No, I’m not back to stay, but I had to write about this. Credit goes to my affiliate Michael’s Winx Club for this news!

Senpai noticed us, Winx fans. Trebek-senpai, to be exact. The February 2 episode of Jeopardy! had a clue about Winx Club, in the category “Join the TV Club.”

Tinker Bell would feel right at home with Bloom, Flora & company in Winx Club, a group of these beings.

Correct response: “What are fairies?” of course! You can watch the moment below.

Tinker Bell, huh? I guess the Clue Crew hasn’t seen World of Winx. Then again, she eventually got along with the Winx. But I don’t know how Disney’s Tinker Bell or the literary version would feel about them.

Where else have you heard Winx Club mentioned in the mainstream?