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As you know, I’ve stopped writing episode reviews. But last week, a Winx fan named Will N. emailed me with a suggestion: how about guest episode reviews? Why not? Great idea!

Here’s Will’s review of “Baby Winx” (7X20). If you’d like to submit an episode review, too, email it to [email protected].

Review of Episode 7X20: “Baby Winx”

By: Will N.

Quick Recap: Back on Earth again (yawn!). The Winx are helping Roxy with an animal show to benefit the rescue park. Meanwhile, Kalshara and Brafilius try to cause trouble in any way possible like always (yawn again!), still searching for that First Color of the Universe. (How long is this search gonna last? Even Ogron didn’t waste this long trying to accomplish his goals.) This time, however, it involves the Winx being turned into seven-year-olds, and circus hijinks ensue as part of the benefits program.


  • Brafilius actually doing something smart for once. Too bad he has to undo it almost immediately.
  • Well, I guess the people who said Butterflix was based off circus clowns were right 😛
  • Are the guys being designated babysitters now?
  • Roxy’s as sassy as ever. Where was she when we needed her?
  • Why does Sky have to fight with Bloom’s unicorn? What does Elas have that Sky doesn’t?
  • Well, at least that Etno Chic outfit wasn’t ditched after two episodes; it stuck around for 4.

Loose ends

  • Sky, you’re clueless to not believe that a 7 year old, who strongly looks like your fiancĂ©e and has a pet unicorn, is not your fiancĂ©e turned into a kid when you live in a magical world on a daily basis.
  • Kalshara, you should stop relying on your brother.
  • Apparently, power is not restricted by age. Must be something to do with Believix or Enchantix.
  • Quote: “Yeah, I can’t leave you alone for more than ten minutes.” Well said, Roxy. Well said.
Episode Reviews

capture_005_24012016_142519_817Guess what? The Winx get Butterflix in this episode! Gasp! What a shocker!

Sigh. Why does Rainbow tell us when the Winx are gonna get their new forms now? Just look at these titles: “The Power of Harmonix” (5X06), “Sirenix” (5X13), “Mythix” (6X14), and now “Butterflix.” Bloomix was the exception, since not all the girls earned it in the same episode, but we knew someone was gonna get it in “Bloomix Power” (6X04).

Next season, I wanna be surprised again. I wanna see the Winx in a now-or-never situation and not know if they’ll get a new power or not. It’s more suspenseful that way.

Anyway, let’s look at episode 7X03: “Butterflix!” Don’t forget the Winx are still in the past. When I say Faragonda, Kalshara, etc., I’m talking about their younger selves. (I just don’t wanna put “young” in front of their names each time.)



1. The Winx and Roxy promise to help Faragonda find her Digmole. In Wizgiz’s classroom, teacher’s pet Kalshara shows off by turning into a bird, which Bloom recognizes as the thief who stole the last Digmole from The Alfea Natural Park. Wizgiz kicks Faragonda out and dismisses Kalshara for good behavior. As they head back to their dorm, Kalshara convinces her that by reading the Tome of Nature, she can figure out where her Digmole went.
I’ll save my thoughts about these scenes for later.

2. Faragonda sneaks into Mavilla’s office while she’s away and steals the Tome. The headmistress’s pet lions almost catch her, but she uses her magic to turn them into harmless widdle cubs. D’aww! She heads back to her dorm.
Faragonda snuck into her future office? That’s ironic! Nothing stood out to me about this scene, except…the Pelletfly’s joke! “Wait for the beak?” It cracks me up every time! 😛 I love puns, and the delivery was perfect. Kudos to Mavilla’s voice actress!

3. According to the Tome of Nature, Digmoles live in the Valley of Fruit. Faragonda starts to feel guilty and wants to put the book back, but Kalshara “promises” to return it for her. The future headmistress believes her and leaves to find the Winx. Kalshara rips out a page, uses the spell on it to enter the Fairy Animals’ Hall, and absorbs the Wild Magic stored there.

Oh, Faragonda! You’re so naive! Never trust someone who does something fishy, then tells you to trust them! 😛

I wasn’t impressed with the Fairy Animals’ Hall scene. We’re just three episodes in, and we’ve already seen two, new secret rooms? And why should a bubble of Wild Magic be so easy to get to if it’s so dangerous? Alfea has a lot of safety issues!

4. Without the Wild Magic, all the Fairy Animals at Alfea go nuts. Faragonda thinks this is her fault, but before she can tell the Winx what she did, Mavilla shows up holding the Tome of Nature. Busted! Just then, Bloom sees the bird Kalshara turned into in Wizgiz’s class flying away. The Winx, Faragonda, Roxy, and Mavilla decide to head to the Valley of Fruit to “restore order to the Fairy Animal world.”

What did the Digmoles have to do with this scene? Yes, now we know Kalshara was after them, but Faragonda didn’t know that, so why would she suggest going to the Valley of Fruit? I think it would have made more sense if someone — maybe Bloom — had said, “Let’s follow Kalshara and see where she goes.” Otherwise, it seems like Faragonda was only thinking about her own problems.


5. Kalshara finds Brafilius asleep in the Valley of Fruit. Against his wishes, she uses a diamond laced with Wild Magic to turn him into a dog. While he’s stumbling around chasing Digmoles, our heroes show up. Brafilius uses his new powers to summon the Giant of the Valley to capture the little Fairy Animals, and Roxy and the Winx transform to save them. Meanwhile, Kalshara tries to attack Mavilla. Faragonda turns her into a cub and tries to cage her, but Brafilius snatches her away with his hat and disappears.

I liked it when Kalshara turned Brafilius into a dog (before he started chasing the Digmoles). Sounded like he didn’t wanna be involved in her plans anymore. I wonder if he’s still mad at her for this on him.

One question, though: did he have magic powers before he became an animal? I’m guessing he didn’t. That might explain why he couldn’t use them well.

6. The Winx’s spells aren’t working on the giant because it’s protected by nature. Roxy and Aisha come up with a plan: attack its arms to free the Digmoles and let them defend themselves. It works. The Digmoles dig the giant to pieces! The magic that protected it is released onto the Winx, and they become Butterflix fairies! Faragonda lets her Digmole go, and Mavilla thanks the Winx for helping her realize the Fairy Animals should be free. She decides to erase the memories of everyone at Alfea so no one can abuse these animals again.

I’ll talk about this in the next section, too. Read the rest of this post

Episode Reviews

capture_004_19012016_164019_866What a random title! It doesn’t tell you anything about the episode! What fairies are we talking about? Roxy? Young Faragonda? The Alfea students from the past?

I think Rainbow couldn’t think of a name, and they came up with this at last minute. Why not something like “A Trip to the Past” or “The Stones of Memories?” At least those explain something. 😕

Anyway, here’s my review of episode two!


1. Kalshara intimidates the Digmole to get him to tell her how to find the Fairy Animals’ Ultimate Power.
Once again, why does Kalshara need Brafilius? He was even more useless than he was last episode! She could have gotten the Digmole’s cage down herself!

capture_003_19012016_163544_5542. The Winx and Roxy meet with Faragonda about the Digmole abduction. Faragonda’s worried because all Fairy Animals have special talents or secrets that could be dangerous if misused. Now, they’ll never know the Digmoles’ secret because that was the last one alive. When Roxy says offhandedly they can’t go back in time to find more Digmoles, that gives Faragonda an idea. She takes the fairies to another secret room in Alfea — The Hall of Memories — and gives each of them a Stone of Memories, which can send them back in time. But she warns them: don’t change the past.
The Stone of Memories isn’t new to the franchise. It was introduced in comic #100 (appropriately called “The Stone of Memories”). Time travel has been done before, too. The Winx went to the future in comic #60 (“Future Adventures”).

When we learned this gimmick would be used in the show, the fanbase went crazy. But it may have been for the wrong reasons. I’ll save those thoughts for a later post.

Everyone got excited when Roxy got a Stone, too. Does that mean she’s a Winx now? 😀 Nope, not so fast. It gets stolen two episodes later. Way to dash our hopes again, Rainbow.

3. The Winx and Roxy land at Alfea in the past, and Fairy Animals are everywhere! The students are holding their annual exhibition, but a familiar-looking girl accidentally wrecks everything. Some of the animals run away, including her Digmole. Our heroes intervene and save her. But while they’re in the woods, a herd of Deerbeetles come after them. Luckily, another student jumps out of the trees and orders them to leave.
This was the action part of the episode. There wasn’t a lot fighting, but it still felt chaotic. I liked how the Winx didn’t get involved right away. After all, they weren’t supposed to be there, and any wrong move could change to the future.

capture_059_11012016_080401_2944. In her office, the current headmistress, Mavilla, scolds the girl who ruined the exhibition. Turns out she’s Faragonda, the headmistress the Winx know and love. When Mavilla thanks the Winx for saving the day, Roxy makes a comment about how the Fairy Animals belong in their natural habitats. Mavilla says their animal care techniques come from The Tome of Nature, an encyclopedia on Fairy Animals.
Two things bothered me about this scene. First, every season since four has had a magic book that played a role in the story:

  • Season four: The Book of Fairies, which told the Winx how to use their Believix powers and where to find certain Earth Fairies.
  • Season five: The Sirenix Book, which guided them on their quest to earn Sirenix.
  • Season six: The Legendarium, which the Winx spent all season trying to find a way to lock forever.

Now we have a new one: The Tome of Nature. I know Roxy ends up with it somehow because she had it in the video Rainbow posted last year. My guess: the Winx will find it in the Magic Archives like they did the Sirenix Book.

What’s with all the books? Is this Rainbow’s indirect way of encouraging kids to read? I hope they don’t add another to the bookshelf in season eight or WoW.

Second, I feel like Roxy’s remark about the animals came out of nowhere. I get why she wouldn’t like them living at Alfea, but she didn’t act upset about it until this scene. In fact, she seemed impressed at first — at least that these animals were so tame. Why was she suddenly mad about it? Read the rest of this post

Episode Reviews


Season seven’s finally here! 🙂 Yes, we’re one of the last countries to get it, but maybe this was the best time. With WoW and other cool things that could happen this year, this is a good way to kick it off. And we don’t have to wait for the digital copies. The first two episodes are already on iTunes and Amazon Instant Video!

Let’s talk about what’s changed this season. Some fans think Nick’s not involved in the show anymore, but that’s not true. They’re not co-producing it or dubbing it anymore, but they’re still Rainbow’s broadcast partner, meaning they have the rights to air it on their channels. The new voice cast was picked by DuArt Film & Video, the studio that dubs PokĂ©mon. Some of the actors are veterans from the 4Kids Winx years, but they’re playing other characters. (See this post for more info.)

Before I start the review, I have a confession to make. I’ve already been spoiled on a few major plot points, but I hadn’t seen a full episode until now — just loose scenes here and there. I haven’t watched the whole Tynix sequence, either, or heard the song. The fanbase went nuts over it, so I wanted to savor that moment when we get there.

Everyone ready? Here’s the first review of the new season!



1. As the Winx are sneaking into Alfea past curfew, a pair of students run out of the woods with a giant, purple monster chasing them. Bloom nearly gets crushed! Luckily (or unluckily), Faragonda arrives and shrinks the creature down to normal size. She summons the Winx to her office and tells them about the Alfea Natural Park, which she created to house endangered Fairy Animals. The grand opening’s next week, and she wants them to plan a party for it.

These scenes were charming to me for some reason. Not much happened, but just seeing the interactions between the Winx and hearing Faragonda talk about the park was enough to keep my attention. It felt a bit like old-school Winx Club. 🙂

2. Wearing Stella’s new tourist line, the Winx and Kiko meet up with Faragonda, the two girls from last night (the keepers of the park), and Roxy, along with the now-tiny Kangourmet. Faragonda knew the Fairy of Animals would be sure to get it back home safely. The park’s guarded by a magic barrier, which only those with fairy magic can cross.

The barrier scene felt like a throwback to season one, when Bloom first got to Alfea. I don’t know why the Winx were scared to enter (they have fairy magic 🙄 ), but maybe Rainbow wanted us to be impressed by the barrier. Too bad I wasn’t. Of course, someone was gonna break in. How many has Faragonda done this, and it hasn’t worked? 😛

3. The Winx, Roxy, and Kiko explore the park. Musa dedicates a song to the animals (because that’s what music fairies do, I guess). Roxy lets the Kangourmet go. Along with the way, the fairies come across a Digmole…that gets snatched up by a bird of prey!
That escalated quickly. It was so sudden, I didn’t know whether to be shocked or laugh. 😛 I liked it, though, because it broke the silence in a big way. Play time’s over, Winx!


4. The Winx transform and chase after the bird, but it’s too fast for them. It escapes through the barrier, which means it must have fairy magic. The fairies report the break-in to Faragonda. Meanwhile, the bird — who’s really Kalshara — returns to her lair with the Digmole. This is just step one of her master plan: to create an army of Fairy Animals that will obey her every command.

Why didn’t the Winx go through the barrier to catch Kalshara? So what if she got outside the park? They have wings, too. It felt like they just gave up. 😕

And why does Kalshara need Brafilius? She has magic, and he’s a bumbling idiot, so why can’t she lock up the animals herself? I bet that’s never gonna get explained. Read the rest of this post


image Rainbow uploaded the ending credits for season seven, which revealed the new English voice cast. You might be surprised who some of these folks are.

1. Haven Paschall — Bloom

Past Credits: Serena (Pokemon XY)

2. Jessica Paquet (a.k.a. Rebecca Soler) — Stella

Past Credits: Tecna (Winx Club 4Kids season 3), Alexa (Pokemon XY, Pokemon Black and White)

3. Eileen Stevens — Flora, Kalshara

Past Credits: Belldandy (Ah! My Goddess), Iris (Pokemon Black and White), Tori Meadows (Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal)

4. Alysha Deslorieux — Aisha (not Layla — sorry, folks)

I couldn’t find any voice credits, but she’s been on Broadway. That counts for something, right? 🙂 A lot of voice actors started out on stage, anyway.

5. Kate Bristol — Musa

Past Credits: Kisa Sohma (Fruits Basket), Lynette Bishop (Strike Witches)

6. Saskia Maarleveld — Tecna

Past Credits: Officer Jenny (Pokemon XY)

7. Suzy Myers — Roxy

Past Credits: Stormy (Winx Club 4Kids seasons 1-3)

8. Billy Bob Thompson — Sky

Past Credits: Burgh (Pokemon Black and White), Ash’s Froakie (Pokemon XY)

9. Jake Paque — Brandon

Past Credits: Professor Sycamore (Pokemon XY), Dumon (Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal)

10. Wayne Grayson (a.k.a. Vinnie Penna) — Timmy

Past Credits: Joey Wheeler (Yu-Gi-Oh!), Bolt Tanner (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s), Michelangelo (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003-2010)

11. Marc Thompson — Brafilius

Past Credits: Knut (Winx Club 4Kids season 1), Professor Avalon (Winx Club 4Kids season 2), Duke Devlin (Yu-Gi-Oh!), Astral (Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal)

12. Erica Schroeder (a.k.a. Bella Hudson) — Faragonda

Past Credits: Daphne (Winx Club 4Kids season 1), Galatea (Winx Club 4Kids season 3) Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece 4Kids dub)

Final Thoughts

So, we have a bunch of actors from Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! and a few 4Kids Winx Club veterans. Interesting. I hope they do well.

One question some fans have asked is, “Where are the other Winx boyfriends?” Have they disappeared? Probably not.

This credits list is probably for one episode. If you rewatch seasons five and six, you’ll see Nickbow only listed the characters in the episodes they appeared in. So, only Sky, Brandon, and Timmy — who else could “Tim” be? — are in this episode.

Where are the others? Who knows? I doubt Rainbow’s gotten rid of them, though. Don’t worry. 🙂

What do you think of this cast?