Caption Contest

Wow. You guys loved this pic, didn’t you? 😛 All I’m gonna say is I’m glad I don’t pick finalists anymore.

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Caption Contest

Thanks to everyone who voted! Congratulations to the winner: Raindrops on Roses! Next contest begins tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Elas: So let me get this straight. Kalshara and Brafilius are out in the world capturing innocent Fairy Animals (some of them who are, by the way, very close friends of mine) reeking havoc, and posing as a very real threat to the general safety of both animals and humans alike, and you take Bloom on a DATE?!

Sky: Not a date EXACTLY. More of, um, Bloom and Sky One on One Time.

Elas: *snorts* I don’t believe this…

— By Raindrops on Roses