So, about that season seven premiere…


Yeah, I’m annoyed, too. The waiting game’s getting unbearable. I hope Nick Jr. fixes those so-called¬†“technical issues” soon. Wouldn’t it be sad if World of Winx premiered in the U.S. first? (Great. I bet I jinxed it. ūüôĄ )

At least this give me time to wrap up¬†my season six reviews. Sorry for the lack of posts these¬†last few months. I just finished floundering through another semester of college. Now I’m working on a custom¬†template for the blog, and I hope to have it ready¬†it by early January.

I could use a break from coding and color scheming, so let’s talk about the best and worst episodes of season six. For me, the worst¬†were easier to choose. I enjoyed many of the¬†episodes, but none¬†of them stood out to me. In the end, I picked two I liked a lot¬†and the one I felt¬†was obviously #1. (You can probably guess it already.)

Let’s start with the three worst episodes,¬†so we can end on a positive note. Read the rest of this post


Now this is a surprise! Rainbow made a video of ALL the Winx’s transformations from seasons 1-7! That includes Charmix from seasons one, two, and the Nick specials; the 3D Enchantix, Believix, and Sirenix from the movies; and Roxy and Daphne’s transformations. (Roxy’s grouped with Believix, while Daphne’s grouped with Bloomix even though she’s a Sirenix fairy.)

With eleven years worth of footage to go through, something was bound to get left out. They forgot Aisha’s Charmix/Magic Winx transformations — both from the original and the Nick specials. That’s a shame. Her Charmix is my favorite. ūüôĀ

Still, the video’s worth watching for nostalgia. Bon app√©tit, Winx fans!

TV & Movie News

capture_001_31082015_171359_675Credit goes to Brandon L. for reporting this news on Facebook, and to NickALive and my affiliate Michael’s Winx Club for sharing it before me!

Zap2It and LocateTV are reporting “The Magic Totem” (6X18) will air Wednesday, Sep. 9 on Nick Jr. at a new time: 6 p.m. EST. The next episode, “Queen for a Day” (6X19), will air Friday, Sep. 11, also at 6 p.m. EST. Both episodes previously premiered on Nick.com.

According to Nick & More, the next two episodes — “Stella’s Big Party” (6X20) and “A Monster Crush” (6X21) — will air on Tuesday, Sep. 15 and Thursday Sep. 17. This will be the official U.S. premiere of “A Monster Crush,” which was never shown online or on TV.

No word yet if the new time slot and the move to Tuesdays and Thursdays are permanent.


TV & Movie News


Winx Club‘s finally returning to U.S. television, but not where we expected it!

Yesterday, lots of fans noticed Winx was on Nick Jr.’s schedule for this weekend, but naturally, knowing Nick, we were…doubtful. Well, doubt no more! Rainbow confirmed it through the official Winx Club website!

Write these dates down, Winx fans!

  • Sunday, July 26 from 7-9 a.m.: Episodes 1-4
  • Sunday, Aug. 2 from 7-9 a.m.: Episode 5-8
  • Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 7 p.m., starting Aug. 3: The post simply says “new episodes.” Does it mean the final six episodes of the series?

This is good but surprising news! Is Winx Club moving to Nick Jr. permanently? If so, how do you feel about that?

UPDATE: NickALive just reported on this, and they brought up something I hadn’t thought of. Every episode of season six from “Shrine of the Green Dragon” (6X09) onward aired online only, so technically they’re new to TV. Maybe that’s what Rainbow’s post meant by “new episodes.”

Lots of fans spotted this first, so credit goes to them! Special thanks to Dane A., Marcus M., Michael’s Winx Club, and World-of-Winx-Club (Tumblr)!


Episode Reviews


Sorry about the sudden hiatus, guys. I just started school again, and I didn’t think my professors would slam me with so much work¬†this early in the semester. I’ve never had this much due at one time in my life!

Well, let’s finally wrap up this trio of reviews. Hopefully, Nick will upload/air more new episodes soon!


capture_007_27012015_193422_734I’ll sum up the¬†first scene quickly. The Trix make their students fight each other to test their attack magic. A couple of them pass. The others fail ‚ÄĒ hard.¬†Moving on.

When Selina warns¬†them the Winx are coming, the Trix cut the class short. They can’t let them lock the Legendarium! No worries. Leave it to Darcy.

The Winx arrive with the key, but seconds later, Cloud Tower disappears! Did it teleport? No, Bloom can still feel its dark energy. But¬†Tecna’s scanner isn’t picking it up.

So much for the “charge right in”¬†plan. They decide to leave¬†before “invisible” witches¬†ambush¬†them.

Stella goes into fashion mode as soon as they get back¬†to¬†Alfea. Her friends don’t know it yet, but it’s¬†a big day for her. Brandon stops by, and he’s just as excited as Stella. Why? It’s their anniversary! He wants to celebrate with¬†a romantic dinner.¬†Awwwwwww!

Too bad Stella doesn’t care. For some reason, she won’t quit talking about Solaria.

Meanwhile, Daphne and the other Winx¬†puzzle over Cloud Tower’s disappearance. What they need is an anti-invisibility spell. Stella knows a great¬†place to look for one: the Library of Solaria!

But only her father’s allowed inside, and there’s no way he’ll grant them access. How will they get in?

Don’t worry, says Stella. She’s got a surprise up her sleeves.

As they step into¬†the throne room, they hear King Radius talk¬†about a Solarian tradition: when the three suns align, the king relinquishes the¬†crown¬†to his firstborn for one day. Wait ‚ÄĒ the suns are aligned, which means Stella’s queen for a day! (Yay for title drops!) Her first decree: the Winx may enter the royal library. Thank you, Your Majesty. ūüėõ

The Winx’s research doesn’t take long. Daphne learns¬†the type of spell Darcy cast on Cloud Tower can’t be undone with fairy magic. (How convenient.) They need a magi-technological boost. Great! You’re up, Tecna!

Back in the throne room, Stella’s reign is becoming¬†a pain. She ignores the courtiers’ concerns, then declares they can only come to her with good news ‚ÄĒ or with gifts. Her parents try to reason with her, but she’s in her own world. Next,¬†she throws an impromptu dance party, complete with disco ball, then gives the guards makeovers. Then she mocks hers and Brandon’s anniversary with a half-hearted, magic-made banquet ‚ÄĒ¬†in front of the whole¬†court. How romantic.

That’s the last straw for Brandon. When he¬†calls her out for letting the power go to her head, she gets huffy and storms off to her room. *Sigh* ūüôĄ

capture_009_27012015_202859_083Selina and the Trix like what they’re seeing in their Magic Eye. They can use the¬†situation to their advantage. It’s storytime! Today’s tale: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.¬†This time, Selina does something a little different: she summons the Magic Mirror to darken Stella’s heart.

The mirror’s¬†waiting for Stella when she gets to¬†her room. Just like in the story, it tells her just what¬†she wants to hear. She’s the fairest. The best queen in the Magic Dimension. Finally, someone appreciates¬†her!

After finding a¬†spot for her flattering friend, she gives it a smooch.¬†Its dark energy flows into her, clouding her thoughts. Today was supposed to be her day. Her special day. She’s lost precious time, thanks to her parents and her boyfriend. They must be punished.

When Stella¬†returns to the throne room, her father looks¬†ready to snatch the crown off her head. Stella’s had enough of his voice ‚ÄĒ so she takes it away from him!

Now, Bloom’s had enough! This isn’t how a queen ‚ÄĒ or a fairy ‚ÄĒ¬†should act!

Oh, really? If the Winx don’t wanna be her friends anymore, she’ll just make new ones. Stella teleports her “friends,” the witches¬†of Cloud Tower, into the palace. From now on, all witches will be honored guests of the queen. She leaves them to fight the Winx while she retires to her room.

This time, Darcy’s waiting for her. Brandon ‚ÄĒ who happened to peek in at the right time ‚ÄĒ isn’t as welcoming as Stella is. He draws his spear¬†to defend his love.

No! Darcy’s a guest, too, and Stella won’t let him hurt her!¬†She knocks him back with a burst of sunlight. His spear flies out of his hand and hits the mirror, causing it to fall and crack. That breaks the spell on Stella. The dark energy leaves her¬†body.

When she comes to, she thinks Darcy’s¬†the one who attacked Brandon! Guess who’s not welcome in the palace anymore!

That’s fine¬†with her. Before she leaves, she decides to grab a souvenir: Stella’s crown! If the princess wants it back, she’ll have to come to the Legendarium World to get it! Challenge accepted! Stella summons her Mythix wand.

Solaria’s fantasy world looks like a massive temple. Standing at the doorway is a woman in a white mask and Ancient Greek garb. Her name is Ariadne, the keeper of the labyrinth beyond the door. The¬†crown lies inside.

capture_025_27012015_203505_659Suspecting nothing, Stella¬†dives in.¬†Several¬†turns¬†and dead ends¬†later, she winds up at the center of the labyrinth, and¬†out of nowhere, a Minotaur stomps out of the wall!¬†Ariadne appears behind her and removes her mask. It’s really¬†Darcy!

Stella’s trapped! If she doesn’t escape soon,¬†she’ll be stuck in the Legendarium World forever! Read the rest of this post