Winx Club 7X25 - Aisha and Nex HuggingNope, my blog’s not dead. 

Last month, I started writing Winx fanfiction. I wanted to finish this story by Valentine’s Day, but schoolwork — and nervousness — got in the way. Now I’m finally done…with the first chapter. Good grief. 😅

As you can guess from the picture, “The Storm” is about Aisha and Nex. Expect most of my fanfics to be about them. No couple in this series has ever ignited my imagination as much as they do. They’re a treasure-trove of creative ideas waiting to be used to tell thrilling, clever, romantic, and even profound stories.

Let me guess: you think I’m exaggerating, right? Okay then. Give me a chance to show you why this couple’s so unique and powerful together.

My story takes place on Andros between seasons seven and eight, ignoring the comics (they’re not canon, anyway). Read the rest of this post

Musings & Rants

Like Nabu, Roy’s difficult to talk about, but for a different reason: there’s not much to talk about. He’s a flat, boring character, even more boring than Sky. His contributions to the show are minimal, and his only meaningful connections within the group are with Aisha, his love interest, and Nex, his rival for her love.

Roy’s introduced in “The Power of Harmonix” (ep. 5X06). He bows to Aisha and speaks in lofty, knight-like language, which he slips in and out of throughout the season (and has practically dropped in season six). True to form for all Aisha’s love interests, he says something that ticks her off: “These are hazardous waters. I think I should go down before you.” Bad move. To steal a line from the theme song of Sailor Moon Crystal, the Winx “aren’t helpless girls who need the protection of men.”

Immediately after this, Roy begins drifting in and out of the show as though he’s a guest character. He shows up randomly for odd reasons — for example, in “The Gem of Empathy” (ep. 5X09), he’s there because someone told him to patrol the oceans of Zenith, even though he’s from Andros. Other times, he disappears for several episodes in a row (as much as nine at one point) and makes only cameo appearances in a couple episodes, such as “The Devourer” (ep. 5X18) and “The Shark’s Eye” (5X23).

This is one reason his romance with Aisha by the end of the season feels forced, awkward, and unbelievable. He’s gone for most of the season, so they barely interact with each other! When they do, it’s mostly brief banter or an occasional compliment. It feels like Nickbow did the bare minimum to make us believe they liked each other.

Yet, in “Saving Paradise Bay” (ep. 5X24), Roy gets hurt protecting Phylla from Icy’s attack. (Yes, it’s not even Aisha. It’s one of the Selkies. 😛 ) Aisha checks on him, and after he tells her he’s okay, the two appear to be about to kiss. She also imagines herself dancing with him in the ballet room in “Battle for the Infinite Ocean” (ep. 5X25).

When did they become that close if he was rarely there? Were they dating off-screen? If so, not only does Nickbow never tell us, but these two don’t act like that kind of couple. Plus, she was still mourning Nabu for about half the season, so she didn’t seem ready for a new relationship yet. Read the rest of this post


After a full hour of Winx Club Easter Sunday (starting at 1 p.m. EST), season five will be down to its last six episodes! Can you believe it?

As always, before the season premiered, rumors about what we’d see spread through the fanbase. Could any of them still happen in the short time left? Let’s look at a few.


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Episode Reviews

Tritannus Reaches the Pillar of Light
That’s more like it! Dare I say it, this was the best episode of the season! Better dialogue, lots of action, and a surprise ending. And for once, Tritannus did something that harmed the whole Magic Dimension, not just Earth or the ocean. Eleven more episodes like this, please!

Next episode: “The Eclipse.” Stella must fix the Pillar of Light before her father dies, and Aisha must use her uncle’s sword to break Tritannus’s curse on her family. Sounds promising!

Here are my thoughts while watching episode 5X15, “The Pillar of Light!” Read the rest of this post


All the Winx are best friends, but some pairs get along better than others. tells us Bloom’s closest friend is Stella, Aisha’s is Flora, and Musa’s is Tecna.

But since the club’s so large (and even), some girls rarely talk to each other.

Bloom’s lost her powers. Or her boyfriend. Or her confidence. Who’s always there to comfort her? Flora. But when Bloom’s not having a life crisis, we don’t see her and Flora hanging out much. And Bloom hasn’t had the chance to be Flora’s moral support — Flora has an easy life. 😛

Musa can’t stand Stella’s bratty attitude and tendency to speak her mind. The other Winx might feel the same way, but Musa’s lost her patience with her more than they have. But this pair’s had good times. Who comforted Musa on the Day of the Rose? Who helped her prep for her first live show, then took the stage with her? Stella.

Have we ever seen these two together? Oh, wait — this season in “Gem of Empathy,” when a spell at Data Bridge Castle turned them against each other. There must be other moments, but they’re hard to remember. Which doesn’t mean these two aren’t friends. Aisha was crying, too, when Tecna — seemingly — gave her life to save Andros.

QUESTION: Does it bother you that some pairs of Winx are closer than others?