It’s week 5 of the #SomethingTrulyMagical campaign! Thanks to everyone who’s helped so far, whether you’ve sent a tweet, drawn a picture, or just told a friend about the campaign! Special thanks to Lotte (LotteWinx), Valory Pierce (ValorBeauty), Luis Brasil, Eric from Just Another Crazy Winx Fan, and the Winx doll collectors on Flickr!

You’ve been awesome! Let’s keep this up and make #SomethingTrulyMagical happen!

We already have! Remember JAKKS’s Winx doll giveaway a couple weeks ago? I think the campaign encouraged them to do it. We’ve been sharing photos of our dolls with them and thanking them for making them. JAKKS also started “Winx Club Wednesdays.” Their first one was to promote the giveaway, but they said yes when we asked them to keep it going!

This is a great start! Now, we need to step up the pace! If you haven’t gotten involved in the campaign yet, now’s the time!

Remember: what you do is up to you. Do you love drawing fan art? Are you great at making videos? Would you rather tweet your feelings about Winx to Nick? It’s your choice!

Need some inspiration? Here’s a truly magical showcase!

Musings & Rants


Am I the only who thinks something’s off about the Winx lately?

It’s not their voices. I like Nick’s voice actors. The transformations are fine, though I wish they didn’t have so many of them. And their magic’s pretty much the same; it’s not like their power sources have changed. (Except Stella’s.)

No, it’s something about how the Winx are acting. They’re trying to be…cool.

I never thought of the Winx as superstars or superheroes. To me, they were just a group of best friends trying to live ordinary lives (as fairies, that is). Saving the world was their side job, and they weren’t doing it because no one else could. They just wanted to protect the people and places they love — their families, their school, and their realms.

But nowadays, they’re holding rock concerts and showing off for their classmates. Everyone worships them, and they love the attention.

It doesn’t feel right.

What do you guys think?


WinxBloomEnchantix posted this video on YouTube today. This promo was shown on the Singaporean channel Okto. She isn’t sure if this is a promo for season four or for re-runs of season three. Either way, something Winx is coming on November 11th. Banjogate did say that season four would premiere in English in November, so this could be the trailer we’ve been waiting for. (Winx-Bakugan-Pokemon has another promo on their website. I also found another video of this trailer. The quality isn’t as good, but the animation is smoother.)

Musings & Rants
Ogron with Bloom

Okay, Bloom. Andy I can understand, but Ogron?!

Is anyone else getting a “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore” feeling about season four? A random, new transformation? The Winx protecting the Wizards? Dancing pixie fauns? What’s going on here?

Episode twenty-one was an odd one. Ogron and his gang seemingly surrender to the Winx and give Bloom the Black Circle, which she’s now wearing on her finger. (Yeah, very smart, Bloom.) The Winx escort the Wizards to the fairy of justice, Sibylla, who lives in a cave. (Why would a fairy want to live in a cave?) The Wizards are surprisingly well-behaved, but the whole time, I was expecting them to turn around and say, “Gotcha! You fairies are so gullible!” I still don’t trust them as long as Bloom has the Black Circle; remember, Nebula used Roxy’s powers from afar.

Five episodes to go. Talk about a plot shift! It looks like Morgana and her gang are the Winx’s final threat now. As for Roxy, I don’t hold much hope anymore for her becoming a Winx—an Alfea student maybe, but not a Winx. We’re at episode twenty-two, and the narrator is still saying in the preview, “Le Winx e Roxy—” (A pixie dies every time she says that.) The future looks bleak for her.

Has anything predictable happened? Let’s see…Musa and Riven got back together.

Musings & Rants

In episode fourteen, Faragonda offers Roxy the chance to study at Alfea. If Roxy accepts, and if she becomes a Winx, then there will be a big change in the club’s dynamics. Since the other Winx graduated from Alfea in The Secret of the Lost Kingdom, they’re free to go wherever their wings will carry them. Roxy, however, will be stuck in her dorm most of the time. It’ll be hard to spend time as a whole group, unless the other six return to the school as “teachers,” like they did in episode one. Even though they failed to protect the students from the Fairy Hunters and were sent on a mission to planet Earth, the Winx weren’t necessarily fired. Faragonda may expect them to return to Alfea after their mission is complete. And I bet earning another transformation and restoring magic to a planet will help them win back some popularity with the students.

I’d be happy to see the Winx at Alfea again. The element of a fairy school is something I’ve missed this season. The situation won’t be exactly the same, but having the Winx roaming the halls like before and for one Winx to still be learning might add an interesting touch to the potential season five.