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Call this a follow-up to Will’s first “Life of Aishapost, though I’ve had this idea in my head for a while. Now seems like a good time to share it. Will said Aisha’s love interests represent her “reaction to change in her life.” I think there’s more to it, and it includes her first friend Anne as well.

The name Aisha means “life” or “alive” in Arabic. I think her relationships with Anne, Nabu, Roy, and Nex represent four condensed stages of life: childhood, adolescence, young adulthood (the college years), and adulthood. How she acted around each person — and what was happening in her life then — paralleled her growth throughout the series.

I. Anne: Childhood (S2)

Aisha had two big fears in season two: the dark and being alone. Those are fears kids often have. We don’t know why she was scared of the dark, but we know why she couldn’t stand being alone. It started when her first friend Anne moved away.

Anne was a commoner from a nearby village. She taught Aisha how to dance freely, and since then, dancing has been her passion. It’s her favorite way to express herself. (And since Anne was her first friend, she taught her about friendship, too.)

How It Ended And Why

When Aisha met the Winx, she still wasn’t over Anne leaving. She was afraid they would leave her, too, so she acted clingy and dependent on them. If she felt left out (ahem, Stella), she ran off crying. When she was alone, she panicked, cried, and called out to them. This child-like behavior lasted for most of the season.

Finally in episode 22, “Danger in the Wildland,” Aisha herself had had enough. She knew she had to let go of her “stupid fear” to become a helpful friend and teammate. That’s how she earned her Charmix and broke out of her childhood phase.

II. Nabu: Adolescence (S3-4)

Teens are known for being rebels. They crave independence and start to define their own identities. Aisha was a rebel already when we met her. But when her parents announced they’d picked a guy for her to marry, she got angry and pushed back harder.

Coincidentally, Nabu was a rebel, too. His favorite song (and hers) contained the lyrics, “No one makes decisions for me but me.” And later, he admitted he ran away from home to avoid having to marry her — before he met her, anyway.

Nabu’s similarities (and her falling in love with him) helped her see herself from the outside in. For the first time, she understood that her controlling parents meant well. She decided she was wrong to rebel in this case and agreed to the arranged marriage.

Thus, Aisha hit another teenage milestone: first love. You remember how smitten she was. Her voice became cuter, and her language became more flowery. She started wearing more feminine clothes. When Nabu did almost anything, like turning a car into a truck, she gushed over how amazing he was. Then — despite her father’s advice to wait and enjoy their youth first — Nabu proposed to her, sending her straight to cloud nine.

How It Ended And Why

Another Winx blogger summed up Aisha’s time with Nabu this way: he “had a great influence on her. The rough-and-tumble girl softened up considerably and became more feminine.”

Wait a minute. Why did she need to be “softened up?” I see this idea a lot in the fandom, and I don’t understand it. Didn’t she say she had femininity shoved down her throat from the moment she was born?

Aisha’s a princess. Even before she met Nabu, she knew how to be feminine and proper when she needed to be (watch eps. 2X13, 3X07, and 3X08 for examples). But she was tired to being forced to be that way. Maybe her parents wanted someone to tame her “rough-and-tumble” side — could be why they chose him — but that’s not what she wanted.

Nabu helped her reconcile with her parents and gave her the experience of first love, but she almost lost what made her a unique princess. Also, if she was gonna marry a guy from Andros, chosen by her parents, with the same sheltered life she had, doesn’t that defeat the point of…everything? She could have stayed in her palace then! The outcome would have been the same!

Aisha was shuffling back into her comfort zone. Nabu’s death forced her out of this stage and taught her one more lesson: fate doesn’t care about your wedding plans.

(Side note: An arranged marriage? Teens in love? A tragic ending? Why does this sound familiar? I’ll save that for another post.)

III. Roy: Young Adulthood/The College Years (S5-6)

When you graduate from high school or become a legal adult, you’re shoved into the world and expected to build your new life in the next few years. Where will you live? What college will you go to? Who will you date? What career path will you follow?

Choices, choices, choices. That’s what the young adult years are all about.

Aisha wouldn’t have made many choices for herself growing up, since she’s a princess. I bet she didn’t even get to choose what she ate! But she told her mother in season three, “When the right time comes, I’ll choose my guy.” (Nabu only half counted. They wouldn’t have met if not for the arranged marriage, and all they had to was agree to their parents’ decision.)

Roy seemed like a good choice at first. Aisha might have been attracted to him because he felt familiar. He was like Nabu, he also came from Andros, and he worked for her father.

How It Ended And Why

Didn’t she wanna break free from her sheltered life? Roy was still too safe. I see him as an extension of her father, especially since he was so protective of her. Aisha spend her whole childhood being shielded from the dangerous outside world, and now she’s getting to discover and face it. She doesn’t want (or need) a guy who acts like a bodyguard. (Even she said that in the comics.)

Along came Option 2: Nex, a type of guy she wasn’t used to from her life on Andros. The love triangle wasn’t just a clash between two suitors. It was her comfort zone vs. the unknown — something familiar vs. something different. Just like in real life, the choice that seems riskier is often more rewarding (and not as risky as it looked).

Roy indirectly helped her get over Nabu’s death, but he wasn’t the type of guy she needs long term. Aisha’s “college years” ended when she chose Nex.

IV. Nex: Adulthood (S7-Present)

We’re back to the present. Aisha has grown into a confident, resilient, serious woman — and that’s why Nex fell in love with her. It was a surprise relationship, but it was inevitable. After all, there’s no life without death.

The word nex means “death” in Latin. Life fell in love with Death? That sounds creepy, but it’s not supposed to be. While some cultures see life and death as enemies, others see death as a part of life. To quote the Daoist philosopher Lao Tzu: “Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides.”

Death is a constant reality when we reach adulthood. The older we get, the closer it gets. Eventually, we learn to accept it and make peace with it. When we’re not afraid of death anymore, we can live our lives to the fullest.

Why She Ended Up With Him

Aisha and Nex’s relationship isn’t just symbolic. She’s been searching for something that was missing from her life (and herself). Because she’s a bold, sassy, energetic girl, many fans think she needs mildness, tact, and calmness. Thus, her ideal boyfriend should have those traits.

But like I’ve said a few times in this post, Aisha’s a princess. She grew up around calm, tactful, mild-mannered people and was trained to be one from the moment she was born. Her boldness, sassiness, and energy are reflections of the inner self she had to suppress when she was little.

Aisha was hardly allowed to speak back then, and she spent most of her time learning how to be a proper princess. When Anne taught her how to dance, she also taught her how to express herself. But she said that after Anne left, she had no one to dance with anymore.

Dance is a metaphor for what was missing from her life: fun, wildness, and freedom. Nex is a fun, wild guy who probably wasn’t weighed down by social expectations like she was. He keeps her out of her comfort zone and brings out more of her wild and free side. But as the saying goes, “Wherever you go, there you are.” Her princess training kicks in when he gets reckless, and she scolds him for it.

Did you notice something? They were attracted to traits in each other that they want or need to cultivate in themselves. Nex needs restraint and tact, which Aisha learned from growing up as a princess and is happy to enforce on him. Aisha craves fun and wildness, which Nex adds more of to her life.

But Nex isn’t just her playmate. He’s her partner — someone similar enough to relate to her, but different enough that they can learn from each other. They match each other’s strength and energy, and because of that, they work well as a team and can challenge each other to help each other grow. Aisha doesn’t swoon over him (because they’re equals), and she hasn’t lost herself with him. In fact, she’s found more of herself.

What About The Winx?

Without a little stability, life would be chaos. The Winx have been one of the few constants in Aisha’s life. They’ve been with her through most of these changes, and they’ve always supported her and helped her recover.

Unfortunately, they won’t always be with her physically. Like Anne, they’ll have to move away and live their own lives. But we can hope they’ll stay in touch with her while they’re raising families and ruling kingdoms.

Final Thoughts

Is all of this canon? I don’t know. Some of it I’m confident about, but I don’t work for Rainbow. But this organizes Aisha’s story nicely and puts the focus back on her, instead of on the people she’s met. After all, it’s all about her. To paraphrase her character song, she’s just living her life.

Guest Posts

Time for the next post in the “Life of Aisha” series! Last time, Will talked about her love interests. Today’s post is about her friends.

“Winx Girls: Life Of Aisha, Pt. II: Friendships”

~ By Will N. ~

Now that we’ve discussed the complications of her love life, time for her friendships. Much like Musa, we see her emotional connection to each Winx quite well.


Musa is one of Aisha’s best friends because they are loners and both openly support each other, so much that Musa asked Aisha about pairing up with her on most projects for school or fun. Aisha helped with that concert by organizing a dance-off and just listening when Musa needed love help, to the point of suggesting the breakup with Musa agreeing. They are the closest girls in the club next to Bloom and Stella.


Flora is also close to Aisha, since it was Flora who first shooed away any suspicions about her alignment. Then they began talking with each other about their emotional difficulties. It’s easier for Aisha to adapt, but not so much for Flora. Another way these two are close is how Aisha played matchmaker for Flora, since Flora was too shy to even say hello to Helia for a while.

Bloom and Anne

I’m tying these two together because they have a lot in common and may or may not be the same person. Aisha is close to Bloom because like her, she doesn’t need magic to fix everything (unlike certain orange-wearing fairies 🙄). They can easily get out of tight fixes, are quite confident, and seem to be able to do just about anything. This is also true of why she was childhood BFFs with Anne, although Anne was more into dancing than drawing. But it makes one think with Anne saying things you might expect Bloom to say.


Pretty much her rival as “the model” to her “sporty gal,” but they make up instantly since they’re both princesses and extremely close to Bloom, which is usually when the disagreement about practicality in P.E. or love life ends. (Remember, everyone: don’t anger nice fire fairies, or you will get burned badly. 😛)


What is it with all three redheaded and blue-eyed leaders always being at odds with each other? Is it the red hair or the blue eyes? Just kidding. It’s because when you have two brawns and one brain, they are bound to disagree, but they are still friends. If not for Tecna, Aisha wouldn’t have her home today.

However, they don’t really hang out much because they can get into arguments quick. They really shouldn’t have touched that seaweed. It just made things worse.

Coming up next: Family and Magical Hits

Guest Posts

Time for pt. III of Will’s “Life of Musa” posts! He’s talked about Musa’s relationship with Riven and some alternate relationships that could have worked out better. Today’s post is about her friendships.

“Winx Girls: Life Of Musa, Pt. III: Friendships”

~ By Will N. ~

Previously, we saw how romantic relationships work (or not) for Musa. Here’s a look at her friendships.


They became close because they were both loners and musically inclined via Musa’s song and Aisha’s love for dance. Whenever either girl needs to talk serious business, Aisha is the first person Musa will talk to. In fact, it was Aisha who first suggested the breakup with Riven, seeing how Musa wasn’t getting anything out of the relationship.

The two became so close that Aisha instantly called Musa her best friend and thought highly of her. The feeling was mutual because when Stella accidentally excluded Aisha from the group, Musa was the first person to comfort her and get it, as until Musa met Bloom, Stella, Tecna, and Flora, she had no friends because of her tragic family life.


Musa was simply relieved that there was another girl in their dorm that was “normal” with insecurities and social akwardness at first in an unfamiliar area. She seemed to be closest to her before Aisha showed up and might have picked up some genre savyness from her.


Forming a connection by being two of the more brainy girls and being roommates, they used what they knew to understand each other — when they aren’t arguing about music vs quiet, which when settled allowed them to earn their Bloomix. Tecna’s near-death caused Musa to scream loud enough for Valtor to hear it across the Magic Dimension and wake him up if he was taking a power nap after that occasion. They became more like sisters than best friends, which lead to aforementioned arguments, but sometimes combined these two work together so well that it can keep away invisible witches.


Again, they seem to be somewhat close due to their intelligence and fondness for wearing reddish-pink outfits both as civilians and in transformations, but also having boy problems frequently as of late. Musa began getting genre savy about it, which led to sing-along-hugs and learning to try to be appreciative of having a nice guy like Helia when she’s stuck with he-who-is-enough-of-a-pollutant-to-satisfy Tritannus-for-a lifetime.


Her complete opposite, although they seemed to have learned by now that light and sound can get along, but they don’t mix. They’re friends and sang together once, but trying to hang together without fights that are near-Riven levels of bad? That only happens on a good day for both of them. Other times, Aisha and Bloom probably have to separate them so they don’t blow the dorm up.

Princess Galatea

Like Flora, Musa also has a friend outside the club in the form of her princess, Galatea. They come from Melody and complement each other on their styles of music. Whereas Musa is more of a hip-hop/pop style (even if they took it to the extreme in some places), Galatea is more of a classical style.

They managed to form a friendship, and it made Galatea less nervous about her first day. And when she later got stuck in a fire trying to save Alfea’s magical secrets after becoming flightless and wanting to perish, Musa got her Enchantix by being willing to take her place instead.

Next time: We celebrate Musa and Iginio’s birthday by celebrating her family and career.

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Nex is not “the new Riven.” Got it? Good. 😛

Why did I write that post before this one? I mentioned why at the beginning of it. Whenever Nex says or does anything, the first thing people say, “He’s ‘the new Riven'” or, “He replaced Riven” or, “He’s just Riven except —,” or something like that. The fanbase keeps trying to force Nex into a role he wasn’t created for.

We’ll never understand his character until we stop comparing him to Riven. The truth is we still don’t know him well. He’s only been around for two seasons.

Here’s what I’ve been hinting at since the ep. 7X04 review. In season six, Rainbow began his love story with Aisha. This season, they focused on his relationships with the Specialists. In most of the episodes he was in, he interacted with one or two of them at a time:

  • “First Color of the Universe” (7X04) — Brandon, brief moment with Helia
  • “Back in the Middle Ages” (7X08) — Helia
  • “Winx Trapped!” (7X10) — Timmy
  • “Mission in the Jungle” (7X11) — Sky
  • “Back to Paradise Bay” (7X16) — Sky, brief moment with Brandon
  • “Lost in a Droplet” (7X17) — Timmy
  • “Baby Winx” (7X20) — Helia
  • “New Magic Harmony” (7X25) — Helia, Sky
  • “The Power of the Fairy Animals” (7X26) — Timmy, brief moment with Helia

The types of interactions varied. Sometimes he talked to them, sometimes he raced them, and sometimes he just exchanged glances with them. You could always tell who the chosen guy was for each episode. He and Nex would be isolated from the others, or Nex would be beside him in almost every scene. For example, in “Baby Winx” (7X20), he was almost always next to Helia:

This is nothing new for TV. For example, when Zuko joined the Gaang in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Aang, Katara, and Sokka each got an episode (or two) alone with him. When it was Toph’s turn, she lampshaded what the writers were up to: “Everyone else went on a life-changing field trip with Zuko.” (It didn’t work out for her, though. 😛 )

The guys’ moments with Nex didn’t change their lives, but they did reveal his real role in the Boys Club. (Hint: it has nothing to do with Riven.)

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I’ve been getting lots of fanfics recently! They’re great! Keep ’em coming!

This one’s from Tabby (a.k.a LoveLoveLovix). As she explains it, it’s “a Bloom/Aisha story set mostly as a prequel to Winx Club, but partially at the beginning of Season 2. It is a mixture of all three English dub canons.”

Not gonna lie: this is one of my favorites so far. I think you’ll love it. 🙂

If you wanna see your own fan art or fan fic featured on the blog, email it to [email protected]!

“You Were My Best Friend”

December 10, 1994

“Bloom, honey!” Vanessa called as she opened the door to her young daughter’s bedroom. “It’s time to get up on your happy birthday!”

The girl sprang up so fast that her mother almost doubted she had been asleep at all. “It’s morning? Do I get my surprise now?”

Vanessa and Mike had promised their only child a special surprise for her birthday. Her older, eight-year old, friend Mitzi Addams had been taking dance since before she was in kindergarten, and Bloom had waned so badly to join her. Though the Peters family didn’t have much, Mike had worked overtime to be able to assure his daughter a year of dance lessons at Madame Morgana’s studio down the road, starting that day.

Mike walked into the room right on cue, pulling on his winter jacket. “Hmmm, I don’t know. Five is awfully young for a surprise as big as this…”

“But Daddy, I’m six today!” Bloom laughed.

He grinned. “That’s right! I forgot! So that means you’re just barely old enough. Get your clothes on and Mommy will help with your shoes, and we’ll get going.”

Racing to her dresser, Bloom tore off her pajamas and struggled into a bright yellow shirt, checking to make sure the tag was in the back and not the front. She slipped into a pair of overalls, then wiggled ten small toes into her socks. When she was done, Vanessa put a pair of sneakers onto her little feet, then coaxed tangled red hair into matching pigtails on the sides of her head. “Ready?” she asked her daughter as she helped Bloom into a small coat.

The family piled into the car and drove only a little ways down the road before pulling into an unmarked building. “Where are we?” the youngest Peters asked as she looked around.

“Nowhere special,” Mike commented. He swung a drawstring bag around until it hung off his shoulder casually. “Just a school.”

“A school?” Bloom wrinkled her tiny nose. “But it’s Saturday!”

“Well, maybe you’ll give this school a try. Here,” he said, handing her the bag. “That can be your school supplies. Open it up and see what you need!”

Bloom sat down on the ground, not paying any attention to the cold, and started to rifle through the gift Mike had given. She pulled out a pair of miniature ballet shoes, tights, and a leotard before coming to the pièce de résistance — a small pink tutu. “Is this ballerina fairy princess school?” the little girl gasped.

“Well, I don’t know about that,” Vanessa laughed. “But it certainly is dance lessons.”

December 31, 1998

At barely ten years old, Bloom Anne Peters called herself a dancer.

The rest of her sixth-grade class called her a little nerd.

It was probably an accurate name. She had skipped two grade levels, she drew manga all over her pre-algebra notebooks, she wasn’t part of the It Crowd, and her nose was usually stuck in a fantasy novel or non-fiction exposé about the supernatural. Her personal favorite was Fairies: Myth or Reality? and it was what was currently lying in the studio lobby with the rest of her school things.

Bloom wasn’t thinking about any of that at the moment. She was too busy dancing. That distraction had been precisely the point. It had been a very rough day, and if Bloom danced hard enough, she could go to her happy place.

Her happy place was a very tangible thing, to her, at least. And going there was quite an experience. The setting of Madame Morgana’s would first fade… then slowly, a new world would appear. This new world featured Bloom high up in a tower, one without walls. She could see blue sky all around. If she looked down (very carefully, at first), it was easy to see the most beautiful water she had ever encountered. Bloom could have spent all day looking at these sites, every day. But her body would keep dancing until she chose to return, and if she spent too long in her happy place, when she got back, she would be exhausted and incredibly hungry. She knew this from experience.

She could stop for a while in her dream, if she chose. But today, Bloom was in the mood to dance. Four years of ballet, with two years of jazz added on when she was eight (at the expense of a yearly Christmas gift), gave her a fun, twisted style that she played with as she spun and twirled. She stayed in one end of the room until she noticed a girl.

Not much younger than her, the lovely child had gorgeous dark skin and hair. She wore an elaborate blue headpiece and stunning yellow dress. Bloom could tell immediately that she was some sort of royalty. But her dreams had never conjured up another person. Maybe there was a reason… or maybe, the girl was magical! “You’re a princess, right?” she called out, slightly nervous. The girl looked up. “My name is Anne,” Bloom continued. She knew she had read somewhere that you should never give a fairy or other spirit your real name. But her middle name was probably safe… and she would respond to it if the girl cried out for her.

The beautiful girl spoke with a voice that seemed older and more weary than her young face did. “What are you doing up here in the Royal Tower?” she asked.

Bloom grasped at the first answer that flew to her head, hoping she sounded natural. “I snuck up here,” she said as she leaped a small distance. Then, completely honestly, she answered, “It’s my favorite place to dance.”

“I wish I could do that.” The girl sounded awed and a little bit friendlier. In return, Bloom hummed a melody and showcased some of her favorite steps.

As she landed from her last little leap, she spun to face the princess. “Do you want me to teach you?” she asked.

With obvious caution, the royal girl stood up and walked gracefully over to Bloom. She placed a small, dark hand in Bloom’s pale and gangly one. “Would you really? I would love it. Oh… I’m Princess Laylaisha.”

“Laylaisha,” Bloom said, testing it out. “Can I just call you Layla?”

Laylaisha looked shocked, as if nobody had ever suggested such a thing to her. But quickly, her expression turned into a smile. “Yes, please. Call me Layla.” Read the rest of this post