Internet News

Someone has struck again, this time on the episode list page. Listen to these titles:

  • “Fairy Hunters”
  • “Finding Fairies”
  • “Last Fairy On Earth”
  • “Love & Pet”
  • “Mitzi”
  • “Roxy Winx Believe In It” (is there supposed to be a comma somewhere?)
  • “A Love Story”
  • “The Secret of Sky”
  • “The Revenge of the Witches” (it should be “wizards”)
  • “Together at Last”

I’ll admit it: a few of these do sound 4Kids-ish. But this soon before season four continues, you have to wonder—like you should with everything on Wikipedia—where the information came from. I have a harder time believing anything these while there’s something like written in an episode box: “HURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR DERP DERP.”

Yeah. Anyway, keep your grains of salt nearby.


Have you seen this picture?

Someone tried to pass this as a model of Roxy from the second movie. But this is obviously Photoshopping at its best—unless someone at Rainbow thought it’d be fun to put Roxy in a Tecna pose. Other giveaways: identical gloves, blockiness around the hair (Tecna’s wing airbrushed out), randomly-painted stripes, strange outfit, etc.

Nice try. I doubt anyone really believed it, but if you did, now you know the truth.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Roxy is in the second movie, though, so hopefully we’ll have some real images soon.