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“Sparxshipping,” a.k.a. Bloom and Valtor. They’re a pairing that’s been popular since the 4Kids days. With opposing poles of the Dragon Flame — a flame of light and a flame of darkness — this couple sounds impossible, yet intriguing. How would good and evil fall in love with each other?

A better-known, non-Winx ship is “Zutara” (Zuko and Katara) from Avatar: The Last Airbender. (I’m not touching the “Kataang vs. Zutara” debate.) Some fans can’t resist the fire-water dynamic between the two benders. Even Zuko’s voice actor, Dante Basco, is a hardcore “Zutarian.”

These couples, “Zutara” and “Sparxshipping” (and technically “Kataang,” too), follow the concept of “yin and yang,” two opposite forces in harmony with each other. It’s the same theme Rainbow used for Aisha and Nex.

Yeah, yeah. They’re “Life” and “Death,” right?

Yes, I know I’ve mentioned that a dozen times. Aisha is “life” in Arabic, and nex is “death” in Latin. But remember in my recent Aisha/Nex post when I said I keep discovering things about this couple? Turns out Rainbow took the yin-yang idea further than just name meanings.

Winx 6X15 - Aisha and Nex windsurfing

Same, Yet Opposites?

Wait a minute. Aren’t these two a lot alike?

Being yin and yang doesn’t mean being different in every way. “Yin and yang” is relative. Object A may be opposite of Object B for a different reason than Object C. It depends on what traits you’re comparing them by.

Water and fire are yin and yang because water’s cold and wet, and fire’s hot and dry. But ice and running water are also yin and yang. Even though they’re both water, running water is liquid and active, and ice is solid and stationary. (Yes, that means Icy and Aisha are yin and yang, too.)

It’s actually more complicated than that. If you’re curious (and you’re a nerd like me), TED-Ed has a short video that explains it better than I can.

Back to Aisha and Nex. Most fans think they’re exactly the same: confident, fearless, energetic, athletic, etc. Yes, they have those traits in common — if they had nothing in common, they’d have nothing to bond over — but some of their other traits couldn’t be any more different.

For example, Nex is flirty. In his debut episode, “The Flying School” (6X03), he strutted up to the Winx and said, “Hey, ladies!” Can you imagine Aisha doing something like that? Yeah, right. In fact, it was something she didn’t like about him when they first met.

That’s just one of the ways they’re opposites, but it’s not as important now that they’re dating. Their other differences affect their relationship now.
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Musings & Rants

It’s August 18, our dear sun fairy’s birthday! Coincidentally, it’s also Sunday, so I’m declaring today “Stella’s Sunday!” (Gotta get this trending on Twitter! :P)

I thought I’d do something different this year. Instead of gifts — what would you get a princess, anyway? — let’s talk about our favorite Winx Club moments starring Stella! (See what I did there? 😉 )

Here are a couple of mine:


EPISODE 3X19: Stella Saves King Radius

The Winx crash Radius and Cassandra’s wedding and free him from her spell! We got to see a more mature side of Stella and how much she loves her father and her kingdom.


EPISODE 5X16: Stella Restores the Pillar of Light

“I am the fairy of the shining sun, and no one is gonna put out the lights on my watch!” One of the best lines of the season, if you ask me. Stella may be the club’s comic relief, but she takes her Guardian Fairy duties very seriously!

QUESTION: What are your favorite Stella moments? Leave a comment!



Here’s round 2 of “Ask OP!” Got something you’d like to know about me? Leave a comment or email me at [email protected]!

“What’s your favorite book?”

That’s hard! I’ve always loved The Chronicles of Narnia and fantasy stories in general. I read some “nerd books,” too. 😛 But the first book I couldn’t put down was called The Tower of Geburah by John White. I don’t why I loved it so much, but I took it with me everywhere!

“What is your favorite song/s from Winx Club? (can be all dubs and seasons/movies)”

That’s hard, too! I love so many Winx Club songs! I’d say my favorites are “La Magia di Winx Club,” “Unica,” and “Sirenix.”

“If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?”

I’d love to go to Japan! My sister, The Melodic Muse, has been there and had an amazing time! I’m so jealous!

“I’m a fellow video game fan as well, so what kind of video games do you like to play? (Is one of them hopefully Pokemon?) What gaming system do you primarily play games on?”

LOL! Well, I have played some Pokemon games, and I liked them. But the two series I’m into right now are Tales of and MegaMan. Tales of is an RPG series. I love RPGs! As for gaming systems, I don’t like one more than another. But most of my games are on the XBOX 360.

“If you were a fairy, what powers would you like?”

I’d wanna be a sun/light fairy like Stella. Lighting up a room with my magic powers sounds cool to me! 😛

Merchandise News

Just in time for the December toy rush is yet another line of Believix dolls: Magiche Ali (Magical Wings). These dolls’ wings glow when the accompanying bracelet is brought close to them. I searched on eBay and found a Flora and a Bloom on auction for the next twenty-seven days (seller ships only to Italy). Asking price for each one: € 39,00 (about $59).

We only see Bloom, Stella, and Flora in this flyer. I don’t know if the other four fairies will be a part of this line, but I suspect they won’t.

Thank you to Layla N Amentia for send this news and ad in!