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Tsumanga Studios (PlayWinxClub) has released more info about their newest game Winx Club: Alfea Butterflix Adventures. In this game, players choose one of the Winx girls and explore Alfea College, collecting gems and keys and fighting against Brafilius and his Wild Magic. The game will be PAY-TO-PLAY with a free trial version available. It’ll released on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon in August (in English, Russian, and Italian), followed by Steam and Xbox Live later in the year.


  • Unlock and talk to key characters from the show, like Faragonda, Professor Wizgiz, and Eldora
  • Customize your look with tons of new outfits
  • Attract new students to Alfea to unlock more outfits and level-ups
  • Collect over 120 exclusive trading cards (found in treasure chests throughout Alfea)
  • Record your game play with Everyplay

The game will be updated regularly (usually every month) with new features and levels.

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TabTale just released a new app on Google Play called Winx Club Mythix Fashion Wings. It’s free to download, and you can buy special items in-game.


It’s a Winx Club fashion party! Get ready for a stylish experience with your favorite magical fairies! Enjoy fun-filled, creative activities with tons of extraordinary fashion and magic games! Style your Mythix wings, make your own fairy dust, take a picture of yourself wearing the wings you have styled and so much more!


  • Choose a Winx: Bloom, Tecna, Musa, Flora, Stella or Aisha!
  • Style your Mythix Wings
  • Customize your fashion wings — choose from shapes, patterns, colors and more!
  • Make your own Winx fairy dust
  • Play magical and mysterious hidden objects games
  • Take a picture of yourself wearing the Mythix Wings that you have styled for the Winx Club fashion party
  • Enjoy music and artwork from the popular Winx Club TV series



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Attention, American Winx fans! The Complete Original Season 2 and the new puzzle adventure game Saving Alfea can now be yours! Find them at stores like Target, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Toys R Us, Kmart, and Amazon. Prices vary, so shop around for the best deal!

Winx Club: The Complete Original Season 2


The Winx Club is back for Season 2! Follow Bloom and her powerful fairy friends — Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and newcomer Layla — as they return from their summer vacation to begin their second year at The Alfea College for Fairies.

The Trix, a trio of witches, prove to be as challenging an enemy as ever having paired up with Lord Darkar who tries to lure Bloom to the dark side.

With the help of The Charmix, a power-up to the Magic Winx transformation that can only be gained through an act of genuine selflessness or forgiveness, the Winx work to free Bloom from Darkar’s control and stop The Trix forever.

Watch as the Winx Club fights villains in all 26 episodes of the COMPLETE ORIGINAL SEASON 2!

  • 4-disc set
  • Bonus feature: 8-Page Fairy Identity Booklet

Winx Club: Saving Alfea (NDS/3DS)


winxclub-packs-stackedIn order to throw the perfect party, the girls must run, jump and fly their way through their home worlds to gather all of the finishing touches for the school’s anniversary. But their return is anything but welcoming. Thanks to her new Siphonix Talisman, Selina has unleashed hordes of creatures from within the Legendarium. It’s up to the Winx to battle Selina’s creatures and discover how to destroy her all-powerful Talisman, all while making sure the school’s celebration isn’t ruined!

  • Play as Bloom, Stella, Flora, Aisha, Tecna and Musa in both their fairy and human forms!
  • Challenge yourself by completing 32 repayable puzzle levels!
  • Get immersed in the story of the Winx and learn how to use teamwork to conquer even the most difficult situations!
  • Jump, Evade, and use puzzle solving skills to adventure in human form!
  • Transform to float and fight against minions of the Legendarium when in fairy form!
  • Unlock new level hubs by collecting party items and defeating creatures of the Legendarium, driving them out of each world!
  • Make your Winx girls more powerful by gathering the hidden Dragon Flame Sparkles!
  • Find the Hidden Collectibles to unlock secret items!


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If you’ve got an Android phone or tablet, you can now download the new Winx Club: Mystery of the Abyss game! It’s free to play! (Apple users, don’t worry! You’ll get your chance soon!)

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Game Description:
Winx Club: Mystery of the Abyss is an exciting Winx racing game set in the Abyss!
Politea has unleashed Tritannus from Oblivion with help from the Trix! Can you help the Winx stop them from getting to the Emperor’s Throne before it is too late?


  • Race through 60 + levels (more levels added every week without updating your APP!), battle against Merciless Mutants, Evil Jelly-fish and Grizzly Piranha Fish.
  • Each level comes with 3 challenges to achieve a 3 star rating!
  • Use a range of spells to defeat the bad guys
  • Choose your favourite Winx (Aisha and Bloom are available in this version)
  • Pick up GEMS along the way and Buy Fairies for GEMS!!
  • With over 20 achievements available linking into Game Centre!
  • Jam packed with SFX and Video from the movie Winx – The Mystery of the Abyss.
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winx fairy school sim room Today, PlayWinxClub shared a shot of the new simulation room coming in the next update of Winx Fairy School! This mini-game will let you don your fairy outfit and use your spells to battle the Trix!

Also in this update, you’ll finally get to earn your Bloomix wings!

Big update, huh? 🙂 It’ll be available very soon (this month)!

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PlayWinxClub on Facebook: