What If Wednesday

Today’s “What If Wednesday” question: “What if the schools in Magix got new teachers?”

Have you noticed the faculty at these schools hasn’t changed much? Alfea added Avalon in season two and Daphne in season six. That’s it. (You could count the Winx, but let’s not go there.)

We don’t see some of the teachers anymore, but it’s hard to tell if they’re gone for good. What happened DuFour? Or Avalon? Or that dance instructor from season three? I think Rainbow just decided not to show them anymore, since they’re not important. (DuFour and Avalon did appear in a comic recently, so they haven’t been forgotten.)

Wouldn’t it be interesting if someone left for real? The best choice would be Wizgiz. He’s been teaching for more than 1,000 years! I think he’s earned a few centuries of retirement.

What about at Cloud Tower? We’ve only ever seen three teachers: Griffin, Zarathustra, and Ediltrude. The latter two haven’t shown up since season three. (Winx Wikia says there’s a fourth professor — a wizard named Bittersmoke — who was mentioned in the show but never appeared.) I doubt Griffin’s running the school by herself, so where’s the rest of the staff?

Redfountain’s in a similar boat. Saladin and Codatorta are the only faculty members we’ve seen, but at least they both showed up in season five. Who else is training the Specialists? It can’t just be them.

As for Nex and Thoren, we don’t even know where they go to school. I doubt Redfountain has a Paladin track; it seems to be a Specialist-only school (that’s run by a wizard, for some reason). A lot of Wikis say they’re from Lynphea College, but I think that’s wrong. The evidence points elsewhere.

Anyway, I guess before Rainbow writes anyone out of the schools, they need to show some of the “hidden” teachers first. What are their subjects? What do the students think of them? What do they think of the Winx? Are they as star-struck as the students are?

That last part is why I think switching out the teachers could be interesting. Faragonda, Palladium, Griselda, Wizgiz, Saladin, Codatorta, and Griffin know the Winx well. They trust them enough to send them on dangerous missions and give them access to secret areas of their schools. But if a new teacher — someone who didn’t trust the Winx — came in and interfered?

Worse, what if they became the headmaster of Alfea? That would mean sidelining Faragonda for a while (but not necessarily killing her off). Maybe the Winx would have to sneak out again like they used to, or maybe they’d finally leave the school for good.

(This is starting to sound like Harry Potter. That’s not what was thinking about, but…why not?)

A happier possibility is they could learn something new from the new teacher. Rainbow could have done this in season seven with Wild Magic, but I think using Wizgiz worked, too. His subject is metamorphosymbiosis, after all. Wild Magic was a form of it. But what other types of magic — besides transformations — do the Winx not know about yet?

To sum it up, switching out some of the teachers — or just adding new ones — could change the character dynamic a bit. It could also reveal more about the schools in Magix and maybe make them more relevant again. I think Redfountain needs it the most. How long has it been since we’ve seen it? Four seasons? Five? Good grief!

That’s it for today!


So, about that season seven premiere…


Yeah, I’m annoyed, too. The waiting game’s getting unbearable. I hope Nick Jr. fixes those so-called “technical issues” soon. Wouldn’t it be sad if World of Winx premiered in the U.S. first? (Great. I bet I jinxed it. 🙄 )

At least this give me time to wrap up my season six reviews. Sorry for the lack of posts these last few months. I just finished floundering through another semester of college. Now I’m working on a custom template for the blog, and I hope to have it ready it by early January.

I could use a break from coding and color scheming, so let’s talk about the best and worst episodes of season six. For me, the worst were easier to choose. I enjoyed many of the episodes, but none of them stood out to me. In the end, I picked two I liked a lot and the one I felt was obviously #1. (You can probably guess it already.)

Let’s start with the three worst episodes, so we can end on a positive note. Read the rest of this post

Musings & Rants


Remember Lazuli, the fairy who joined Cloud Tower in “Broken Dreams?” We know a couple witches who’ve become fairies, but I’m pretty sure she’s the first fairy-turned-witch we’ve met. (Selina doesn’t count, since she might not have had her wings yet.)

I wonder what made her turn to the dark side. At first, I thought the Trix might have scared her into it. Maybe they captured the students and gave them a choice: join or die! (I know — way too dramatic for this show. 😛 ) But she wanted to switch! She was willing to use her hair cages on her friends, and she was fine with calling herself an ex-fairy.

Here’s a random back story I thought up in about a minute. 😛

Lazuli was the fairy of hair. But instead of being the perfect stylist, she liked doing strange things with people’s hair — tying them up in it, making it move on its own, etc. Her classmates treated her like a freak, and she resented them for it. Over time, her hatred darkened her heart. She started thinking that, with her weird power, she wasn’t meant to be a fairy. When the Trix attacked her school, she saw her chance. She’d become a witch and join their side…

I know — I can do better. 😛

How does a fairy become a witch? Not the way I expected.


When Mirta became a fairy, she got a new outfit and a pair of wings. Faragonda must have, too; according to Griffin, she made it to Enchantix level. (I guess older fairies lose their wings.)

Lazuli became a witch by…losing her wings. That was it. She could still fly (or float), but her fairy outfit became regular clothes.

I doubt that’s how it’s supposed to work. I think the animators were just lazy. Almost all the non-Winx fairies’ forms have been like this: everyday outfit + wings. And groups of classmates or friends have looked the same or similar to each other. Nickbow probably didn’t wanna “waste” time designing a unique look for everyone.

Have you ever come up with a fan fic or headcanon about a fairy becoming a witch? How does your story compare with Lazuli’s?

Episode Reviews


Episode 6X05 opens with Aisha seconds away from joining the Trix’s statue collection. Thank goodness Stella saves her just in the nick of time!

But the basilisks keep coming. Facing a duo of them, Aisha gets an idea: let’s backflip out of their way! It’s so silly, it works. The basilisks turn each other to stone, and Stella and Aisha stick their landings in perfect sync. Their “training” paid off.

Somehow, they get their Bloomix powers for this. Flora says it’s because of their “bravery and quick thinking.” Not buying it.

The battle’s practically over after this. Stella vaporizes the basilisks, Flora ships the witches back to Cloud Tower, and the Trix retreat. Lynphea College is saved! Time for cheesy dancing and sweet goodbyes before heading home.

Back at Alfea, Daphne and her students get invited to the Golden Auditorium, a prestigious music college. Musa shares the news with Riven, who doesn’t care one iota. Happy mood ruined. She tries to soothe her soul with music, but her roommate Tecna, who’s cramming for a test, wants silence.

Cue hilarious catfight! 😛


Meet Acheron. He’s trapped in the Legendarium, and he only wants one thing: freedom!

The next day, the Trix leave to conquer another magic school while Selina browses for a better fairytale. Here we learn she’s got another master: a wizard named Acheron who’s trapped inside the Legendarium. I smell a conflict of interest!

Meanwhile at the Golden Auditorium, Musa tells the story of the pandemonium sprites, who live in caves beneath the building. Guess what Selina summons this time? The little pests chase students, chew up music scores, and give everyone headaches with their screams.

Bloom, Stella, Flora, and Aisha transform — and get knocked out in less than a minute. It’s just Musa and Tecna left. (How convenient.)

No time to argue! Musa hatches a plan to use music to lure the sprites back underground. Tecna uses her cellphone’s depth scanner — must be an app — to find the Pandemonium Cave. With the power of teamwork, and Musa’s amazing voice, the girls defeat the sprites and regain their friendship. Plus, they get their Bloomix powers!


But the Trix never wanted the Golden Auditorium. They flew to Eraklyon to attack the school attended by Bloom’s favorite disgraced princess: Diaspro. Something we’ve expected for years finally happens: she teams up with them!

Next episode, it’s back to Domino for another homecoming party for Daphne. But Diaspro plans to ruin it — and get rid of Bloom once and for all! Read the rest of this post

Episode Reviews

capture_062_16122013_090937_714Winx, we’ve missed you! Please don’t take another month off! Pretty please? *Sigh* 🙁 Well, thanks for the one-hour Christmas present!

At the end of episode 6X03, the Winx went back to Alfea to regroup after the Legendarium stole their magic. You’d think they’d be devastated — but nope! Time to dancerize in Aisha’s Morphix gym! What else would you do? Thankfully, Faragonda and the boys take the problem more seriously.

Meanwhile, the Trix leave Lynphea College in the Cloud Tower students’ hands. The Lynphea girls try to fight back, but Miele’s the last one left standing. Figures. 😛

The Winx return to help, but they’re almost useless. Bloom, the only one who can still transform, gets ambushed by the Trix. The others try Daphne’s idea to replant the Treants, which works — but no one expects Selina to summon another batch of monsters: flying basilisks!

Miele protects Flora from one of them — but gets snatched up by a Treant! In a cool, out-of-character moment, Flora goes Jill of the Jungle mode to save her. This unlocks her Bloomix power! (I’ll tell you how I felt about that in a later post.)


Poor Aisha. Dating her should come with a safety warning…

After Flora purifies the Treants, all that’s left are the basilisks. And they’re tougher to beat. Nex and Roy, rivals for Aisha’s love, get turned to stone while trying to protect her! Seriously, Nickbow? Give Aisha a break!

This episode was my least favorite of the two. The gym scene ruined it a little; dance and gymnastics don’t count as “training.” I don’t mind the Winx goofing off sometimes, but call it what it is instead of pretending it’s important to their mission.

Next episode: “The Golden Auditorium.” Check out that review tomorrow!

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