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Credit goes to WinxClubRUS, WorldOfWinxClub, WinxClubAll, and others who shared this news before I did!

Through, we’ve gotten our first look at the new World of Winx toys and dolls coming out soon!

Forever Fashion

These are the Winx’s “trendy” outfits. The line includes all six Winx, and each doll comes with wings and a few accessories that match her talent.

Style Magic

These are the dresses the Winx wore in “The Fashion Week” (1X06) and “The Fall of the Queen” (1X13). The line includes all six Winx, and each doll comes with wings and a brush. I’m not sure why these are being marketed under Winx Club instead of World of Winx, though. If Rainbow decides to make dolls wearing some of the other random outfits, will they all be sold as budget Winx Club dolls?

Dreamix Fairy

This line includes all six Winx. Stella and Flora were previously revealed during the Nuremberg Toy Fair in February.

Action Spy

This light-up Bloom doll comes with a glove that allows you to interact with her.

Spy Camper

No one has found any pictures of the toy yet. According to ItalToys, it comes with binoculars, wings, a light-up bracelet, a whiteboard, a pen with a flashlight on it, and a table with a light-up map.

Winx fans also found a new doll from Winx Club, not World of Winx: the 35-in.-tall (90 cm.) My Bloom Tynix doll.


Don’t worry. Like WinxClubRUS said, it’s probably a prototype. She looks more like Stella than Bloom! Plus, those are obviously her Butterflix wings, and her outfit doesn’t look accurate at all. Hopefully, we’ll see a better version of this doll later.

What do you think of these new dolls and toys?


TV & Movie News


Winx Club is serious business. Just ask the contestants on The Apprentice Italia.

Never heard of this show? Here’s a little background. It’s basically a souped-up job interview. The candidates pass challenges for the chance to work for a famous businessperson, like Donald Trump. Each week, at least one contestant is “fired” until there’s a winner.

The challenges usually come from other well-known companies. Like Rainbow. 😀

Last episode, the two teams of contestants brainstormed concepts for new Winx Club fashion lines and each designed three looks for them. Team one’s concept was “romantic rock” — or “Rockmantix.” 🙂 The other team came up with a Japan-inspired theme: “My Fairy Tokyo.”

Here are some pictures from the episode! And click here to see the teams’ outfits!

Which line do you like the most?

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Licensing Italia: “Rainbow ospita i candidati di The Apprentice per una sfida fashion”

Musings & Rants


There isn’t a group of fairies I know that can match the trendiness of our Winx. When compared to other animated TV shows, the Winx Club are on top when it comes to style.

Whether they’re in ball gowns, tutus or even pajamas, they just look fantastic overall. We could say Stella is the one responsible for their fashionable outfits, but credit should definitely be given to the show’s gifted design team from the boot-shaped country of Italy. All the prints and patterns they come up with on the show are super creative.

Milan and Rome are both major fashion capitals in Italy. So, I could see why they would want to incorporate fashion as a big aspect of the show. I’m no style expert, but I’m sure that a few Italian fashion labels inspired some of the clothes worn by the characters. And some of you fashion experts out there could agree with me.


I have a couple of favorite fashion themes featured on the show. I really liked the raincoats the Winx wore in episode 18 of season 3. I also especially loved their most recently worn winter outfits in episode 22 of season 5. They looked really pretty and elegant at the same time.

What are your favorites?

With that said, I think what makes the show popular is how fashionable the girls are. It makes them more appealing to us because we get to see and admire all the cool stuff the Winx get to wear!

Musings & Rants

I don’t know who’s styling the Winx this season, but Rainbow’s really stepped it up with Musa’s hair!

Don’t get me wrong — I’ve never hated her hair. It was weird in the first two seasons, but unique. (Tune thought it was a pair of headphones! Remember?) But when Rainbow gave her long pigtails in season three, I was disappointed. It didn’t fit her personality — though it’s changed over the years — and it left Tecna as the only Winx with short hair.

Then came season four. Don’t ask what I thought of her Believix outfit, but I liked her hair. Especially the braid — it was a unique touch to a typical, long hairstyle.

But Musa’s never looked as fabulous as she has this season! Here are my top three, season-five hairdos.


3. Stella’s Fashion Collection

Can Musa rock a beehive or what? I guess we have Stella to thank; she probably picked this ‘do for her. Our sun fairy sure knows how to make her friends look stunning!


2. Pajama

This ‘do screams “Japanese anime” to me. It’s so cute! It also looks like a style her mom would wear. Awwwww! 🙂


1. Harmonix

My favorite! It reminds me of my favorite Andros mermaid (I don’t know her name, but she’s one of Tressa and Aisha’s friends). That’s why Musa looks the most like a “mermaid fairy” to me.

QUESTION: Which Winx do you think looks the most fabulous this season?

Musings & Rants

winx movie photo: MOVIE TV winx_club.jpg
In part I, I talked about how Winx Club’s critics — who typically haven’t watched the show — bash it for the Winx’s skimpy outfits. The truth is some of them are too revealing, and seeing them can wreck a young girl’s self-image.

So, if the critics are right, what’s the problem?

They’re judging the show solely by the characters’ appearances. That’s exactly what they don’t want girls to do to themselves. Ironic, isn’t it?


People aren’t just bodies in cloth, and neither are the Winx. They’re close friends who do everything together — study, cry, laugh, even dance.

Each of them has positive traits girls should want to emulate. Bloom is loyal and brave. Stella’s cheerful and creative. Tecna’s intelligent and strong. Musa’s sensitive and poetic. Aisha’s resilient and independent. And Flora’s compassionate and gentle.

Adults want kids to learn what’s in their hearts is more important than what they wear. Focusing on the characters’ appearances sends the opposite message.

Also, parents forget that kids don’t notice the same things they do. A dad might see a low-cut dress, but his six-year-old daughter might not even know what “low-cut” means! But she will if he mentions it — and it’ll be at the front of her mind every time she watches.

A user on Toonzone’s forum experienced something like this:

…what made Winx Club so objectionable to my mom was the skimpy outfits the girls wear…(Though honestly, I never paid much attention to the skimpy outfits in Winx Club until my mom pointed it out to me.)

So, here’s my advice to parents. If Winx Club or any cartoon’s content worries you, watch it with your kids. Figure out what they’re focusing on — it may not be what you think. (If they’re willing to share their thoughts with you, ask them directly.)

When you talk about the show, emphasize the positives. For example, Winx‘s fifth season has been all about preserving nature. Many episodes have shown the Winx cleaning up trash on the beach and using their magic to heal damaged environments. The upcoming online game by Tsumanga Studios will also promote the “eco-friendly” theme.

All this is meant to inspire viewers to do what they can to protect the Earth. That’s a good message, don’t you think?

Finally, to all the critics — whether you have children or not — I say this: stop judging the show based on the outfits. Watch it first.