I keep seeing these myths around, so I wanted to debunk them. If you already knew the truth, that’s good — but I bet the last myth will surprise a lot of fans.

Myth #1: World of Winx is season eight of Winx Club.

World of Winx is Winx Club’s second spinoff. Like the first spinoff, PopPixie, it may not fit into the Winx canon at all. Rainbow’s currently making Winx season eight. It may premiere next year or in 2019, which will be the 15th anniversary of the series.

Myth #2: World of Winx is one season split into two parts.

One more time. World of Winx has two seasons (so far). The 13 episodes released last November are season one. Season two will premiere this coming Friday.

Myth #3: World of Winx was written by different writers than seasons 5-7 of Winx Club.

Nope! The five scriptwriters for World of Winx season one were Davide Aicardi, Francesco Artibani, Alessandro Ferrari, Alan Kingsberg, and Nicola Venanzetti. If you check the end credits of Winx seasons 5-7, you’ll find these names in each of them.

Alessandro Ferrari wrote for season five, Francesco Artibani and Alan Kingsberg wrote for seasons five and six, and Davide Aicardi wrote for season six. And all five of them wrote for season seven. (Nicola Venanzetti only wrote for season seven.) Francesco Artibani was also a story editor for all three seasons, as was World of Winx’s story editor Maurizio de Angelis.

That’s it for now. What other myths about WoW (or Winx Club) have you heard?


As you know, I’m not gonna watch season seven until it comes to the U.S. (whenever that is). But I’ve heard from many fans who have been watching as it airs in Greece, and most of them like it so far. A few have even said it feels like classic Winx again. Thank goodness.

It’s too early to judge it as a whole, but at least it’s starting off better than the last two seasons. I still blame most of the problems with them on Nick. They treated Winx Club like it was no different than Dora the Explorer.

Wait till you meet their writers. As you’re about to see, as talented as they are (some of them have won Emmys), they had no business working on a project like Winx Club. They were way out of their element.

Ladies and gentlemen, the writers of seasons five and six. Read the rest of this post