalon in season two and Daphne in season six. That’s it. (You could count the Winx, but let’s not go there.)

We don’t see some of the teachers anymore, but it’s hard to tell if they’re gone for good. What happened DuFour? Or Avalon? Or that dance instructor from season three? I think Rainbow just decided not to show them anymore, since they’re not important. (DuFour and Avalon did appear in a comic recently, so they haven’t been forgotten.)

Wouldn’t it be interesting if someone left for real? The best choice would be Wizgiz. He’s been teaching for more than 1,000 years! I think he’s earned a few centuries of retirement.

What about at Cloud Tower? We’ve only ever seen three teachers: Griffin, Zarathustra, and Ediltrude. The latter two haven’t shown up since season three. (Winx Wikia says there’s a fourth professor — a wizard named Bittersmoke — who was mentioned in the show but never appeared.) I doubt Griffin’s running the school by herself, so where’s the rest of the staff?

Redfountain’s in a similar boat. Saladin and Codatorta are the only faculty members we’ve seen, but at least they both showed up in season five. Who else is training the Specialists? It can’t just be them.

As for Nex and Thoren, we don’t even know where they go to school. I doubt Redfountain has a Paladin track; it seems to be a Specialist-only school (that’s run by a wizard, for some reason). A lot of Wikis say they’re from Lynphea College, but I think that’s wrong. The evidence points elsewhere.

Anyway, I guess before Rainbow writes anyone out of the schools, they need to show some of the “hidden” teachers first. What are their subjects? What do the students think of them? What do they think of the Winx? Are they as star-struck as the students are?

That last part is why I think switching out the teachers could be interesting. Faragonda, Palladium, Griselda, Wizgiz, Saladin, Codatorta, and Griffin know the Winx well. They trust them enough to send them on dangerous missions and give them access to secret areas of their schools. But if a new teacher — someone who didn’t trust the Winx — came in and interfered?

Worse, what if they became the headmaster of Alfea? That would mean sidelining Faragonda for a while (but not necessarily killing her off). Maybe the Winx would have to sneak out again like they used to, or maybe they’d finally leave the school for good.

(This is starting to sound like Harry Potter. That’s not what was thinking about, but…why not?)

A happier possibility is they could learn something new from the new teacher. Rainbow could have done this in season seven with Wild Magic, but I think using Wizgiz worked, too. His subject is metamorphosymbiosis, after all. Wild Magic was a form of it. But what other types of magic — besides transformations — do the Winx not know about yet?

To sum it up, switching out some of the teachers — or just adding new ones — could change the character dynamic a bit. It could also reveal more about the schools in Magix and maybe make them more relevant again. I think Redfountain needs it the most. How long has it been since we’ve seen it? Four seasons? Five? Good grief!

That’s it for today!

Episode Reviews

capture_005_24012016_142519_817Guess what? The Winx get Butterflix in this episode! Gasp! What a shocker!

Sigh. Why does Rainbow tell us when the Winx are gonna get their new forms now? Just look at these titles: “The Power of Harmonix” (5X06), “Sirenix” (5X13), “Mythix” (6X14), and now “Butterflix.” Bloomix was the exception, since not all the girls earned it in the same episode, but we knew someone was gonna get it in “Bloomix Power” (6X04).

Next season, I wanna be surprised again. I wanna see the Winx in a now-or-never situation and not know if they’ll get a new power or not. It’s more suspenseful that way.

Anyway, let’s look at episode 7X03: “Butterflix!” Don’t forget the Winx are still in the past. When I say Faragonda, Kalshara, etc., I’m talking about their younger selves. (I just don’t wanna put “young” in front of their names each time.)



1. The Winx and Roxy promise to help Faragonda find her Digmole. In Wizgiz’s classroom, teacher’s pet Kalshara shows off by turning into a bird, which Bloom recognizes as the thief who stole the last Digmole from The Alfea Natural Park. Wizgiz kicks Faragonda out and dismisses Kalshara for good behavior. As they head back to their dorm, Kalshara convinces her that by reading the Tome of Nature, she can figure out where her Digmole went.
I’ll save my thoughts about these scenes for later.

2. Faragonda sneaks into Mavilla’s office while she’s away and steals the Tome. The headmistress’s pet lions almost catch her, but she uses her magic to turn them into harmless widdle cubs. D’aww! She heads back to her dorm.
Faragonda snuck into her future office? That’s ironic! Nothing stood out to me about this scene, except…the Pelletfly’s joke! “Wait for the beak?” It cracks me up every time! 😛 I love puns, and the delivery was perfect. Kudos to Mavilla’s voice actress!

3. According to the Tome of Nature, Digmoles live in the Valley of Fruit. Faragonda starts to feel guilty and wants to put the book back, but Kalshara “promises” to return it for her. The future headmistress believes her and leaves to find the Winx. Kalshara rips out a page, uses the spell on it to enter the Fairy Animals’ Hall, and absorbs the Wild Magic stored there.

Oh, Faragonda! You’re so naive! Never trust someone who does something fishy, then tells you to trust them! 😛

I wasn’t impressed with the Fairy Animals’ Hall scene. We’re just three episodes in, and we’ve already seen two, new secret rooms? And why should a bubble of Wild Magic be so easy to get to if it’s so dangerous? Alfea has a lot of safety issues!

4. Without the Wild Magic, all the Fairy Animals at Alfea go nuts. Faragonda thinks this is her fault, but before she can tell the Winx what she did, Mavilla shows up holding the Tome of Nature. Busted! Just then, Bloom sees the bird Kalshara turned into in Wizgiz’s class flying away. The Winx, Faragonda, Roxy, and Mavilla decide to head to the Valley of Fruit to “restore order to the Fairy Animal world.”

What did the Digmoles have to do with this scene? Yes, now we know Kalshara was after them, but Faragonda didn’t know that, so why would she suggest going to the Valley of Fruit? I think it would have made more sense if someone — maybe Bloom — had said, “Let’s follow Kalshara and see where she goes.” Otherwise, it seems like Faragonda was only thinking about her own problems.


5. Kalshara finds Brafilius asleep in the Valley of Fruit. Against his wishes, she uses a diamond laced with Wild Magic to turn him into a dog. While he’s stumbling around chasing Digmoles, our heroes show up. Brafilius uses his new powers to summon the Giant of the Valley to capture the little Fairy Animals, and Roxy and the Winx transform to save them. Meanwhile, Kalshara tries to attack Mavilla. Faragonda turns her into a cub and tries to cage her, but Brafilius snatches her away with his hat and disappears.

I liked it when Kalshara turned Brafilius into a dog (before he started chasing the Digmoles). Sounded like he didn’t wanna be involved in her plans anymore. I wonder if he’s still mad at her for this on him.

One question, though: did he have magic powers before he became an animal? I’m guessing he didn’t. That might explain why he couldn’t use them well.

6. The Winx’s spells aren’t working on the giant because it’s protected by nature. Roxy and Aisha come up with a plan: attack its arms to free the Digmoles and let them defend themselves. It works. The Digmoles dig the giant to pieces! The magic that protected it is released onto the Winx, and they become Butterflix fairies! Faragonda lets her Digmole go, and Mavilla thanks the Winx for helping her realize the Fairy Animals should be free. She decides to erase the memories of everyone at Alfea so no one can abuse these animals again.

I’ll talk about this in the next section, too. Read the rest of this post


So, about that season seven premiere…


Yeah, I’m annoyed, too. The waiting game’s getting unbearable. I hope Nick Jr. fixes those so-called “technical issues” soon. Wouldn’t it be sad if World of Winx premiered in the U.S. first? (Great. I bet I jinxed it. 🙄 )

At least this give me time to wrap up my season six reviews. Sorry for the lack of posts these last few months. I just finished floundering through another semester of college. Now I’m working on a custom template for the blog, and I hope to have it ready it by early January.

I could use a break from coding and color scheming, so let’s talk about the best and worst episodes of season six. For me, the worst were easier to choose. I enjoyed many of the episodes, but none of them stood out to me. In the end, I picked two I liked a lot and the one I felt was obviously #1. (You can probably guess it already.)

Let’s start with the three worst episodes, so we can end on a positive note. Read the rest of this post