What If Wednesday

Today’s “What If Wednesday” question: “What if the schools in the Magic Dimension let in more students from Earth?”

The Winx brought magic back to Earth three years ago. That means new fairies, witches, wizards, Specialists, Paladins, and more are waiting to be discovered. Someone has to train them — or else their skills will never grow, and magic won’t spread on Earth.

Queen Nebula knew that. That’s why she turned Tir Na N’Og palace into a fairy school. Maybe more magic schools will pop up on Earth one day. But Alfea, Cloud Tower, and Redfountain are the most famous schools in the Magic Dimension. They should open their doors to these students, too.

Of course, admitting Earth students wouldn’t be easy. First of all, how would they get to the Magic Dimension? Portals? Magic keys like in Regal Academy?

Second, could the students adjust to living in a realm where magic is everywhere? Bloom and Roxy have done well, but not everyone would have a fairy club to support them. Also, they wouldn’t understand what magic really is and what it’s for. Even Bloom had the wrong idea at first, thanks to fantasy books and fairy tales. Maybe the schools should create a curriculum to teach Earth students about magic life.

Finally, how would the students from the Magic Dimension treat the Earth students? Would they accept them or give them a hard time? The professors might have to teach them to be patient and helpful.

The novelty of “Winx on Earth” is fading. If the girls start helping people from Earth adjust to life as magic beings, that might make this gimmick interesting again.

That’s it for today!

What If Wednesday

Today’s “What If Wednesday” question: “What if a magician from Earth gained magic powers?”

First, a confession: this is based on a fanfic. Back before season five premiered, I had an idea for a fanmade season. I probably won’t write it now. The story hasn’t been fleshed yet, and now my transformation name (Dreamix) has been used. 🙁

Anyway, the villain is a famous magician from Gardenia (sorry!) named Mephisto. (Yeah, I know it’s a lame name. Me from eight years ago couldn’t come up with anything better.) His shows used to sell out everywhere he went, but after the Winx brought real magic back to Earth, no one cared about magic tricks anymore. He became jealous of the Winx and hated them for ruining his business.

One of his assistants is a witch who has been living on Earth for decades. Seeing this as a chance to seize control, she turns Mephisto into a wizard. He uses his new power to get revenge on his critics, read and manipulate people’s minds, and — of course — take over the Magic Dimension to become the greatest magician in the universe.

Mephisto doesn’t know the difference between real magic and magic tricks. To him, being a wizard is just a way to make his act more realistic and surpass all other magicians. Of course, his spells end up causing lots of trouble.

Rainbow has already done this type of back story with Selina. She was jealous of Bloom’s popularity and wanted more power, which led to her teaming up with Acheron and becoming a witch. I wish the writers would keep exploring the idea of normal people becoming magic beings. The season four comics had a few interesting stories like that.

Imagine the possibilities. Here’s an example: the leaders of an oppressive government become witches and wizards. What would they do with their new powers? How would the Winx handle the situation?

That’s it for today!

Musings & Rants

The World of Winx trailer! Finally! Feels like we’ve been waiting forever!

Was it worth it? Not really, at least for what we got. I was disappointed by how short it was (where were all the scenes Michael showed us?), and it left me with more questions than answers.

I’ll get to those soon. First, here are my general thoughts and reactions.


New Characters

We only saw three new characters: the host of WOW!, a kid the Winx were chasing, and another kid they kept having to save from crocodiles. I like their designs, especially the crocodile bait kid. 😛 He looks adorable. I wonder if he’s that “Evans” person voice actress Alyson Rosenfeld mentioned on Twitter. (She voiced Miele in season seven.)


The other kid looks like a cross between Nex and Helia. Is he one of the Lost Boys, or is he one of the talented kids? I’m not sure why the talented kids would run away from the Winx, but that thought popped into my head. What if not all of them wanna be saved?


The host reminds me of the host from “Miss Magix” (1X12). I know they don’t look alike, but his personality seems similar. (It’s just your standard cartoon host persona.) His voice sounded similar, too — at least based on the 4Kids dub. Season seven had some 4Kids Winx veterans in it, so who knows? This could be the same actor.

In the video description, Rainbow said his name’s Ace. If they mentioned him by name, does that mean we’ll be seeing him a lot? That would make sense, since he’s part of the reality show.

But I don’t trust him yet. It’s because of my theory about WOW!‘s true purpose. We’ll see if I’m right or not. Read the rest of this post



Who else was impressed when Flora blew up that rock in “The Lost Library?” Sure, she’s the fairy of nature, but I never pegged her for an Earthbender! 😛 She’s always been the tree-loving, “friend to the forest” type. This felt kinda out of character for her. In a good way.

That got me thinking about her powers, and I came to this conclusion: even though she doesn’t act like it, Flora is as powerful as Bloom.

The show seems to say otherwise. For the past two seasons, Flora’s been the enemies’ designated punching bag. Every time we need to see they’re a match for the Winx, they target her. The poor girl’s been captured by monsters, turned to stone, and knocked out of the sky more times than I’d like to remember.

Bloom’s been through a lot, too, but it hasn’t hurt her reputation as the strongest fairy in the Magic Dimension. Flora, on the other hand, now looks like a pushover. Read the rest of this post

Thursday Your Say

Today’s “Thursday Your Say” is about Winx Club season four (a.k.a. “The Power of Believix”).

I heard a rumor (can’t remember where) that season five is not a direct sequel to season four. It just makes references to it.

If that’s true, it’s very obvious. Much of what happened last season is being ignored. For example:

  • Roxy seemed to become a Winx, but she’s now just a background character.
  • Sky was “king-in-training” of Erakylon, but he’s back to being “crown prince.”
  • The Winx became teachers/teaching assistants at Alfea, but they’re acting like students again.
  • Morgana hints at Nabu being still alive but “sleeping” (in a coma), but he’s definitely dead this season.

What did carry into season five are the Winx band, the Believix transformation (for the first few episodes), and the Winx having returned magic to Earth. You could say those last two things are the most important. Especially the third one, since Tritannus gets his power from Earth’s pollution, which has mixed with magic.

But would a new fan need to watch all— or any — of season four to understand what’s happening now?

YOUR SAY: Is season four still important to the series, or could a new fan skip it?