Guess what? The third most popular search changed yesterday! It was overtaken by the fourth most popular search: “winx dress me up.” I wonder why so many people are searching for that. Have I even talked about that game on my blog?

Anyway, we’ll keep going as if the mystery character is still the third most popular search. She may be again by the end of the day. Who knows?

Ready for the biggest clue yet? Here it is:

She’s related to one of the Winx.

Was that too big a hint? Maybe. 😅 Check back tomorrow for the final clue!

Ready for the third clue to the third most popular search on my blog? Your guesses have been smart, but you need a clue that steers you in a different direction. Here it is:

It’s a female character.

A female character introduced in one of the first three seasons. That’s what we’ve got so far. Check back tomorrow for a big clue!

What is the third most popular search on this blog? Ready for clue #2?

The first clue was: “It’s a character.” Not that helpful, huh? 😛 This will narrow it down a little:

This character was introduced in one of the first three seasons.

Still vague, but it gives you more to work with. Check back tomorrow for the next clue!

A while ago, I finally put up a search widget on my blog. I’m able to see what people search for in my WordPress Dashboard, and the top three searches have pretty much stayed the same. Can you guess what they are? 🙃

Monday – Friday, I’ll give clues to one of the searches. The clues will start off vague and get more specific throughout the week. I’ll reveal the answer on Saturday.

Let’s start with the third most popular search. Here’s today’s clue:

It’s a character.

Told you it would be vague! Check back tomorrow for the next clue!

Merchandise News

Tsumanga Studios (PlayWinxClub) has released more info about their newest game Winx Club: Alfea Butterflix Adventures. In this game, players choose one of the Winx girls and explore Alfea College, collecting gems and keys and fighting against Brafilius and his Wild Magic. The game will be PAY-TO-PLAY with a free trial version available. It’ll released on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon in August (in English, Russian, and Italian), followed by Steam and Xbox Live later in the year.


  • Unlock and talk to key characters from the show, like Faragonda, Professor Wizgiz, and Eldora
  • Customize your look with tons of new outfits
  • Attract new students to Alfea to unlock more outfits and level-ups
  • Collect over 120 exclusive trading cards (found in treasure chests throughout Alfea)
  • Record your game play with Everyplay

The game will be updated regularly (usually every month) with new features and levels.

To keep up with the latest news, follow PlayWinxClub on social media: