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In episode fourteen, Faragonda offers Roxy the chance to study at Alfea. If Roxy accepts, and if she becomes a Winx, then there will be a big change in the club’s dynamics. Since the other Winx graduated from Alfea in The Secret of the Lost Kingdom, they’re free to go wherever their wings will carry them. Roxy, however, will be stuck in her dorm most of the time. It’ll be hard to spend time as a whole group, unless the other six return to the school as “teachers,” like they did in episode one. Even though they failed to protect the students from the Fairy Hunters and were sent on a mission to planet Earth, the Winx weren’t necessarily fired. Faragonda may expect them to return to Alfea after their mission is complete. And I bet earning another transformation and restoring magic to a planet will help them win back some popularity with the students.

I’d be happy to see the Winx at Alfea again. The element of a fairy school is something I’ve missed this season. The situation won’t be exactly the same, but having the Winx roaming the halls like before and for one Winx to still be learning might add an interesting touch to the potential season five.

Internet News

Poor BanjoGate has been flooded with messages on his YouTube channel asking him when he’ll upload subs of episodes fourteen and beyond. Despite posting a video explaining his situation, the pleas didn’t stop, and it’s clear from his latest video that he’s had enough. Instead of posting the new one here, I want to personally reiterate his message.

Be patient, everyone. On the Internet, it’s easy to forget that the people we encounter have lives like we do. BanjoGate is not an entity—he’s a human being busy with other responsibilities; in fact, he’s a high school student, so you can imagine what those responsibilities are. He’s not a servant at our beck and call. Please don’t badger him anymore. Remember, he doesn’t have to do this. He shouldn’t even be doing it at all! If we annoy him anymore, he may even decide to stop and has the right to do so. Let’s be grateful instead.

That said, new subs will be out shortly. Patience is a virtue. It’s time to practice it.

Episode Reviews

Here’s what I noticed in episode fourteen. A lot of it is about Roxy because she was more of a factor than usual.

  • Roxy seems to want to join the club but feels like she can’t. She catches herself about to say something that she changes to “…di voi Winx” (…of you Winx), as though she’s trying to place herself outside of the circle. There could be two reasons for that: 1) she doesn’t want to offend the girls by making herself a Winx unofficially, and 2) she’s still unsure because she knows joining means accepting her new life as a fairy and the responsibilities come with it.
  • It sounded like Faragonda invites Roxy to Alfea, but Roxy flatly refuses…and stomps away again, as usual.
  • Riven definitely seems sorry for how he treated Musa at the recording studio (episode ten). Nevertheless, he’s still jealous of her relationship with Jason Queen. Musa tries to talk to Riven—probably about her singing—and they have a decent conversation until Jason shows up and makes Riven angry again. Also about Jason, I think Bloom tries earlier in the episode to bring Musa back to Earth (no pun intended) about the whole situation.
  • Sure enough, Roxy can’t use her extra Believix wings. We have a Bloom-esque transformation story here.
  • Musa is very upset after opening Jason’s letter. Another blogger, fabcat, said it’s because the record deal fell through. I don’t know Italian, but that would make sense. (Thank you to winx fan for sending the blog link.)
  • Guess who didn’t die after all? Of course, Bloom couldn’t have finished them off herself!

YouTube user gdaawinxqwerty posted the preview of episode fifteen, which airs Friday. Embedding is disabled, so you’ll have to follow the link to see the video.


Here’s a translation of an episode fourteen summary from a blog called TV Boomerang. (I didn’t translate the title because I’m sure you can tell what it says. :D)

Roxy’s powers are growing stronger each day, but the Fairy of Animals is still not ready to face her destiny. Musa feels she has finally found her path with Jason Queen, the producer who wants to launch her career as a music star. Maybe things aren’t so simple, but Riven has certainly learned a lesson: you don’t play out an important story with jealousy! The six Alfea fairies, together with Roxy, have become the seven protectors of Gardenia. Their popularity is increasing among the people, and the fairies’ Believix energy continues to grow. The Winx discover fame but between an interview and the other, the fairies and Roxy must get down to bringing magic to humans and foiling the plans of a ruthless group of animal traffickers.

It sounds a lot like the preview, except we didn’t hear the part about Musa and Riven before. Maybe they’ll start to mend their relationship in this episode. And what’s with this “fairies and Roxy” business? I guess Roxy still hasn’t decided if she wants to be a fairy, based on the “not ready to face her destiny” line and her outburst towards Bloom in episode thirteen. But doesn’t the title seem…telling? 😀

Can’t wait to see how this plays out!