Yep, today’s my birthday! 🙂 I was gonna put up a new “What If Wednesday” today (I’ve been working on it since last week), but I don’t feel like it. Please be patient with me.

A lot has been happening in my life this year. My mom’s about to remarry, so my family has been in wedding planning mode since February. Also, I feel like I’m at a crossroads. I’ll be 30 next year. I’ve always wanted to own a business, but I’m scared to take the first step. If I don’t do it soon, I feel like I never will.

Maybe I’m putting too much pressure on myself. I don’t know. 🙁

Sorry for the somber mood. My birthday hasn’t felt special to me for the past few years. It’s more overwhelming than anything.

I’ll try to be cheerful today. After all, I’m still alive. That’s always something to be thankful for. 🙂

Here’s a cake. Everyone take a slice. It’s a magic cake, so it has endless slices. My pretend birthday cake, my rules. 😛

Musings & Rants

capture_007_18032015_193714_016Guess what, guys? “Afrogate” is back. Sigh. 🙁

But this time, the critics are taking things too far. They want Winx Club removed from Netflix — not just the “Miss Magix” episode, but the entire show. Petitions are spreading around on Tumblr and Twitter.

No matter how you feel about the show and this controversy, this is an overreaction. The critics are condemning a series that’s more than 4,000 minutes long because of a one-minute scene from twelve years ago. They haven’t bothered to watch the current show so they can judge it fairly.

I’ve been trying to come up with ways to counter their efforts, and I think I have a good idea.


Aisha’s birthday is ten days away (June 15). We know Rainbow will post something about it — an image, a GIF, etc. — like they do for all the Winx. But let’s make it an even bigger event than usual.

On June 15, I’m gonna change all the avatars for the blog and social media accounts to pictures of Aisha. I’ll also share screenshots of her doing what she does best: playing sports, saving her kingdom, caring for small creatures, cheering for her friends, leading the Winx into battle, etc. I’m asking you guys to do this, too, and to get other fans involved.  Some of you do it already, so it shouldn’t be hard. Just do even more than you normally do!

Please understand what this campaign’s about. Just because Aisha exists doesn’t mean Winx Club can’t be racist. That’s not the message we’re trying to send.

We’re trying to show the critics what they’re missing — what they haven’t seen. Aisha’s the type of character they’d love: a brave, resilient, dark-skinned girl with natural hair. She’s a princess by birth, and she’s admired not just for her beauty, but for her strength and heart as well. The other characters accept and respect her as an equal.

I wanna make a hashtag for this. Since the critics know almost nothing about the show, they won’t notice something like #HappyBirthdayAisha (or #HappyBirthdayLayla). It should probably have “Winx Club” in it. If anyone has an idea, feel free to share it.

We only have ten days (more like nine now) to get this together, so please share this post as much as you can!


The “papa of the Winx” is turning 50 this year (birthday: May 30)! I think we Winx fans should do something big for him! Any ideas? Leave them in the comments!

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I didn’t say much about it, but Saturday (Aug. 23) was my birthday! I’m 26 years old now. It’s hard to believe…

Like last year, my dad, my brother, and The Muse took me to Atlanta to hunt for Winx dolls. (That’s not all we did, but it was a big part of the day.) The first Toys R Us we hit was in a shopping center called Buckhead Station, which is attached to an apartment complex. The people living in it have plenty of cash to spend. They make more than $100,000 a year! I wish I’d grown up here! 😛

Toys R Us -- Buckhead StationAnyway, this TRU had all six Bloomix dolls! Our cashier — I think he’s a Winx fan 🙂 — said they’d just gotten them the day before! Lucky! 😀 I got Flora, and The Muse bought me Aisha and Stella for my birthday and Musa and Tecna for herself.

Yep, we left Bloom. I never buy her right away. She’ll be there even after JAKKS stops making these dolls! 😛

I wanted my own Musa and Tecna. So after driving through what The Muse dubbed “Snobsville” — a neighborhood full of houses that looked like villas  — we arrived at the Toys R Us near a place called The Cobb Galleria Centre.

Toys R Us/Babies R Us -- Cobb Parkway

My birthday luck must have kicked in because the only three Bloomix dolls they had were the ones I needed: Bloom, Musa, and Tecna! That also means someone bought the others! Awesome! More Winx fans! 😀

We grabbed Musa, Tecna, and a birthday balloon, then headed home.


Final tally:

  • 1 Stella
  • 1 Aisha
  • 1 Flora
  • 2 Musas
  • 2 Tecnas

The Bloomix collection’s okay. Yeah, they’re not that accurate, but they’re pretty for what they are. They look a lot nicer in person than in photos!

Flora and Stella are two of my favorites. Their outfits look a bit more correct than the others’, and their wings are gorgeous! (Not sure why, but my Stella’s wings are stiff and don’t flap well. I’ll have to email JAKKS about that. But I still like her. 🙂 )

My hunt’s not over yet! I still need Bloom and another Stella, Flora, and Aisha. When my Toys R Us stores have them (and I have the money 😛 ), I’ll look again!


Next Monday, August 18, it’s our fairy of the shining sun’s birthday! Why don’t we make it a special one?

Let’s trend #HappyBirthdayStella on social media! You can add something to your post if you want — a screenshot, a photo of your Stella dolls, a recording of yourself singing “Happy Birthday,” etc. You can even slip #SomethingTrulyMagical in there. 😉 It’s up to you! (I already know what I’m gonna do, and I hope you’ll like it. =) )

If this is gonna work, we have to get A LOT of Winx fans involved! We can do it!

Remember: that’s Monday, August 18! We’re gonna trend #HappyBirthdayStella! Save the date!