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11403165_881127305268975_6343804902860539460_nFilma Ltd., Rainbow’s Turkish licensing agent, shared on their Facebook page that season seven will premiere Monday, July 6 on Nickelodeon Turkey. New episodes will air weekdays at 2:35 p.m.

Nickelodeon Africa will also debut season seven on July 6.


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capture_004_26022015_173805_176Winx is coming back to America….I think.

Remember the new books coming out this spring? And the spinoff premiering on Netflix next year? And Rainbow’s new U.S. licensing agent? That means more Winx…right?

At least it sounded that way last year. But since November, the English business sites haven’t said much about Winx, especially its future in America. I’m starting to wonder if the comeback’s been cancelled.

Italian fans are so lucky. Every day, two or three sites report on Winx Club events, the new movie, new YouTube videos, or some award Rainbow just won. Plus, Italia is updated frequently.

What do we get? A spotlight on a voice actor who’s moved on to bigger and better things. A rant about how vulgar and harmful Winx Club is, or how PreCure is better (not making that up). If we hear any big news, it’s only once a month — if we’re lucky.

You’d think English would be a good source for news, but it’s not. Most of the time, they just post polls, videos, and craft articles. And it’s only updated once a week, usually only Wednesday.

The Winx Facebook page is worse. If they share news, it’s usually from Italy. But for the last six months, we’ve seen nothing but pictures. Cute, colorful pictures. 😕

With all this waiting and guessing, it’s hard to stay hyped about this show. Take tomorrow, for instance. I’m excited for the Winx 7 trailer, but in the back of mind, I’m thinking, “Who cares if the season looks great? I don’t know if I’ll get to see it.” I know some of you are thinking that, too.

All it’d take to soothe my fears is a status update or a tweet — something like, “Catch season 7 on Blah channel this fall!” Quick and easy. And not gonna happen. 🙁

capture_006_26022015_163606_404Rainbow, Nick, Earthbound, Netflix — whoever’s involved with Winx Club — please keep us in the loop. You don’t have to tell us everything, but the silence is making us anxious. It’s even pushing some fans away! How can we get excited if the show seems dead?

We’re listening. Talk to us!



Earthbound, the new U.S. licensing agent for Winx Club (and Mia and Me). When I said I’m geeking out over this, I meant it. I’ve been digging up their past, researching their clients, reading every press release I can find about their work and achievements.

My verdict? The Winx are in good hands.

You may be wondering, “What does all this mean, anyway? What’s a licensing agent? Why does Rainbow need one? How will this affect the show — and the fans in America?” I’ll explain it all as best I can.

What’s a licensing agent?

capture_003_18112014_104940_703Let’s say you’re a fashion designer, like Stella. You could sell your looks at high-end boutiques, but not everyone has that kind of money. What if, instead, you put your signature style on everyday items? Think of the possibilities! “Stella Couture” rugs! “Stella Couture” curtains! “Stella Couture” bed sheets!

One problem: you’re a fashion designer. You don’t make rugs, you make trends! And manufacturing costs a lot.

That’s where licensing comes in. You give a company (licensee) the right to use your name, art, logo, and whatever else they need, and they make the product(s) for you. You get a cut of the profits, and they look cool for being associated with you. Everybody wins!

But how do you find licensees? You could do it yourself, but that takes time away from doing what you do best: designing. What about contracts? You’ve gotta make sure everything’s legal and fair, but you’re no attorney. And how will you know what people wanna buy?

Don’t worry. A licensing agent can help you. They know how to make you look good so you attract a lot of licensees. They know who to call to get your home decor line in stores. They even make sure you get paid.

Like “Stella Couture,” Winx Club is a brand: an idea or identity created by Rainbow. We buy Winx stuff not just because we like the show, but because we like what it represents and the image it leaves in our minds.

Earthbound will help Rainbow get new licensees, which means more stuff for us to buy! Rainbow has agents all over the world who do this for different countries. Thanks to them, we’ve had Winx Club T-shirts, shoes, socks, stickers, school supplies, toys, handbags, scooters, perfume, cell phones, headphones, chocolate, candy, soda — even cheese! What will Earthbound add to that list? Read the rest of this post

Internet News

It’s official! (Well, more official. 😛 ) Earthbound, the new licensing agent for Winx Club (and Mia and Me) in the U.S., added Rainbow to their Clients page on their new website —!


Am I the only one geeking out about this? This partnership could be the start of a comeback for Winx in the U.S. Why? I’ll talk about it next week. 🙂