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Thank you to WinxClubFrance for the heads-up! The first Winx Club movie, The Secret of the Lost Kingdom, premiered ten years ago today in Italian theaters. Hard to believe it’s been that long!


Now this is a surprise! Rainbow made a video of ALL the Winx’s transformations from seasons 1-7! That includes Charmix from seasons one, two, and the Nick specials; the 3D Enchantix, Believix, and Sirenix from the movies; and Roxy and Daphne’s transformations. (Roxy’s grouped with Believix, while Daphne’s grouped with Bloomix even though she’s a Sirenix fairy.)

With eleven years worth of footage to go through, something was bound to get left out. They forgot Aisha’s Charmix/Magic Winx transformations — both from the original and the Nick specials. That’s a shame. Her Charmix is my favorite. 🙁

Still, the video’s worth watching for nostalgia. Bon appétit, Winx fans!

Musings & Rants


Did you see “Winx on Ice?” I did (not live, though). I don’t remember the story well, but thanks to the Internet, I don’t have to! 😛 Here’s the summary, adapted from the Winx on Ice story page:

Carolina, a fairy from Gardenia, steals a magic diary that makes everything she writes in it comes true. The Trix convince her to join them and use its powers for evil. But after three spells against the Winx and the Specialists, she realizes she doesn’t wanna be a witch. Valtor — yeah, he’s in this, too — wants her to write the Winx’s deaths into the diary, but she writes his defeat and the Trix’s instead.

Doesn’t that sound a bit like Selina’s story?


Fairy from Gardenia? Check. Stole a magic book that brings stories to life? Check. Sides with the Trix and uses the book for evil? Check and check. Now all that’s left is for the Winx to save her and beat the Trix. They will. They always win, you know. 😛

This is the tenth anniversary season, and Rainbow reused a lot of plots and characters in it. Was Selina’s role an homage to “Winx on Ice?”

You be the judge. Rainbow posted this montage last April. Take a look!

Musings & Rants

During the break, WCD Channel (Winx Club Dissected) uploaded another video: “WCD’s Favorites – Fairy Forms.” I told him I’d write a response, so here it is. 🙂

Since there are so many categories, I’ll split this post up so it won’t be too long.

layla-the-winx-club-1052700_692_1200A) Charmix/”Magic Winx”

Favorite: Aisha — Mostly, I just like the tones of green on her. I also love the unique shape of her wings.

2nd Place: Silicya — If I were a fairy, I’d want my Charmix to look something like this. More modest, though, of course. 😛

Honorable Mentions: Khadija, Priscilla — I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing either of these (especially Khadija’s). But I love Khadija’s color scheme (I like yellow and light blue together) and the Tinkerbell/Neopets Earth Faerie look of Priscilla’s outfit.

B) Charmix Season 2

Favorite: Flora — It’s a rose-shaped handbag. How much cuter can you get? 😛 Plus, some of the Winx’s Charmix jewels looked out of place on them, but Flora’s didn’t.

2nd Place: Musa — Her power booster is my favorite out of everyone’s. Not only does it look cool, but it made the most sense. It amplified her sound waves! What a concept! 😛

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Musings & Rants

Behold! The pic that almost ended my break:


Me from February: “Holy cow, it’s Mythix! It’s so cute and colorful and so ‘magical girly!’ I love it! I’ve gotta write about it…now! There’s no way I can put this off for a month!” 😀

Yes, I was that excited! We’d been waiting for weeks for more Mythix art, and finally, here it was! I really wanted to be part of the fan buzz. But I talked myself out of posting and decided to wait.

I’m glad I did, because after I stepped back and analyzed the pic, I changed my mind about Mythix.


I still think it’s cute, though. It’s clear the designers were going for a combination Japanese magical girl/storybook fairy look, and I think they pulled it off. All the girls look like “make-believe” fairies — what the Magic Dimension would call “make-believe” — but not too much that they look out of place in their own show.

And I’m the only fan who loves the wands? They might feel too anime-esque for Winx Club, but they’re perfect for this transformation. Magic wands and fairies go together in storybooks. Think of Tinkerbell, The Blue Fairy from Pinocchio, Cinderella’s fairy godmother, the three fairies from Sleeping Beauty — the list goes on. (Yes, that’s mostly in the Disney versions, but most kids know them better than the originals.)

That’s where my compliments on Mythix end. I think it’s the plainest Winx transformation ever.

These are the two main gripes I have with it:

  1. These looks are simpler than their Charmix’s ones! Those at least had unique shapes that made them stand out from regular clothes, but these are just short dresses with some ruffles and broaches thrown in. Boring!
  2. Like the Believix outfits, these look too normal — like someone added wings to six cocktail dresses and called it a day. There’s nothing magical or otherworldly about them.

I can’t believe they’re trading Bloomix, one of the prettiest transformations since Enchantix, for this! What a visual downgrade! If you ask me, Bloomix should have been the second form (if they had to have another one). Mythix looks weaker than it.

One more complaint. The derpy faces in the CGI almost kill the charm completely. Version one of Bloom’s face in the season six trailer was gorgeous! Why did Rainbow change it to this one? I hope the 2D animation looks nicer.

Okay, enough general thoughts about Mythix. Now I’ll talk about each Winx individually, since some of them look better than their friends.

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