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The full movie. Wow! They’re in a giving mood this holiday season!

I know what you’re thinking. “Oh, goody. The worst movie so far.” 🙄 Yeah, yeah. Most fans hated this one. I didn’t like it, either, especially since season five is my least favorite season.

But think of it this way. Some people didn’t get to see it at all because they don’t have Netflix accounts. They might like it. You never know.

Also, this might be a sign the fourth movie’s coming soon. That’s something to be excited about, right?

Anyway, here’s Mystery of the Abyss!

UPDATE: Apparently, Mystery of the Abyss isn’t on Netflix anymore. That might be why Rainbow uploaded it to YouTube. Thank you to @Thomasfan502 on Twitter for pointing that out!

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Credit goes to Dane A., World-of-Winx-Club (Tumblr), my affiliate GermanSirenix, and everyone who shared this news before me!

Rainbow’s currently working on a fourth, full-length Winx Club film, according to an article in Yahoo! Italia Notizie. It’s not clear what kind it’ll be. It could be another with CGI, but it could also be the live-action movie Mr. Straffi’s wanted for years. Last time he talked about it, it was in the screenplay phase.

Many blogs and fan sites are saying this will be the last movie, but I think that’s a mistranslation. Here’s the line they’re pointing to:

Netflix trasmetterà anche la library della Winx oltre ad aver commissionato una nuova serie d’animazione di 13+13 puntate, e distribuirà negli altri paesi anche l’ultimo film delle Winx (e’ già previsto un quarto lungometraggio in sviluppo).

The “l’ultimo film delle Winx” part is about the third movie, Mystery of the Abyss. Netflix currently streams it in the U.S. and several other countries. In this case, l’ultimo film means “the latest film” or “the last completed film.” The news about the fourth movie follows in parenthesis, which suggests it’s separate from that part. So the article doesn’t say the fourth movie will be the last — just that it’s “in development” (in sviluppo).

How do you feel about a new Winx Club movie coming?



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Credit goes to Do You Believix? blog for sharing this before me!

On January 8, posted an interview with Iginio Straffi where he talked Rainbow’s future plans for Winx Club. Here are some of the highlights (translations mine):

A More “Adult” Winx Spinoff?

Interviewer: “What projects are in the pipeline?”
Mr. Straffi: “One is a “spinoff” series on the world of the Winx, with more adult graphics, the kind of stories more suited for a somewhat older audience.”

Interviewer: “The little Winx are growing up?”
Mr. Straffi: “In a sense, yes, but actually the Winx are already older than their audience. Let’s say we’re aiming to raise the age of their viewers.”

Looks like Rainbow’s thinking about the older fans, after all! The article doesn’t say if the spin-off is World of Winx, the series coming to Netflix next year, but it may be. We’ll keep our eyes out for any more information!

Progress on a Live-Action Movie

Interviewer: “Then the live-action film. Where are we on that?”
Mr. Straffi: “There’s interest from the production companies in Hollywood. Currently, we’re at the screenplay phase.”
Interviewer: “What audience are you aiming for?”
Mr. Straffi: “Here too, we’re aiming for as large an audience as possible.”



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Italian news sites say Winx Club: The Mystery of the Abyss placed third in the box office this weekend with 751,168 euros ($972,000). It was beaten by The Fault in Our Stars (1,697,936 euros; $2.2 mil) and The Expendables 3 (1,530,618 euros; $1.98 mil), both of which also debuted in Italy this weekend.

Third place isn’t bad, but as points out, that total’s pretty low. Rainbow’s other films didn’t do much better. Winx Club 3D: Magical Adventure debuted with 670,000 euros ($870,000), and Gladiators of Rome debuted with 819,000 euros ($1.06 mil).

Let’s hope Abyss does better in the future!


Merchandise News

As I tweeted yesterday (@unadinoi), I bought Secret of the Lost Kingdom at Walmart. $12 for a full-length movie and seven episodes of season four? Not too bad.

It’s a two-disc set. Disc one is the movie, disc two is the episodes. The inside jacket has descriptions of the Winx and stock pictures of their Believix forms. (Kinda weird, since they’re Enchantix fairies in the movie.)

Pop in a disc and you see Nick’s logo, the “don’t copy” warning, then…the menu. What there is of it. You have one option for the movie: “play.” Two options for the episodes: “play all” or select one.

That’s it. No trailers, no clean opening — nothing. Not much of a release. But some of us might like it better that way.

But maybe you’re the type that likes watching extras. I am. 🙂

Kat Mason, the owner of Winx Fire & Flame, thinks we deserve more goodies on our Winx DVDs. She’s looking for fellow fans’ suggestions and plans to take them up with Nick.

Some ideas already mentioned:

  • Games
  • Interviews with Iginio Straffi and others involved in Winx
  • A Bluray copy
  • Exclusive downloadable content (like wallpapers)
  • 4Kids episodes never released on DVD (a tall order, but you never know)

My suggestion: a history of Winx Club, so new and old fans will understand the show more.

The more ideas, the better. What would YOU like to see in the next DVD release?