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“Winx Club Etymology, Part I: The Winx”

~ By Power of Charmix ~

I’ve always found the meaning of names to be fascinating to research, especially when it comes to fiction. It’s fun to see what hidden meanings the creators of something may have left hiding in plain sight, or what weird parallels you might find by accident. Recently, I decided to see what I might discover upon looking into the names of some Winx Club characters, locations, and other things.

However, because there’s so much to talk about, I’m going to be breaking this into multiple posts. This first one is going to be focusing specifically on the Winx and some characters that others consider to be honorary Winx (Roxy, Daphne, and Mirta). Without further ado, we’ll start with Bloom.

As you likely know, the word bloom refers to when a flower begins to open up its petals, which makes me think of Bloom’s adoptive mother Vanessa, since she’s a florist. I’ve also seen the idea that her name might be referring to the phrase “late bloomer,” since she was the last of the Winx to be able to transform, and was less magically skilled than the others at the beginning of the show. Finally, the word bloom can also be used to refer to something flourishing or thriving. Under that definition, Bloom herself could be considered a bloom; for a long time, she was the only survivor of the attacks on Domino, but she still thrived no matter what obstacles were thrown her way.

Let’s move on to Bloom’s best friend. Stella means “star” in Latin (and Italian). All suns are stars, so this name makes perfect sense for her.

Stella is called the Fairy of the Shining Sun in some versions of the show, and most of her spells are related to the sun in some way. Her home planet is based completely on its sunny climate, and Stella herself even has a bright and sunny personality and tends to wear a lot of orange. She also always wants to be the center of attention, or the star, so it can even work in multiple ways — in English, at least. I don’t know if that works in Italian, or any other languages.

Flora comes from the Latin word for “flower,” flos. In Roman mythology, there was a minor goddess named Flora who reigned over flowers, youth, and spring, and there was even a festival held during spring in her honor called the Floralia. Nowadays, the word flora is used to describe the plant life that makes up an area.

Musa can be a real-life name, but it’s usually a masculine name, not a feminine one. However, musa is the Italian word for “muse.” I wonder if this might relate to her parents — maybe Musa inspired them when writing and performing their music. There’s also the chance that I’m overthinking this, and they just took the word “music” and added an “a” to it.

I couldn’t find any examples of the name Tecna outside of Winx Club, so as you probably guessed, her name also comes from her magic ability with an “a” added.

As Tori has mentioned before, Aisha means “alive” or “she who lives,” and it means similar things in other languages. She shares the name with one of the prophet Muhammad’s wives, who apparently once led troops into battle herself. This was rather remarkable, considering that this battle took place in the 600’s and she was a woman. It reminded me of Aisha’s anti-boy attitude during the first few seasons, and how she’s one of the strongest Winx when it comes to combat skills.

I’d also like to to talk about Aisha’s alternate dub name, Layla. Layla means “dark” in Arabic, and the most noted use of this name is in Layla and Majnun, a Persian narrative poem based on a semi-historical story from the seventh century. In it, a girl named Layla falls in love with a boy named Qays (nicknamed Majnun) when she’s very young, but her father doesn’t allow them to be married. He marries Layla off to another man, and she and Qays never see each other again. (The rest of the poem is mostly just Qays wandering around in the desert being depressed.)

The fact that Qays and Layla never see each other again reminded me of Aisha and Anne, as they also never meet again after being seperated at a young age. The arranged marriage between Layla and the other man also reminded me of the arranged marriage between Aisha and Nabu, and how Aisha originally protested against it. Of course, Aisha ended up falling in love with Nabu, whereas Layla never loved her husband and even died of heartbreak in some versions of the story.

Roxy is presumably the shortened version of Roxanne, which traces back to the Persian/Bactrian name Roshanak, which means “bright” or “dawn.” I’m not quite sure if this relates to Roxy’s character at all.

Daphne’s name has a somewhat interesting story behind it. Daphne means “laurel” in Greek, and there was a character with that name in Greek mythology. Daphne was a naiad (a type of nymph connected to rivers and other bodies of water), and the god Apollo fell in love with her and began chasing her around. In an attempt to escape him, Daphne prayed to her father, a river god, for help. In response, her father turned her into a laurel tree.

Afterwards, Apollo began creating wreaths out of laurel leaves, and those wreaths became one of his symbols. This is somewhat reminiscent of Winx Club’s Daphne being turned into a cursed spirit while running away from the Ancestral Witches. The stories are obviously very different in a lot of places, but I just thought the parallels were interesting.

And finally, Mirta is a Spanish, Italian, and Croatian cognate (a word that sounds similar to a word in another language) of the name Myrtle. Myrtle is simply an evergreen shrub that can be used to symbolize love and was sacred to several Greek and Roman gods.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, because I really enjoyed researching and writing it. I do have to say that I wasn’t expecting so many of these characters to derive their names from plants. I’ll be talking about the guys’ names in the next post, so stay tuned!

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Oops! Will wanted me to publish this last Wednesday, but I forgot all about it. Sorry about that. 🙁 Anyway, time to talk about Bloom’s newly-corporeal sister, Daphne. Take it away, Will!

“Winx Girls: Life Of Daphne”

~ By Will N. ~

Daphne is awesome. That’s all we need to know. Not exactly kidding, either, but here’s her backstory.

Bloom’s big sister guardian and the (unofficial) eighth Winx who always makes sure the story goes the way it should. There’s really not much to say about her because she’s so mysterious, even if she is the Zordon of the Winx and “corporeal again.” She’s also the only one of the main cast to actually get married to Thoren faster than a Disney movie. Slow down, girl!

Should I call her the Nymph of Magix, Domino, or Sirenix? Fairy of the Elements, or Fairy of the Dragon Flame? All five fit.

I would talk about magical achievements in this section, but do I need to for her? I’ll let what we have seen about her speak for itself.

Question: What do you like about Daphne?

Next time: Anyone care for pumpkins?

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Will’s gotten through the official Winx. Now it’s time for the honoraries, starting with the fairy who almost join the club: Roxy. Take it away, Will!

“Winx Girls: Life Of Roxy”

~ By Will N. ~

To the U.S.A. readers that celebrate: Happy Independence Day! We’re celebrating with the (unofficial) seventh Winx. (4Kids anthems not required! LOL!)

Roxy, the animal fairy, started out as a sarcastic but somewhat wise teenager who spam-adopted half of the Fairy Pets in season four. She was hard to track down even via magic trails. When the Winx finally found her and told her about being a fairy, she thought it was a joke and that the Winx were somewhat insane, even commenting to herself that she thought “wascally wabbits” messed with their heads.

Oddly, it took her sworn enemies, the Wizards of the Black Circle, to convince her that her guardian fairies were right about fairy existence and her being one. Once she actually admitted the truth about magic, the Winx earned their Believix.

Soon, it was time for Roxy to master her magic. It started with someone secretly mentoring her through her dreams, but Roxy wouldn’t know who it was for awhile. When Roxy’s magic was strong enough, she was able to transform into her Charlix — thanks to my anonymous friend for coming up with that term — to teach Gantlos a lesson about animal abuse.

Eventually, as Roxy learned about herself through her magical journey, she was able to free the Earth fairies and unwittingly sparked a war that she succeeded in attempting to stop. One of the casualties of this war was Nabu, who had just ended Duman’s threat permanently. Some good did come out of it, though, as she learned that Queen Morgana was her mother. That was part of what ended the threat of rage against humans, who didn’t know any better about magic as they tend to get caught up in their own cares. When it was all said and done, Roxy brought her mother home to Gardenia after installing Nebula as regent, since Roxy is still somewhat too young to rule.

In addition to being a capable fairy, she also worked at her father Klaus’ juice shop with the Specialists to the point that one year later, she got accused of making Sky go back to his two-timing cheat ways. It was just kid sister/big brother shenanigans after spending most of that year as an observer, after telling Bloom how cool it was to have her as a big sister figure. When the Winx actually started to be shown as having student teaching jobs while being in graduate classes, she started to have a bit more prominent role as being in their class and helping them undo Trix magic on Daphne’s students and Miss Griffin.

But her true time to shine since being at Alfea came in season seven where she started behaving similar to Daphne, and was seen with her a time or two, as she guided the Winx on animal missions and updated them as a mission control type. But she only participated in the first time travel and Alfea Defense Brigade mission, despite wanting to take on the Trix alongside Daphne. But Bloom really didn’t want Roxy or Daphne taking them on for unexplained reasons, likely fear or not wanting to leave Alfea defenseless should something happen to the main Winx.

Magical Achievements

  • Blasting the daylights out of Ogron in ep. 4×13, albeit aided by an artifact that used to terrify her: The White Circle.
  • Being able to almost push Icy’s animal Frostbite back, which strangely impressed the coldest of witches, before Frostbite’s power was boosted to knock her down in ep. 7×25.
  • Using an expanded form of Aquatelepathy (animal control in the good way) to get a snow bird’s eye view of Omega.

Commanding the Alfea Defense Brigade alongside Daphne is a personal achievement. It’s about time somebody gave Alfea their backbone back. Daphne even patted her on the back for that.

Another personal achievement is being wise enough to comprehend the higher level forms mechanics, despite being somewhat lower level. Without her, the Winx never would have never brought back magic to Earth through the heart like they were supposed to.

Question: What level do you think Roxy should advance to that is not Enchantix, if she ever is able to go beyond her supposedly corrupted form?

Next month: Mystery Sister Central.

Time for the answer! Which character is the third most popular search on my blog? You know it by now. It’s Daphne!

Power of Charmix was the first person to guess her! Well done!

As for some of your other guesses, Nex, Riven, and Bloom (also “Bloom Sky”) are in the top 20 searches for the last 30 days. Nex is #15, Riven is #14, and Bloom is #8 (and “Bloom Sky” is #16).

Good job, guys! Stay tuned next week to find out what the second most popular search is!

Musings & Rants

Happy Siblings Day! I’m glad I didn’t put this up a few days ago like I planned to. Today’s the best day for it!

Let’s play a game. Name a set of sisters in Winx Club. Annnnnd…go!

Bloom and Daphne. Flora and Miele. Mitzi and Macy. The Trix…um, maybe. Easy, right?

Now name a set of brothers. Annnnnd…go!

That’s a lot harder. I bet you thought of Nereus and Tritannus first. While we’re in Andros, here’s another pair: King Neptune and King Teredor. Wait a minute — are they brothers or brothers-in-law? Was Teredor a Triton? Was Queen Niobe a mermaid? Does that mean Aisha’s part mermaid? I’m so confused! 😵

Back to brothers. How about the Crocodile Man and the Alligator Man? They count, but they’re from World of Winx, not the main series.

What about female characters who have brothers? Tressa’s the twin Tritons’ sister. Too bad Tritannus wanted to kill them both. 😕 Kalshara and Brafilius are the only brother-sister duo we’ve ever seen (besides background characters), but she treated him more like a henchman.

What about the main group — the Winx (minus Bloom and Flora) and their boyfriends? Do any of them have brothers? Nope! Stella, Tecna, Musa, and Aisha are only children, and as far as we know, so are all the guys.

I get why the royals wouldn’t have siblings. A king and queen only need one kid to carry on the family bloodline. (Bloom’s the exception, of course, because she always is. 😛) But what about the commoners? What’s stopping their parents from having lots of kids? Alyssa and Rhodos didn’t stop at one!

But the other one was female, too! Why are the siblings always sisters? I know shows with female leads tend to have more female characters than male characters. That’s fine, but couldn’t Rainbow at least mention they have brothers? They don’t have to show up on-screen. For example, 4Kids gave Tecna a little brother in an activity book.

It’s too late for more Winx to have siblings now (unless they were just born). We know them and their families so well, it would seem too random. But since we don’t know the guys that well (except Sky), why not give them siblings?

I’m not saying Rainbow should just pick any of them and give him brothers for no reason. It has to make sense. You can guess the guy wouldn’t be an only child based on his personality or backstory. Here are my thoughts:

  • Sky: Not him.😑 We know about as much about him as we know about the Winx! (Heck, we know more about him than about some of the Winx.) A cousin we haven’t met? Fine, but a brother? It wouldn’t fit his story — unless it was a younger brother, but that would still feel random.
  • Brandon: He seems good at dealing with kids (and Stella’s immature moments), so maybe he’s had to take care of a younger sibling or two. But he’s also vain like Stella (though not as much as her), so maybe he’s a spoiled only child like her who got a lot of praise growing up.
  • Helia: I think he could go either way. Like Brandon, he seems to be good with kids, but he’s also really sensitive. That could just be his personality, or it could come from years of being teased by a brother or sister. Or it could come from pressure from his parents, even if he doesn’t have siblings.
  • Timmy: I feel like he would have a sibling. If he does, I think it’s an older sibling. That could explain his self-consciousness. Maybe they’re a famous scientist or engineer, and he feels like he’s not as good as them.
  • Nex: I can see him having a lot of siblings, which could explain why he shows off. Maybe he’s one of the youngest, and he feels like his parents ignore him. It’s like Timmy’s story, but instead of becoming more reserved, Nex became more outspoken, like he’s shouting to be heard.

Did you see what I did? Giving the guys siblings — even if they aren’t brothers — could help develop their characters. That’s what family members are for. They’re a quick way to make the main characters more relatable and add to their backstories.

Bottom line: I wanna see more of their families. And it’d be nice if Rainbow would add some brothers to the series — brothers who aren’t trying to take over the universe.