What If Wednesday

I guess I shot myself in the foot by calling this What If Wednesday.” A lot of fans thought I meant, “What if [insert major event] didn’t happen?” or “What if So-and-So had been [insert different role] instead of…?” Nope. That’s not what this is about.

I’m not trying to make fodder for alternate universe fanfics (but you can use it if you want to). What I’m gonna talk about are things that can still logically happen in the show. Remember how I said this will be focused on the future, not the past? The “What if” isn’t, “What if this had happened instead?” It’s, “What if this happens in a future season?”

Just a warning: this will set us up for disappointment. It’s inevitable. The ideas we come up with may never happen; in fact, chances are they won’t.

But do we ever know what was gonna happen in a season? Guessing, theorizing, and wondering are part of the fun of watching a series. Even if the end result is different than we hoped, we don’t have to change things to make something out of it. New possibilities and new angles are still hiding in the story, waiting to be discovered.

Maybe this first post will clear things up. Why am I starting with Helia? I was talking about him with a friend on Instagram recently, and I realized he has a lot of loose ends in his back story. If Rainbow tied these up, he could become a more interesting — and more powerful — character.

What if…Helia followed his dream of becoming an artist?

A lot of fans were happy to see Bloom drawing again in World of Winx, but it’s been a long time since our other artist has picked up a sketchbook. Bet you never realized Bloom and Helia had that in common — or at least, you never thought of it as a shared talent. That’s not the only similarity between them. I get to that later.

In comics #35 and #36, “The Trial” and “New Challenges,” Helia leaves Redfountain — like he almost did in the show — and tries to sell paintings for a living. Of course, it doesn’t work out because the comics always reset everything back to how they are in the show. But it begs the question, “Could he have become a famous artist instead of a Specialist?”

But since season two, we’ve barely seen him draw at all. His only artistic talent seems to be making origami. (That started in season two, too.) Did he give it all up to become a Specialist again? Why did he have to do? He can be a Specialist and an artist, right?

Or can he? Would his love of art conflict with his job? After all, he can’t paint while he’s battling monsters, and Specialists have to be on call at all times. How would he handle it?

I’d love to see this internal conflict in him in a future season. Should he stick with what he’s been training for for years (and keeps him close to his girlfriend), or should he follow his dream? Which one is he better at? How would leaving Redfountain affect his relationship with Flora? Read the rest of this post

Musings & Rants

They call Alfea “the best fairy school in Magix.” Its headmistress is a former member of the Company of Light. And its most famous grads? The Winx.

With that reputation, why can’t its current students fight?

Every time a monster attacks, they duck and hide or run around screaming, while the Winx transform and save the day.

What a change from season one, when the whole student body fought the Army of Darkness. No hiding behind their teachers. Each student was proud to defend Alfea and the whole Magic Dimension. Their grade levels, power sources, and fairy forms didn’t matter, because they believed in their magic.

The Winx were no different. They weren’t stronger than their classmates back then, but they fought anyway.

Speaking of “classmates,” what’s happened to them? Amaryl, Francine, Luna, Ortensia, Mirta. They took the same classes under the same teachers and passed the same tests. If anyone should be as powerful as the Winx, it’s them. But they haven’t even transformed since season three; it’s like they’ve forgotten they’re fairies. And like the newer students, they rely on the WInx for protection.

What will happen when they’re gone?

Let’s hope they can trust the skills they’ve learned at Alfea. Just like the Winx do.

QUESTION: Who do you think is the strongest non-Winx fairy?