If you visited Michael’s Winx Club today, you may have noticed he said something a little strange in his new report: Winx Club is “not an anime from Japan.” Isn’t all anime from Japan? Winx Club is an Italian show, which means it’s not an anime, right?

Yes, it is. Time for Anime 101.

Anime (アニメ) is short for animeeshon (アニメーション), the Japanese transliteration of “animation.” In Japan, it’s the term used for all animated works, no matter what country they’re from, what types of animation they are, or what length they are. That means Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Dreamworks’ Madagascar, Spongebob Squarepants, and everything else like them count.

Winx Club is a mahou shoujo (魔法少女) or “magical girl” series. (You probably knew that if you love Japanese anime like I do; in fact, the magical girl genre is my favorite.) It belongs with shows like Sailor Moon, Ojamajo Doremi, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, and Shugo Chara!, which share the same element: transforming super girls with magic powers.

Panicked Amu chibi thinks about all the boys she likesThe pixies are also based on characters from Japanese anime. They’re drawn in super-deformed style (sometimes called chibi), marked by big heads and bigger emotions. Chibis are very popular in Japan and appear on food labels, drink cans, park signs, and billboards. Sometimes in anime, non-chibi characters are turned into chibis for a comic effect. This picture shows Amu, the main character from Shugo Chara!, as a chibi while she’s panicking over having too many crushes. Don’t you feel her pain? 😛

Okay, lesson over. That settles it, right?

Not really. We have to look at the other side. In the western world, we often change the meanings of foreign words, even ones from other parts of the west. For example, the entrée is the appetizer in France and the main course here in the states. Obviously, anime has come to mean “Japanese animation,” which is why you rarely see Japanese and non-Japanese shows shelved together in a store unless the Japanese shows have been dubbed by a company like 4Kids TV. There are a lot of fans of Japanese anime who think it and “cartoons” should never mix anyway (especially since a lot of those fans hate dubs); for people who don’t like Japanese anime, it helps to keep it in its separate world; and for everyone, it makes the shows easier to organize. Imagine an A-to-Z list of every cartoon in the world!

So, one more time: is Winx Club an anime? My answer: absolutely. But I guess it depends on who you ask.

Musings & Rants

In episode two of season 4, the Winx say goodbye to the pixies, promising that they will bring back another fairy. Chatta then points out that that means another pixie will be able to bond. But who will it be?I have two hunches.

One is Jolly. She was the only other pixie without a fairy at the send off besides Ninfea. Also, she’s had her few episodes of glory (then again, so has Livy, and I don’t think it’ll be her).

My other guess is Zing. She has been wishing for a fairy to bond with for a while now. Zing is quite popular because of her silly movie references (which were removed in the 4kids version). I used to think she would bond with Diaspro because Zing was with the Winx on Eraklyon, but I am glad to say that I was wrong (just think of poor Zing with Diaspro…). Maybe Zing will get her chance with Roxy.

Well, Zing and Jolly are my two guesses. Which pixie do you think it will be?

Musings & Rants

Maybe seven isn’t Rainbow’s lucky number after all.

Not since Mirta in season one has a non-Winx fairy had so many minutes of fame. Roxy practically owns this season. She replaced Bloom as the “who-am-I-what’s-my-destiny” character; she matched the Winx as a Believix fairy; and she showed Winx attitude, determination, and style in the fight against the Wizards of the Black Circle.

But Rainbow may have decided that’s not enough. In the episode fourteen preview, the narrator separated her from the other girls when she said, “Le sei Winx e Roxy—” (the six Winx and Roxy). The Last Fairy on Earth is just a tag-along?

The Winx Club must have tough membership requirements. But getting accepted wasn’t as hard for Layla. Even though she felt like an outsider, she quickly found her place and was even using the trademark “Magic Winx” phrase by S2, E10. All she did to earn it was spend a little time with the girls at Alfea then lead them into a cave of doom. Well, Roxy has done similar things—in fact, she and the Winx have already had several brushes with death.

Didn’t Bloom tell her in episode nine, “From now on, you’re one of us?” I’m not sure what that means in Magix, but on Earth, that’s a promise you are and will always be part of the group. And what about the magazine article teasing “una nuova e meravigliosa amicizia” (a new and wonderful friendship)? Rainbow wouldn’t hype Roxy this much only to have the Winx leave her in Gardenia with fond farewells, would they?

We’ll find out, of course (the season continues in September), but no matter what happens, she will always be a Winx in this fan’s mind. How about you?

Transformations & Powers

Charmix, Enchantix, Believix, and now…

The Winx’s new powers come with many perks—one of them is the ability to change their wings. In episode nine, “Nebula,” the fairies chase Roxy, who’s under a spell cast by the White Circle (watch episode eight). To catch up to her, they use their “Speedix” wings. (This finally explains a part in one of the trailers.) Based on the change sequence, there are two yet unused sets of wings, which probably means two more “-ixes.”

Do you think Rainbow has gone overboard with this naming scheme? I admit it’s taken me some time to get comfortable with “Believix.” (Other fans had some interesting names for it before we knew the real one; “Glamorix” and “Elementix” were my favorites.) Don’t get me wrong—I like the name a lot now. But “Speedix?” It might be the end of the season before I can stand that one, and I can only imagine what the other two are. But, as Juliet said, “What’s in a name?”

Anyway, here’s the Speedix clip from episode nine. Enjoy!


My sister and I had a bet. Whoever correctly guessed which Winx girl earns her Believix first would be the winner. I picked Stella and she chose Musa.

Turns out we were both wrong…or we were both right! Why? Because all six of them got their Believix at the same time!

In episode six, “Una Fata in Pericolo” (A Fairy in Danger), the Winx finally meet Roxy, the fairy from Earth who they’ve been searching for. At first, she’s afraid of them and doubts they’re fairies. She escapes from them and runs directly into the Fairy Hunters’ hands. The Winx follow her and battle her captors, but, as usual, they are easily defeated. When Roxy sees the Winx’s power and that they’re trying to protect her, she finally believes in fairies. The energy from her trust gives them their Believix transformations.

So, is the Believix linked to Roxy? Perhaps. All I know is that the Winx have a new, incredible power!