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As you know, I’ve stopped writing episode reviews. But last week, a Winx fan named Will N. emailed me with a suggestion: how about guest episode reviews? Why not? Great idea!

Here’s Will’s review of “Baby Winx” (7X20). If you’d like to submit an episode review, too, email it to [email protected].

Review of Episode 7X20: “Baby Winx”

By: Will N.

Quick Recap: Back on Earth again (yawn!). The Winx are helping Roxy with an animal show to benefit the rescue park. Meanwhile, Kalshara and Brafilius try to cause trouble in any way possible like always (yawn again!), still searching for that First Color of the Universe. (How long is this search gonna last? Even Ogron didn’t waste this long trying to accomplish his goals.) This time, however, it involves the Winx being turned into seven-year-olds, and circus hijinks ensue as part of the benefits program.


  • Brafilius actually doing something smart for once. Too bad he has to undo it almost immediately.
  • Well, I guess the people who said Butterflix was based off circus clowns were right ūüėõ
  • Are the guys being designated babysitters now?
  • Roxy’s as sassy as ever. Where was she when we needed her?
  • Why does Sky have to fight with Bloom’s unicorn? What does Elas have that Sky doesn’t?
  • Well, at least that Etno Chic outfit wasn’t ditched after two episodes; it stuck around for 4.

Loose ends

  • Sky, you’re clueless to not believe that a 7 year old, who strongly looks like your fianc√©e and has a pet unicorn, is not your fianc√©e turned into a kid when you live in a magical world on a daily basis.
  • Kalshara, you should stop relying on your brother.
  • Apparently, power is not restricted by age. Must be something to do with Believix or Enchantix.
  • Quote: “Yeah, I can’t leave you alone for more than ten minutes.” Well said, Roxy. Well said.
Episode Reviews

Oh, the feels! The feels!

Does anyone say that anymore? Anyway, this episode touches my heart¬†every¬†time I watch it. Especially at the end. Sigh. Oh, Musa.¬†ūüėä

Recap of the last episode: The Winx went to the Middle Ages to find a creature called Quillcat. They found her right away, but she ran off while they were trying to save her from some guards. Luckily, Musa met a minstrel named Orlando who knows the cat personally. He agreed to help the Winx catch her. In exchange, they agreed to play fairies in his play.


1. Brafilius disrupts¬†Orlando’s play by using magic to make the Winx fly. The captain of the guard recognizes them as the fairies he¬†saw¬†earlier,¬†and he orders his men to arrest them. Thanks to Orlando, they¬†escape. He gives them a ride in his carriage to where he used to meet the Quillcat.

These reviews help¬†me understand¬†things I didn’t realize when I first watched the episodes.¬†I called¬†Brafilius stupid for trying to watch the play from behind the crowd. Look at this wide-open space in the middle!¬†Why didn’t he stand there?


Because everyone would have seen him, including the Winx. Duh. ūüôĄ¬†Granted, he blew his cover¬†when he made them fly, but at that point, he was trying to cause a scene. (No theater¬†puns intended.)

Props to the captain of the guard. (Wait ‚ÄĒ another theater pun.¬†ūüėĎ) He did what most common¬†folk in magical girl shows never do: figure out the heroes’ identities! Different¬†clothes¬†and wooden wings weren’t¬†enough to fool him.

That’s something I couldn’t stand in¬†season four. If the Winx were trying to hide their identities, why did¬†they:

  • Run¬†a pet shop that let you download pets to your house from the Winx Club website?
  • Go by¬†their real names, which were coincidentally¬†the same as the¬†famous Winx fairies’ names?
  • Call their band The Six Winx?

How on Earth did no one put two and two together? Oh, wait. A¬†few girls recognized Stella in “Magic Lessons” (4X15), but they believed her when she said,¬†“You must have me confused with someone else!” Even after¬†Brandon showed up and called her name! ūüėϬ†Gardenians are dense!

I feel like I’ve ranted about this before…

Anyway, this time, Rainbow dodged that cliché. Thank goodness. Maybe this guard was smarter than I thought.

Except he didn’t hear the talking dog man behind him:


I take it back.¬†ūüėõ

What should I say about the escape scene? It didn’t go the way most escape scenes do. The guards didn’t follow the Winx¬†(which made no sense), and Orlando tried to catch up with them but outran them instead. It was cute, but not eventful.

2. Orlando and the Winx arrive at a lake. He used to play his lute here when he was young, and the Quillcat came to him every time he played a certain song. Sure enough, the melody summons her again. But Brafilius conjures a pair of sea serpents to ruin the reunion. One of them captures Orlando!

The Winx transform, but they’re afraid to attack for fear they might hit him! Finally, Musa shoots its¬†head and frees him. But it snatches her up moments later! She tells¬†Orlando¬†to hurry and save the Quillcat, who ran away again.


How gorgeous¬†is this place? I love the art in this show. And combined with Orlando’s song, this scene was so beautiful.

Of course, Brafilius had to ruin it.¬†ūüėĎ

The fight against the serpents made no sense to me. What was with the¬†“I don’t wanna hit So-and-So” theme this season? Aisha said it, too, in “A Friend From The Past” (7X05). Both times, the Winx¬†could have attacked the enemy from the sides or behind. Plus, they didn’t hold back¬†when the donkey got¬†captured! (Because who cares about him?)

I¬†guess it was because the serpents were flailing too much. Plus, it seemed like they kept turning to face the Winx, which meant Orlando was always in front of them. Even if that’s it, one girl could have distracted them while the others attacked. C’mon, Winx! You’re smarter¬†fighters than this!

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Episode Reviews


I keep wanting to call this episode “Back to the Middle Ages.” Don’t ask me why. It doesn’t make sense. ūüėē

Last episode, Miele saved the Winx from death by poison ‚ÄĒ at least it looked like they were gonna die ‚ÄĒ and Flora let her join them on their mission. Together, they restored¬†the mutated forest to normal and freed the Magiwolves from the fungi traps. Now the Winx have a second Fairy Animal friend: Amarok. But he won’t obey Flora’s commands, and he and Squonk don’t like each other.


1. Against their boyfriends’ advice, Aisha and Flora try to¬†force Squonk and Amarok to become friends. It doesn’t work. Nex gets angry¬†and says¬†Squonk shouldn’t be there anyway. When Aisha snaps at him for not welcoming the little guy, either, he¬†calls him the “u” word: “ugly.” Cue tear shower. Helia and Nex get drenched, and Squonk laughs at their misery.

That¬†excites Amarok, and he¬†dashes through the dorm, knocking over glasses, books, and chairs everywhere he goes. Flora finally loses it¬†and calls him a “bad Magiwolf.” Helia tries to tell her he was “just playing,” but she doesn’t care. She just gets mad at him, too! A few moments¬†later, the other Winx come in to grab¬†her and Aisha for a mission.

I’ve read other reviews of this episode. The response¬†to Nex¬†calling Squonk “ugly” was about¬†what I expected. He’s so mean! He’s such a jerk! He deserved to be cried on for saying mean things! This proves he’s bad for Aisha!¬†(Wait…what? Oh, please.¬†:roll:)

No, I’m not gonna defend him. Was what he said mean? Yes. Did he deserve to get soaked? Yes. (I don’t think Helia did, but oh well.) Was it a problem for Aisha that he didn’t like Squonk? Of course it was, or she wouldn’t have brought it up.

Did this “prove” he’s not the right guy for her?¬†Um, no. ūüėϬ†I think that’s another case of fans looking for any reason to say they shouldn’t be together. No matter how strong their bond was, her time¬†with Squonk was temporary. Her relationship with Nex is gonna last longer¬†‚ÄĒ maybe much longer.

Let’s¬†look at this scene from his¬†point of view. He¬†was right about one thing (well, two things, but I’m only gonna talk about one of them): Aisha and Flora shouldn’t have tried to force Squonk and Amarok to be friends. Quoting what he said at the beginning of the episode:¬†“I think you just need to give it time.” A couple episodes later, the two animals had¬†already grown closer. They warmed up to each other on their own,¬†without the Winx’s¬†interference.


But something hit¬†me as I was writing this review: Aisha was trying to force Nex to like Squonk, too! It doesn’t matter if he’s her boyfriend. Yes, I’m sure it hurt for the guy closest to her¬†to hate her new pet, too. But even though¬†she¬†and Nex are alike, they aren’t the same person. He didn’t have¬†the same connection to¬†Squonk.

If anything, he¬†should have kept his feelings to himself. But Aisha¬†was still rushing things ‚ÄĒ as she’s been known to do ‚ÄĒ¬†instead of letting them happen gradually. Nex warmed up to Squonk without her help in “Winx Trapped!” (7X10). (It’s funny how no one talks about that episode, even though it showed us a new¬†side of his¬†personality.)

Flora was rushing things, too. Not only was she trying to force Amarok to like Squonk, but she was also trying to force him to act tame. He was a wild animal! She just took him out of the forest! What did she expect?

She¬†was right to be mad when he tore the dorm apart, but Helia was also right to try and calm her down. Of course, he was more polite¬†than Nex was. He’s more mild-mannered, after all. But the result was the same: glares from an angry¬†girlfriend.


If you ask me, the facade of Flora and Helia¬†being the “perfect” couple is falling apart. Their relationship’s going nowhere! They’ve been together almost as long as the other couples (except Aisha and Nex, of course). Yet¬†they’re not engaged, we rarely see them date,¬†and they haven’t met each other’s parents (though to be fair, we just met Flora’s parents).

That’s why I don’t mind seeing them fight if it develops their relationship. But this felt as pointless¬†as their plant care “fight” in season six. If you pretend Amarok’s their son, you could say they disagreed on¬†how to discipline¬†him, but that’s stretching it a little.¬†I want them to fight about something important, something that makes them question if they really belong together.

No, I don’t think the love triangle in season five counts. That was silly. Flora should have known better than to think a random girl¬†from his past was gonna steal him away. But if anything, it proved they still need to work on communication and trust.

I’ve got more¬†to say about Flora, but I’ll save it for another post.¬†It’s about how she acted overall this season and how the fanbase felt about it. I think it’s¬†not just about her.


2. Roxy sends the Winx to Earth in the Middle Ages to find the Quillcat, a Fairy Animal with magic fur. When they arrive, they see its image on a wanted poster. Suddenly the fugitive feline appears, being chased by three (very stupid) guards. The girls transform and follow them.

Turns out the cat’s good at protecting itself,¬†but the Winx still cast a few spells to help her¬†out. Unfortunately, this puts them on the wanted list, too. The guards have orders to capture all users of magic! The girls scare them away (peacefully, of course), but while everyone’s distracted, the Quillcat escapes!

I don’t have much to say about this part. Nothing stood out to me, good or bad. I could complain about how dumb the guards were, but stupid guards are such a clich√©, it’s not worth talking about.

There’s one thing I loved, though: the guards being scared¬†of magic, even something as harmless¬†as Flora turning their spears into trees. Wherever¬†the Winx go, their sparkly wings and mind-blowing powers earn them hundreds of admirers. Not here. Here, people fear them.

I wish Rainbow had taken this further. What if the guards had branded them “witches?” (One of them called their magic “witchcraft.”) Imagine the Winx having to explain the difference between dark magic and fairy magic. Would the¬†people have believed them?

Instead, the Winx just stopped using magic¬†‚ÄĒ at least around a lot¬†of people. Oh, well.
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Episode Reviews

Why is it “Beware of the Wolf?” It would have sounded better without the “of.” I know it’s not proper grammar, but your English teacher isn’t grading you on what you¬†name a cartoon episode.

Oh, well. No big deal. Moving on.

First, let me correct something from my last review. I called¬†Flora’s dad “Rollos” since that’s what¬†Winx Wiki is calling him. (I should have know better, but I trusted them anyway.) But a couple of you mentioned¬†his name might be¬†Rhodos(e), after¬†the rhododendron. Since that makes more sense, that’s what I’ll call him from now on. Maybe Rainbow will confirm it one day.

Now on to the episode. Last time, giant, mutant fungi trapped the Winx beneath their caps. Thankfully, help’s on the way from “a fairy they know.”


1. All the Winx have passed out from the fungi poison ‚ÄĒ except Flora, who’s fighting to stay conscious. If she could just reach the capsule¬†of orchid seeds outside! As she finally starts to slip away, she suddenly finds herself lying on a bed of flowers. A fairy, holding the seeds, hovers¬†in front of her. It’s Miele!

One by one, she drops¬†the seeds next to¬†the fungi traps. The forest returns to normal, and the Winx wake up and thank her for saving them. But not far away, someone’s watching them.

I loved seeing Flora struggling to stay awake.¬†She’s usually the first one knocked out! Talk about a role reversal!

Something I didn’t say¬†last time is how raw her suffering¬†felt. Sometimes Rainbow or the voice actors oversell moments¬†like this. For example, remember when Tritannus captured Aisha and stole her Sirenix powers?¬†The way she screamed, “My Sirenix!” weakened¬†the impact. (I think it was the delivery more than the line itself.)

This scene ‚ÄĒ and especially the one from last episode¬†‚ÄĒ was quieter and drawn out longer. We were watching Flora slowly give into her fate. There was nothing she could do.


Of course we knew Miele was gonna save the Winx, but it still¬†felt like they¬†were in danger. Like¬†I said last time, it was nice to see them fail for once. Rainbow wants us to think they’re superheroes, but even superheroes lose sometimes.

The only thing that bugged¬†me was how powerful the seeds were. They didn’t even have to sprout. Just placing them near the fungi was enough to restore the whole area.¬†That felt too convenient. At least it didn’t completely fix the problem.

2. Miele still wants to help the Winx with their mission. Flora scolds her for being reckless and risking her life, but she admits she’s proud of her and can finally tell¬†she’s grown up. She gives her permission to come with them.

Finally, Flora! It only took nearly dying to get the message through to you, but better late than never. I just hope it sticks. You know Rainbow loves¬†to recycle plots that we were resolved seasons ago. ūüėõ Read the rest of this post

Episode Reviews

School’s out for summer! ūüėÄ I should¬†have¬†more time to blog now, but I might take a¬†break for¬†a few weeks. I haven’t decided yet because¬†I don’t wanna miss the trailer and/or premiere of World of Winx¬†(whenever that’s gonna¬†be). I’ll let you know before I go.

Last episode, while the Winx were in prehistoric Magix, Aisha bonded with¬†a Cry-Cry named Squonk. She decided to bring the little guy to the present. But he wasn’t the animal with the First Color of the Universe, so the mission continues.


1. While the Winx are in class (I’ll talk about that¬†later), Aisha leaves Kiko and the Pixies on Squonk-sitting duty. Like all the other times¬†the Winx have asked for their help,¬†they fail. Cherie won’t stop¬†yelling at him. Kiko accidentally bonks him in the head with a ball, which makes him and Piff cry. Finally, the Pixie of Weather¬†can’t¬†take it anymore and tries to zap Squonk with¬†lightning! The little guy gets spooked and races¬†into the school to find his new mommy,¬†Aisha. The Pixies chase after him.
Hi, Pixies. Didn’t think you’d be in this season. Last time¬†the Winx found¬†new creatures to bond with, you guys went¬†on vacation. I guess Rainbow was going for a record¬†amount of cuteness, especially if you include the Mini-World animals.

Is it just me, or have the Pixies been useless since season three?¬†All they’ve done is be cute, cause trouble, fly¬†away from monsters, and dig a giant plot¬†hole. I wish Rainbow had left them out this time. They only show up in a couple more episodes, and what do they do? Cause more trouble and be cute some more. Nothing important.

The only thing I liked in this scene was Cherie losing her temper. I haven’t watched¬†much of PopPixie, but I know poor anger management was a hallmark of her character. When she gets mad, watch for stray lightning bolts!¬†Did we see that side of her last season? I think¬†she had a fight with Stormy, but anyone could get mad at¬†her. ūüėõ


2. Meanwhile in Wizgiz’s class, the wee professor is teaching a lesson on Wild Magic, which he says is “among the darkest magical practices of Metamorphosimbiosis.” If it gets out of¬†control, it can make¬†any living thing go¬†savage.¬†He’s about to do an experiment when Squonk bursts into the room, leaps¬†into Aisha’s arms, and cries waterfalls of tears. She and Bloom apologize and send him away with¬†the Pixies again.
I’ll say it now: why are the Winx in class? Are they students again, or are they teaching assistants (or teachers)? It feels like Rainbow can’t make up their minds. Even at the beginning of the season, Faragonda suggested they’re not students when she said¬†they should set an example for the students. Yet¬†they’re taking classes? ūüėē

I’m gonna echo what other fans have said: they may be in some sort of graduate program created for them. They get to learn more about magic, but they still have teaching/teacher’s assistant duties. Plus, it looks like their adventures are affecting the school’s¬†curriculum. Wizgiz never taught them about¬†Wild Magic before.

Whatever’s going on, I love seeing Alfea classes¬†again. They were¬†always one of my favorite parts of the show. Also, kudos to whoever wrote the English script for this episode and to the actor who voiced Wizgiz. I loved his lines in this scene.

3. The¬†Winx visit Roxy to see if she’s got new info on Fairy Animals. She does (sort of). If Kalshara and Brafilius wanna find the animal with the First Color of the Universe, too, then whenever an animal’s in danger, it could be the one they’re after. Luckily, Roxy knows a way to detect when animals are in trouble. She’s created a universe-wise alarm system run by Yaffles, birds¬†who can sense danger to all species. One of the Yaffles senses something threatening the Magiwolves on Lynphea. The Winx decide to go¬†to Flora’s house to see if her parents can tell them what’s happening.
I skipped the scene before this, when Aisha was saying she¬†felt like meeting Squonk¬†was her destiny. Roxy brings this up again in a later episode. I couldn’t take it seriously at first because the Fairy Animals were so cutesy, but it felt more meaningful¬†when we saw their true forms. I bet that was the point. It was almost like Rainbow was saying, “They look silly now, but just wait…”

Back to Roxy’s scene. Poor thing. ūüôĀ She’s been demoted from potential seventh¬†Winx to mission control.¬†It doesn’t feel right.

Yes, she has the strongest connection with¬†animals, but wouldn’t that¬†have been more useful out in the field? Think of all the times her magic could have helped them.¬†For example, in “Mission in the Jungle” (7X11), she could have calmed down the tiger cubs. Or maybe¬†she could have broken the Wild Magic spell possessing¬†the poachers.

I think¬†that’s why Rainbow sidelined her. They couldn’t make¬†an animal-themed season without the Fairy of Animals, but she couldn’t be too involved or she’d upstage the Winx. Almost everything they did this season, she probably could have done herself.

That’s my issue with transformations that are based on one of the Winx’s powers. It makes sense for them to exist, since the Winx aren’t the only fairies with these¬†power sources. But when all six (or seven) of them can do what normally only one of them can do,¬†suddenly that girl isn’t special anymore.

Plus, you wonder why she needs that transformation. Did Flora need Sophix? It may have been the Gift of Wisdom, but it was nature-based. Did Aisha need Sirenix? She’s already a good¬†swimmer, and she already draws power from the oceans. All she got out of the deal was a “special” spell and a key to the Infinite Ocean. And the biggest question of all:¬†why on Earth did Bloom need Bloomix? It wouldn’t even have existed without her! ūüėē



Even if I hate the¬†purpose of it, Roxy’s threat detection system is cool enough. It makes me think of a¬†Mega Man X game stage select screen. Roxy’s like Alia, detecting Mavericks loose in a remote area and sending the Maverick Hunters out to¬†‚ÄĒ

Okay, I’ll stop. My nerd is showing. ūüėõ

4. When the Winx reach Flora’s house, they see her parents ‚ÄĒ Rollos and Alyssa ‚ÄĒ¬†taking care of a pair¬†of Magiwolves. After Bloom accidentally gets Alyssa off on a tangent about plants (like mother, like daughter), Flora tells her parents why they’ve come. Rollos says the Magiwolves are being infected by spores from mutated fungi. The two Magiwolves the couple healed offer to¬†lead the Winx to where the mutation began.¬†Before they leave, Rollos gives Flora some¬†magic orchid seeds that can cancel¬†the mutation.
Those of you who’ve watched the 4Kids dub, do you remember how they made Flora a hippie? (Her catchphrase was, “Peace out,” for Pete’s sake. ūüėē ) I’m starting to think they had the right idea. Look at this house! I know Lynpheans would wanna live in harmony with nature, but something about this place¬†screams “counterculture” to me.

And these are her parents?


We first saw Alyssa last season in “Mythix” (6X14).¬†She didn’t come off as eccentric to me, but I guess I was wrong. Her husband’s much crazier,¬†but not all the buds have bloomed up there for her, either.

Don’t get me wrong. I like them both. They’re just…different than the other Winx’s parents. Still, I’m glad we’ve finally met them.

5. The Winx don’t get far before a squeaky voice stops them in their tracks. It’s Flora’s little sister Miele. As always, she wants to tag along, but Flora won’t let her. She’s still nervous about what happened to her when Lynphea College got attacked. The other Winx agree, and they leave Miele behind.
Flora, how long are you gonna do this to her? Yes, she got captured by the Treants, but she still proved she’s a capable fairy.¬†Heck, she got knocked out of the sky fewer times¬†than you do!

I think the¬†“no, Miele” routine is getting stale. It made sense in season three because¬†she was just a kid, and it made sense last season because¬†Flora hadn’t seen her in a while and hadn’t seen what she can¬†do. Now I think we’re pushing it. I don’t get why Flora still doesn’t¬†believe in¬†her.

In fact, why is she so overprotective of her? Being an older sister myself, I can relate, but you have to let your younger siblings make their own choices¬†at some point. They’ll never grow if you don’t. (I hope my brother and sister don’t think I coddle them like this. ūüôĀ )

If Rainbow’s gonna keep this up, I think they need to give Flora a reason to act like this. Did something happen to Miele when she was little that made Flora so protective? Otherwise, she’s just smothering her. It’s not sweet anymore.


6. The Magiwolves lead the Winx to a creepy-looking area of the forest, where the giant mutant fungi are. Since the Magiwolves are too scared to go further, the Winx continue on their own. Flora sees something watching them. She tries to point it out to the others, but it vanishes as quickly as it appeared. 

As they keep walking, she¬†remembers Wizgiz’s lesson. The fungi could be possessed by Wild Magic! Sure enough, they start trying to trap the Winx! The girls transform and fight back, but the fungi are resistant to their spells because Butterflix¬†magic¬†‚ÄĒ the essence¬†of nature ‚ÄĒ can’t hurt¬†nature itself. One by one, the Winx are captured and slowly drained of their magic energy. Flora remembers the orchid seeds her dad gave her, but before she can use them, she gets¬†captured, too!

The extra-long Butterflix sequence¬†almost killed the mood, but this was still a good¬†scene. There was a twist here I liked, too.¬†Remember last review when¬†I complained that whenever it’s one girl’s time to shine, the others get¬†put out of commission? Rainbow made it look like Flora would be the hero, but she couldn’t escape, either.

Let’s be honest, though: it was predictable. Miele foreshadowed it before they left: “But what if you needed me, and I wasn’t there?” Plus, every time Flora tells her to stay behind, they end up needing her.¬†So while I’m sure most of us saw it coming, it was nice to see the Winx fail for once because it¬†reminds us they’re not perfect. (Thank goodness because perfect characters are boring.) Read the rest of this post