First, the rumor. Remember Keke Palmer’s “Keisha” character we thought would be a new fairy in season five? The mystery may have been solved. “Keisha” is…Layla, a.k.a. Aisha. Apparently, Viacom and Rainbow released a statement correcting the mistake in the press release. I haven’t found an official source for this news, so we’ll leave it in the rumor file for now.

Ready for some new news?

We now know who will voice Bloom, our dear fairy of the Dragon’s Flame. That will be seventeen-year-old Molly Quinn. Confirmation? How about this post on her official Facebook fan page, which she herself runs:

I have been given permission to share the voice over project I have been doing over the last few weeks. I am the voice of “Bloom” in Nickelodeon’s Winx Club that will start airing this summer.

Molly also tweeted about the project before revealing it and said she’s loving it.

The Muse and I also know her as Alexis Castle in the ABC cop drama Castle. I can’t tell you how excited this made us!

These are some interesting voice picks so far! I have a theory about them. Notice how Molly has fire-red hair like Bloom does. And Keke Palmer could pass as Layla. What if Nickelodeon is trying to build a group they can physically market as the Winx? The girls could show up together at events, maybe do live shows. It’s not impossible—after all, how many Winx Club actresses do they have in Italy? Of course, this depends on who the other voice actresses are. We’ll find out as summer gets closer.

How do you feel about Molly Quinn and Keke Palmer as Bloom and Layla? Who would you love to see as the other Winx?

Musings & Rants

In episode fourteen, Faragonda offers Roxy the chance to study at Alfea. If Roxy accepts, and if she becomes a Winx, then there will be a big change in the club’s dynamics. Since the other Winx graduated from Alfea in The Secret of the Lost Kingdom, they’re free to go wherever their wings will carry them. Roxy, however, will be stuck in her dorm most of the time. It’ll be hard to spend time as a whole group, unless the other six return to the school as “teachers,” like they did in episode one. Even though they failed to protect the students from the Fairy Hunters and were sent on a mission to planet Earth, the Winx weren’t necessarily fired. Faragonda may expect them to return to Alfea after their mission is complete. And I bet earning another transformation and restoring magic to a planet will help them win back some popularity with the students.

I’d be happy to see the Winx at Alfea again. The element of a fairy school is something I’ve missed this season. The situation won’t be exactly the same, but having the Winx roaming the halls like before and for one Winx to still be learning might add an interesting touch to the potential season five.


Last time I mentioned Rainbow’s theme park project, I said there was an amusement park called Terra Magica that Rainbow would have a spot in it. Instead, it seems like “Terra Magica” was the temporary name of Rainbow’s park! The official name is now Rainbow MagicLand. According to Nòva Online, there will be at least thirty-five, family-friendly attractions, including several roller coasters, a live theater, a planetarium, and the famous pink castle we Winx fans know as Alfea. I can only imagine what we’d find in there! Rainbow MagicLand will be home not only to Winx Club but all of Rainbow’s major properties like Huntik and even Pixie. All parties involved plan to have the park finished by spring 2011.

Nòva also said Iginio Straffi called it his dream to have a place where his characters come to life. Fantasy meets reality. I love it! I don’t know about you, but I hope I can visit there one day. Wouldn’t it be great to walk through the halls of Alfea Castle? What a wonderful idea! 😀

There’s more info and concept art at the source page.

Nòva Online