Ready for the next clue to the second most popular search on my blog? Yesterday’s clue was, “There’s one in every season.” Here’s some more information:

Two of them have taken place in Gardenia.

Does that help? Probably not. 😅 Check back tomorrow for the next clue!

What If Wednesday

Today’s “What If Wednesday” question: “What if a magician from Earth gained magic powers?”

First, a confession: this is based on a fanfic. Back before season five premiered, I had an idea for a fanmade season. I probably won’t write it now. The story hasn’t been fleshed yet, and now my transformation name (Dreamix) has been used. 🙁

Anyway, the villain is a famous magician from Gardenia (sorry!) named Mephisto. (Yeah, I know it’s a lame name. Me from eight years ago couldn’t come up with anything better.) His shows used to sell out everywhere he went, but after the Winx brought real magic back to Earth, no one cared about magic tricks anymore. He became jealous of the Winx and hated them for ruining his business.

One of his assistants is a witch who has been living on Earth for decades. Seeing this as a chance to seize control, she turns Mephisto into a wizard. He uses his new power to get revenge on his critics, read and manipulate people’s minds, and — of course — take over the Magic Dimension to become the greatest magician in the universe.

Mephisto doesn’t know the difference between real magic and magic tricks. To him, being a wizard is just a way to make his act more realistic and surpass all other magicians. Of course, his spells end up causing lots of trouble.

Rainbow has already done this type of back story with Selina. She was jealous of Bloom’s popularity and wanted more power, which led to her teaming up with Acheron and becoming a witch. I wish the writers would keep exploring the idea of normal people becoming magic beings. The season four comics had a few interesting stories like that.

Imagine the possibilities. Here’s an example: the leaders of an oppressive government become witches and wizards. What would they do with their new powers? How would the Winx handle the situation?

That’s it for today!


So, about that season seven premiere…


Yeah, I’m annoyed, too. The waiting game’s getting unbearable. I hope Nick Jr. fixes those so-called “technical issues” soon. Wouldn’t it be sad if World of Winx premiered in the U.S. first? (Great. I bet I jinxed it. 🙄 )

At least this give me time to wrap up my season six reviews. Sorry for the lack of posts these last few months. I just finished floundering through another semester of college. Now I’m working on a custom template for the blog, and I hope to have it ready it by early January.

I could use a break from coding and color scheming, so let’s talk about the best and worst episodes of season six. For me, the worst were easier to choose. I enjoyed many of the episodes, but none of them stood out to me. In the end, I picked two I liked a lot and the one I felt was obviously #1. (You can probably guess it already.)

Let’s start with the three worst episodes, so we can end on a positive note. Read the rest of this post

Episode Reviews

IMG_0574May I skip this episode? Please? *Sigh* I really didn’t like it. It wasn’t a complete mess, but the cons definitely outnumbered the pros. It was one of the worst episodes in the marathon.

Well, let’s get this over with.


IMG_0576Bloom’s back with the Winx Club! To celebrate, the girls get together at her house for a pizza party. This is when the Bloom worship begins. While blending the sauce, Tecna says — in her robotic way  — the harmony of the group was out of whack without her. (I think Bloom was planning to leave for good.)

The six fairies almost wreck the kitchen but still manage to make a decent, cheese-less pizza, which Bloom duplicates so everyone can have their own. Stella proposes a toast to her BFF, calling her a “fearless leader” and “the greatest friend in the world.” Cheers to that! Hurray for Bloom! “For she’s a jolly good fairy! For she’s —” Okay, that’s enough. 😕

Quoting Stormy: “Whoop dee doo.”

Speaking of the Trix, they’re watching the event through Griffin’s Magic Eye. Selina, meanwhile, has snuck off to talk to Acheron, who’s sick of her using the Legendarium for their benefit. Don’t worry, she tells him. It’s just until she gets some of the power they’re collecting from the magic schools. Then she’ll be able to free him.

Stormy finds her and calls her in to join the Winx-mocking. But Selina’s actually jealous of the Winx. She used to laugh with Bloom, too. Awwww. 🙁

After the party, the Winx go to the Forest of Flowers, where Eldora’s cottage is. When they reach her front door, there’s the fairy godmother herself, happily while watering her plants. Boy, is she ditzy! She doesn’t recognize Bloom at first — her name just makes her think of flowers (like everything else). But soon the metaphorical bell rings, and she invites the Winx inside.

Selina starts feeling nervous. If Eldora mentions her, the Trix will find out she knows her! That can’t happen! She secretly casts a spell on the Magic Eye, causing it to blackout.

Not a problem. If the Trix can’t spy on the Winx, they’ll just have to drop in on them. Selina stays behind to find a good story to read.

Now for the interesting part of this episode: her backstory!

When Selina and Bloom were kids, Eldora would watch them play in the Forest of Flowers. She could tell they were both full of magic potential, but Selina would need some extra guidance. So, she became Selina’s fairy godmother.

IMG_0587Eldora was then the keeper of the Alexandria Library. One day, she made the mistake of bringing Selina along to show her the Legendarium. When she read from it, one of the creatures jumped out of the pages! They quickly sent it back in before it could attack. Eldora now knew the book was dangerous, so she left Gardenia to find a way to lock it forever.

As Eldora was coming back, Acheron reached out to Selina from inside the Legendarium. He promised to teach her how to harness its powers and gave her a new type of magic: control over snakes. (Ew.)

Thankfully, Eldora interrupted the conversation. She warned Selina not to go near the book again, but she didn’t listen. Late one night, she stole it and pledged her allegiance to Acheron.

There’s still hope for stopping them: Eldora knows how to lock the Legendarium! Just as she’s about to tell the Winx, the Trix attack the cottage! The Winx transform and knock them around like always. But Selina turns the tide by summoning Ectoplasmic Spectors, evil spirits that used to haunt the Forest of Flowers. These monsters are tough. All the Winx’s attacks go through them!

IMG_0585After half the Winx are knocked out of the sky, Eldora decides enough is enough. She uses the magic of the Luneshas to create an energy wave that wipes out all the Spectors! She’s more powerful than she looks! The Trix get scared and retreat.

Eldora feels her cottage isn’t safe anymore, since her enemies now know where it is. She and the Winx need a new meeting place. How about Bloom’s house? (Since the Trix have never been there before. 🙄 )


Ugh. What a lame episode. All it did was make me want a slice of pizza. 😕

My main complaints:

  • Too much Bloom worship: “A fearless leader?” “The greatest friend in the world?” Nickbow, please stop! This show’s not all about her — at least not anymore. Do you care about the other Winx at all?
  • Too much filler: It took ten minutes to get to something important in this episode. Ten minutes. That’s about halfway! Aside from the Winx meeting Eldora and learning what happened to Selina, everything else could have been shortened or cut. Yes, even the “Monster of the Week” fight. Speaking of which…
  • The ending: Why did Eldora stand there and watch when she could have beaten the Spectors the whole time? Yes, the Winx had to show off their Bloomix powers this episode, but Nickbow didn’t give us a reason why Eldora would hold back. I might have even settled for something like, “Oh, silly me! Why didn’t I think of this sooner?” She’s scatterbrained, after all. Or maybe since her spell acted a little like the Legendarium, it could have been “forbidden” or “dangerous.” But, no. She helped because…the Trix were cutting into her tea time? Huh?

More thoughts about Eldora. I like her a lot, but her voice got on my nerves after a while. It was cute at first — and then grating. Plus, there’s a limit to how much ditziness a person can handle, and to me, she flew past it. I liked her more when she was serious. Too bad we didn’t get to see as much of that side of her.

As for Selina’s backstory, I was a bit confused. Why did Selina betray Eldora? They were getting along well, and Selina didn’t seem to have a dark past or something like that. She just changed for no reason. It didn’t make sense.

Final thoughts: bad episode. Not worth watching again.

Next episode: “Mythix!” To lock the Legendarium, the Winx must earn a new power (guess what it’s called 😛 ) and enter the Legendarium World. The items that’ll give them this new power are in Roxy’s homeland, Tír na nÓg. Stay tuned for the next review! Read the rest of this post