I really wanted to finish that “Yin and Yang” post, so that’s what I focused on last weekend. That’s why this is so late. “What If Wednesday” will resume next week. Like I said in last week’s post, I’ll talk about the Specialists and Paladins.

Today, here’s chapter 2 of my fanfic “The Storm.” (Click here if you haven’t read the first chapter.) I hope you like it!

“The Storm”

By: The Oblivious Prattler


Oya, the recurring storm. How could anyone from Andros forget it?

Aisha remembered the times she snuck out of the palace to visit the farmers. They talked about Oya all the time. Every year, it provided them with enough rain to water their crops all summer. But it also flooded fields, toppled trees, and tore apart buildings.

The storm was a blessing and a curse, but Andros wouldn’t be paradise without it.

While the sun was still shining, Aisha had plenty of time to share this paradise with Nex. Besides, she hadn’t won the bet yet.

She led him along a bay just outside the palace walls. Her parents, Queen Niobe and King Teredor, had brought her here when she was young to meet her underseas family: the mermaids. Nex had never seen one before. If this didn’t make him smile, nothing would.

Near a boulder in the water, a long, lavender fin poked through the surface. Nex jolted.

“Wait, is that a — ?”

“Uh-huh,” Aisha said, grinning. The frown on his face stayed put, but his shaky hand gave away his excitement. Why hadn’t she tried this sooner?

She knew who the mermaid was right away: her cousin Tressa. This time of day, she’d be patrolling the ocean for pirates, but maybe she could spare a few minutes.


No response. Tressa’s fin flicked up and down a couple times, then sank back beneath the waves.

Just as Aisha was about to call her name again, the red-haired mermaid burst through the surface, waving her hand wildly. “Cousin Aisha!”

The fairy beamed. “Hey, Tressa! I’ve got someone I want you to meet!”

Three more mermaids popped up next to Tressa. Perfect timing.

“Tala! Nesia! Kalia!” said Aisha. “Hey!”

As the mermaids waved back, an idea flashed into the fairy’s mind. “Stay there! We’ll come to you! Up for a little swim, Nex?”

“Why not?” he said, keeping his expression still.

Aisha stripped down to her swimsuit and charged into the water. It was lukewarm, the perfect temperature. A smile broke across her face as she took in her surroundings: the sand, the breeze, the seashells prodding her heels, the rhythm of the waves. The ocean was her home. It moved her, energized her.

“Race ya!” she said as she dove in. Her arms spun like turbine blades, digging a path through the water. She rolled with the waves, letting them lift her and propel her towards her goal.

Nex’s voice grew louder, closer. She could see the tips of his hair, the spray from his swim strokes. He laughed between breaths. A taunting laugh.

You won’t beat me! She kicked harder and faster. Her lungs sputtered. No stopping. No looking back.

She sighted the boulder. Just three feet away. Two feet. One.

Her palm collided with the cold stone, and she leaned against it as Tressa and her friends applauded. Nex came in seconds after. For a few moments, they floated there and caught their breaths, with the ocean’s roar and their heartbeats as their soundtrack.

It was Aisha who broke the silence between them.

“Is that all you got, sweetie?”

“You had a head start!” Nex snatched her up into his arms and planted a wet, salty kiss near her lips. The fairy dissolved into giggles.

The mermaids crowded around the couple like paparazzi.

“Who is he, Princess?”

“Is he a Specialist?”

“How long have you been dating?”

Typical mermaids. They loved gossip.

As Nex stared at them with a whale-like grin, Aisha giggled again. Had she looked that bug-eyed and full of wonder when she met the mermaids when she was little? Maybe her parents would remember.

Then it hit her. She leaned right up to Nex’s ear. “I win the bet.”

It took a few seconds for him to realize what she meant. As soon as he did, he buried his head in his hands and let out a frustrated sigh mixed with laughter. Aisha threw her arms around his neck and chuckled.

Who cared about a bet? This was all she wanted, the only thing that really mattered. A day alone with her sweetheart.

* * *

When she and Nex returned to the shore, she snapped her fingers. Two beach towels appeared in a flash of glittering light. After wrapping herself up in one, she picked up her pants and fished her cellphone out of her pocket.

A missed call? From Mom?

She couldn’t ignore it. Her mom only called when she had something important to tell her. Aisha mashed the call button, and a hologram of the queen, Niobe, jutted out of the screen.

“Aisha, darling!”

Her breathless voice made Aisha shudder. “Mom? What’s wrong?”

“I’m sorry to interrupt, my dear, but your father and I would like to speak with you.”

Now? Great. This would set the tour back a few hours — maybe the rest of the day. But family came first. Besides, her mom looked worried.

“Okay, Mom. We’ll be back soon.” Aisha looked up at her boyfriend as she slipped the phone back into her pocket. “Nex, I’m sorry, but I — ”

Before she could finish, he grabbed the tips of her towel and scooped her into his arms.

“I know,” he said, laying a kiss on her forehead. “Don’t worry. I just hope it’s nothing serious.”


Musings & Rants

I don’t know who’s styling the Winx this season, but Rainbow’s really stepped it up with Musa’s hair!

Don’t get me wrong — I’ve never hated her hair. It was weird in the first two seasons, but unique. (Tune thought it was a pair of headphones! Remember?) But when Rainbow gave her long pigtails in season three, I was disappointed. It didn’t fit her personality — though it’s changed over the years — and it left Tecna as the only Winx with short hair.

Then came season four. Don’t ask what I thought of her Believix outfit, but I liked her hair. Especially the braid — it was a unique touch to a typical, long hairstyle.

But Musa’s never looked as fabulous as she has this season! Here are my top three, season-five hairdos.


3. Stella’s Fashion Collection

Can Musa rock a beehive or what? I guess we have Stella to thank; she probably picked this ‘do for her. Our sun fairy sure knows how to make her friends look stunning!


2. Pajama

This ‘do screams “Japanese anime” to me. It’s so cute! It also looks like a style her mom would wear. Awwwww! 🙂


1. Harmonix

My favorite! It reminds me of my favorite Andros mermaid (I don’t know her name, but she’s one of Tressa and Aisha’s friends). That’s why Musa looks the most like a “mermaid fairy” to me.

QUESTION: Which Winx do you think looks the most fabulous this season?

Musings & Rants

capture_001_22042013_141305_377“Mermaid fairies.” That’s what Rainbow calls the Winx in Sirenix form. (I guess it’s “octopus witches” for the Trix.)

It’s not the first time they’ve become mermaids. They also did it in the season-three-inspired book Winx Club: Sirene. (Sirene means “mermaids,” in case you couldn’t tell). In that story, they looked more mermaid-like with their legs transformed into tails. Sirenix is more versatile and fairy-like: each girl’s fin-like wings propel her through the water but flap like normal in the air. Gives “flying fish” a new meaning, huh?

Mermaid + fairy — not a bad combo. Are there others that could work well in Winx Club?

Aisha as a mermaid

The rumored season six transformation, Cyberix, would turn the Winx into “robot fairies.” What would they look like — androids with wings? And what would their powers be? Sirenix lets them use their magic underwater, and supposedly Cyberix would let them use it in outer space. What would be the point of that?

We may never find out. A source — I won’t mention their name — told me a YouTuber made up Cyberix to get more subscribers. Shame!

QUESTION: Can you think of another combo (like “mermaid fairy”) that could work well in Winx Club?



From episode 5X13, “Le Fate Sirenix” (The Sirenix Fairies).
(Anybody know the lyrics? I know I’m hearing, “Trasformazione Winx Sirenix!” in there.)


With so much talk about Sirenix, you might be wondering what “Harmonix” is. How is it different? Which form shown in the opening is which? I don’t know everything about them, but I’ll try to clear up some of the confusion.

Winx Harmonix forms

Harmonix appears first in the opening and will be the first form the Winx earn. We don’t yet know its powers, but it’s clearly an underwater transformation, too. My theory: the Sirenix power is deep in the ocean, and the Winx will need Harmonix to get to it. Think of it as the “scuba diving form.” 😛 Harmonix could also be a stage they must pass through before reaching Sirenix.

Why is it called “Harmonix?” It could be because mermaids (or sirens) are known for their singing — and what they do with it. There was a rumor that the Winx will use some sort of music spell to revive Nabu. We’ll see if that happens. (I repeat: it’s a rumor.)

Stella’s 2D Sirenix form

Sirenix (from sirena, Italian for “mermaid”) appears second in the opening. It’s the Winx’s ultimate goal — a power drawn from the Infinite Ocean, which Tritannus wants to control. As we saw in Nick’s season five trailer, the Winx will use the Sirenix Book as a how-to guide.

Those mini-mermaids may also help the Winx with this mission. They’re called “Selkies” (corrected from “Pescies”) and we know from ep. 5X02, “The Spill,” that they guard the gates that connect the realms through the ocean. Molly Quinn confirmed that there’s an episode called ‘The Sirenix Gate.” Might not be a coincidence.

Each Selkie (is that right?) shares a pattern and a color scheme with one of the Winx — blue with fire for Bloom, orange with a star on her head for Stella, pink with flowers on her head for Flora, etc. Gotta wonder why there are seven of them, though. According to Michael’s Winx Club, the Trix will earn Sirenix, too. Maybe the seventh Selkie is for them. But her colors and pattern remind you of Roxy. Hmmm…

Flora, Bloom, and Stella’s 3D Sirenix forms

Final note: Sirenix will later appear in 3D. Rainbow once said on Facebook that the Infinite Ocean is where “everything takes on another dimension.” The third, it seems. 😛

And that’s all I know. I hope I cleared some things up. 🙂