Congratulations on being the North American master toy licensee for Regal Academy! I can’t wait to start collecting these beautiful dolls. I haven’t found them in my city yet, but I’m excited that they’ll be here soon. 😊

As you know, your new partner Rainbow also makes the long-running cartoon Winx Club. I don’t know what their plans are for the show’s future in the U.S., but I hope they include new dolls for the eighth season. If so, I hope they’ll choose you as the master toy licensee.

The last dolls were made by JAKKS Pacific. They were beautiful, but we consumers had some issues with them and how they were marketed and sold. Here are a few of them.

  1. Not enough advertising: At first, the Winx dolls were well advertised. Many toy sites and even TV shows like Live with Kelly and Ryan — Live with Kelly and Michael at the time — were talking about them, and they became popular. They were even on Toys R Us‘s Holiday Hot List in 2012. But later on, JAKKS stopped promoting them as much. New lines got little or no advertisement.

  2. Too expensive: The deluxe dolls retailed for $19.99 – $24.99, but they only came with a doll, a brush, and sometimes a code for access to an online video. That didn’t feel worth it for the price. Personally, I wanted more accessories. For example, the Harmonix dolls could have each come with a Sirenix Book, a Sirenix Box that actually opened, and a figurine of the Winx’s Sirenix Guardian — everything a fan needed to recreate moments from the show. But JAKKS’s Harmonix dolls only came with a brush that looked like a Sirenix Box and a code card. It wasn’t enough to justify the price.

  3. Musa and Tecna not included in some lines: Some Winx are more popular than others, but the fans still want dolls of all six of them. Musa and Tecna were often omitted from doll lines. (Rainbow’s company Witty Toys does this as well.) The biggest disappointment was when JAKKS advertised Musa and Tecna Harmonix dolls, but never released them.

This is a short list. I’m sure other Winx Club fans could add to it. Still, we loved seeing Winx dolls in stores again. There are a lot of avid doll collectors in the fandom, and I know they’d be excited to have new dolls to hunt for. So would I.

Judging by your Regal Academy collection so far, I think you would do well as the North American licensee for Winx Club. I hope you and Rainbow will consider the possibility.

Thank you for your time.

“The Oblivious Prattler”

To The Fandom

First of all, I doubt Auldey (or Rainbow) will read this “letter,” and I’m not gonna send it to them directly. Don’t get your hopes that this will affect anything. Second, I’ve never even held one of the new Regal Academy dolls. If you have, you may have a different opinion about this.

All I know is I want more Winx dolls. Rainbow’s already working with Auldey Toys/The Alpha Group, so why couldn’t they add Winx to the contract? Makes sense to me.

I hope it happens.


Merchandise News

Thanks to Jazmin B. for this news!

Toys R Us USA has finally added the Bloomix dolls to their website. These photos look pretty drab compared to past ones. I guess JAKKS really doesn’t care about Winx anymore. 🙁

Oh well. At least we can order them now. They’re JAKKS’s last Winx dolls, so get ’em while they’re hot!


Musings & Rants

JAKKS Pacific Believix Dolls

When I heard JAKKS is done making Winx dolls, I was crushed. Do you know how much I loved collecting them? I spent my last two birthdays on eight-hour road trips just to find them! I’ve called Toys R Us more times in the last two years than in my whole life! And now it’s over? 🙁

I couldn’t accept it at first. I started brainstorming ways to change JAKKS’s mind. A sudden jump in sales? A rash of doll reviews? The #SomethingTrulyMagical campaign got their attention — what if we tweeted more pics of our dolls?

Then I read this comment from Bunny and decided to give up:

Unfortunately I’m not surprised. Jakks has a bad habit of delaying releases of toys and then dropping the rights to their lines (though their product quality varies.)

I’ll use Pokemon as an example:

Jakks picked up the rights to the Pokemon toy franchise in 2006 (coinciding with the release of the DS games) after Hasbro dropped their license. At first they seemed to handle the series well, releasing toys semi-frequently and plushies every so often. I was thrilled when they released plushies of the legendaries!

However as the years passed, they released less and less, making their toys even harder to find. Their selection also whittled out, making it annoying as I was trying to collect certain ones. In 2011, they released their last line of plushies, in 2012, they dropped the license entirely, and in 2013 all their toys ceased production.

Pokémon? As in Nintendo’s golden goose? 6 million fans on Facebook? 245 million game units sold worldwide since 1998? That Pokémon? 

If JAKKS mistreated a series that big, they don’t deserve the rights to Winx Club. So long, JAKKS. You blew it.


As much as I loved their dolls, I had some complaints about them.

  • Bloom’s Harmonix crown looks tacky on the Bloomix dolls, and Daphne’s star-heel pumps only suit Stella. JAKKS shouldn’t have reused them.
  • $20 for a doll and a brush is highway robbery.
  • How many times did we get our hopes up for dolls that never came out? Musa and Tecna Harmonix? Delayed, then cancelled. Mythix and Color Splash? To the graveyard they go. 🙁

I’m hoping for new Winx dolls in the U.S. next year. But if they’re not from JAKKS, that’s fine with me — as long as the next toy maker keeps the fluttering wings. We can thank them for that, at least.


To keep you up-to-date on the #SomethingTrulyMagical campaign, I’m gonna post weekly updates here on the blog, on the campaign’s Facebook page, and

First, something I haven’t announced on the blog yet. We have a new mini-campaign coming up: #HalloWinx!


We’re gonna trend #HalloWinx on Halloween (Oct. 31) and tweet as we watch ep. 2X16: “HalloWinx!” I’m telling you now so we’ll have plenty of time to spread the word. Plus, if you wanna do something special — draw the Winx as vampires, make a Winx costume, etc. — you can get a head start on that, too! Tell every Winx fan you know!

Now for the other news.

As I said in last Wednesday’s post, JAKKS Pacific has dropped the license to Winx Club. Bloomix was their last line. Part of our campaign was to convince them to keep making dolls, but I think we should move on and try to reel in a better company. (I’ll explain why later.) Mattel, MGA Entertainment, and Hasbro’s names have been thrown around.

Let’s not do anything yet. First, we need to revive Winx Club’s popularity to prove the toys can sell. JAKKS left us with a great way to do this: #WinxClubWednesday! Let’s make it even bigger!

Every Wednesday, we’ll tweet together while we rewatch an episode (or two) of Winx Club! We’ll start with season six — since we want Nick to finish it — then move on to the rest of the series. Don’t forget to use these hashtags with your tweets (you don’t have to use all of them each time):

  • #WinxClub
  • #WinxClubWednesday
  • #SomethingTrulyMagical


The first rewatch + live-tweet will be next Wednesday, OCT. 1 at 6 P.M. EST! We’re gonna watch “Inspiration of Sirenix” (6X01) and “The Legendarium” (6X02)! Share this with as many fans as you can!

We’re also gonna have “Winx Chat” days each week. More info in next week’s update!

Musings & Rants

What’s the point anymore? Nick doesn’t give a rat’s hide about Winx. They’ve sat on the last ten episodes of season six for months. I doubt they’re ever gonna air them.

And now, JAKKS is done with Winx Club, too! Better snatch up those Bloomix dolls while you can — if you can find them. Good luck with that. And don’t save up for Mythix and Color Splash; they’re joining the graveyard of dolls never to be.

Face it: Winx is dead in America.

I think it’s for the best. The show sucks now. The writing’s awful, the animation looks cheap — the Winx from our childhoods was way better than this. But now that “magic” is gone.

Ten years is enough. Time for Winx to die. Read the rest of this post