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Oh, the feels! The feels!

Does anyone say that anymore? Anyway, this episode touches my heart every time I watch it. Especially at the end. Sigh. Oh, Musa. 😊

Recap of the last episode: The Winx went to the Middle Ages to find a creature called Quillcat. They found her right away, but she ran off while they were trying to save her from some guards. Luckily, Musa met a minstrel named Orlando who knows the cat personally. He agreed to help the Winx catch her. In exchange, they agreed to play fairies in his play.


1. Brafilius disrupts Orlando’s play by using magic to make the Winx fly. The captain of the guard recognizes them as the fairies he saw earlier, and he orders his men to arrest them. Thanks to Orlando, they escape. He gives them a ride in his carriage to where he used to meet the Quillcat.

These reviews help me understand things I didn’t realize when I first watched the episodes. I called Brafilius stupid for trying to watch the play from behind the crowd. Look at this wide-open space in the middle! Why didn’t he stand there?


Because everyone would have seen him, including the Winx. Duh. 🙄 Granted, he blew his cover when he made them fly, but at that point, he was trying to cause a scene. (No theater puns intended.)

Props to the captain of the guard. (Wait — another theater pun. 😑) He did what most common folk in magical girl shows never do: figure out the heroes’ identities! Different clothes and wooden wings weren’t enough to fool him.

That’s something I couldn’t stand in season four. If the Winx were trying to hide their identities, why did they:

  • Run a pet shop that let you download pets to your house from the Winx Club website?
  • Go by their real names, which were coincidentally the same as the famous Winx fairies’ names?
  • Call their band The Six Winx?

How on Earth did no one put two and two together? Oh, wait. A few girls recognized Stella in “Magic Lessons” (4X15), but they believed her when she said, “You must have me confused with someone else!” Even after Brandon showed up and called her name! 😑 Gardenians are dense!

I feel like I’ve ranted about this before…

Anyway, this time, Rainbow dodged that cliché. Thank goodness. Maybe this guard was smarter than I thought.

Except he didn’t hear the talking dog man behind him:


I take it back. 😛

What should I say about the escape scene? It didn’t go the way most escape scenes do. The guards didn’t follow the Winx (which made no sense), and Orlando tried to catch up with them but outran them instead. It was cute, but not eventful.

2. Orlando and the Winx arrive at a lake. He used to play his lute here when he was young, and the Quillcat came to him every time he played a certain song. Sure enough, the melody summons her again. But Brafilius conjures a pair of sea serpents to ruin the reunion. One of them captures Orlando!

The Winx transform, but they’re afraid to attack for fear they might hit him! Finally, Musa shoots its head and frees him. But it snatches her up moments later! She tells Orlando to hurry and save the Quillcat, who ran away again.


How gorgeous is this place? I love the art in this show. And combined with Orlando’s song, this scene was so beautiful.

Of course, Brafilius had to ruin it. 😑

The fight against the serpents made no sense to me. What was with the “I don’t wanna hit So-and-So” theme this season? Aisha said it, too, in “A Friend From The Past” (7X05). Both times, the Winx could have attacked the enemy from the sides or behind. Plus, they didn’t hold back when the donkey got captured! (Because who cares about him?)

I guess it was because the serpents were flailing too much. Plus, it seemed like they kept turning to face the Winx, which meant Orlando was always in front of them. Even if that’s it, one girl could have distracted them while the others attacked. C’mon, Winx! You’re smarter fighters than this!

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