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Remember Lazuli, the fairy who joined Cloud Tower in “Broken Dreams?” We know a couple witches who’ve become fairies, but I’m pretty sure she’s the first fairy-turned-witch we’ve met. (Selina doesn’t count, since she might not have had her wings yet.)

I wonder what made her turn to the dark side. At first, I thought the Trix might have scared her into it. Maybe they captured the students and gave them a choice: join or die! (I know — way too dramatic for this show. 😛 ) But she wanted to switch! She was willing to use her hair cages on her friends, and she was fine with calling herself an ex-fairy.

Here’s a random back story I thought up in about a minute. 😛

Lazuli was the fairy of hair. But instead of being the perfect stylist, she liked doing strange things with people’s hair — tying them up in it, making it move on its own, etc. Her classmates treated her like a freak, and she resented them for it. Over time, her hatred darkened her heart. She started thinking that, with her weird power, she wasn’t meant to be a fairy. When the Trix attacked her school, she saw her chance. She’d become a witch and join their side…

I know — I can do better. 😛

How does a fairy become a witch? Not the way I expected.


When Mirta became a fairy, she got a new outfit and a pair of wings. Faragonda must have, too; according to Griffin, she made it to Enchantix level. (I guess older fairies lose their wings.)

Lazuli became a witch by…losing her wings. That was it. She could still fly (or float), but her fairy outfit became regular clothes.

I doubt that’s how it’s supposed to work. I think the animators were just lazy. Almost all the non-Winx fairies’ forms have been like this: everyday outfit + wings. And groups of classmates or friends have looked the same or similar to each other. Nickbow probably didn’t wanna “waste” time designing a unique look for everyone.

Have you ever come up with a fan fic or headcanon about a fairy becoming a witch? How does your story compare with Lazuli’s?

Thursday Your Say

capture_001_25122013_224927_372This week’s “Thursday Your Say” asks, “Should there be a Winx Club spin-off/sequel with a new group of fairies?” Many of you have brought this up before, so let’s talk about it. 🙂

Winx Club has lasted ten years with the same six girls. But if Rainbow wants to keep the series fresh, changing the main cast could work. Other long-running series like Pretty Cure, Pokémon (Ash stays, of course), and Nickelodeon’s Avatar (Legend of Korra) have done it, too.

Some candidates for new Winx Club members:

  • “Winx Junior”: How many are there? Six. Imagine that. And they happen to live in the Winx’s old student dorm. Hmmm…
  • Roxy: If she doesn’t end up joining the current club, she could always start her own!
  • Daphne: She’s got other responsibilities now — being a professor, getting ready to rule Domino, etc.. But if she did have time to join a club, she’d be a valuable member because of her power and wisdom.
  • Mirta: She was the first fairy (err, witch) to make friends with the Winx without becoming one. Why not give her her own group?

YOUR SAY: Do you think rebooting the show with a new group of Winx is a good idea? If so, who would you pick? If not, why wouldn’t it work?

Thursday Your Say

Today “Thursday Your Say” is about how (or if) switching sides changes a fairy or witch’s power source.

I got this question last week in a Facebook message from Winx fan Cassandra M.:

“Each fairy and witch’s power source is neutral. It’s not good or bad, meaning it can be harnessed to use in conjunction with positive energy (to be a fairy) or negative energy (to be a witch). Fire, ice, flowers, weather, sunshine, darkness, music, feelings, technology, gems, waves, animals…none of them are inherently bad or good.

…if someone’s power source were, say, charity, or kindness, or hugs, could they be a witch? If it were theft, insults, or illness, could they be a fairy? Has there ever been an example of a power source like this in the show? Would it stay the same on either “side”? Would it be the opposite, like charity becoming greed or compliments becoming insults? Would the person simply be predisposed to being either a fairy or a witch by nature, rather than weighing them like options and choosing the one they prefer?”

Interesting stuff, huh? I wasn’t sure how to answer because I’d never thought about it before. So, I told her I’d pose the question to you and see what we come up with as a group. (I can name some of you who will have great opinions on this. 🙂 )

Here it is:


  • Is all magic neutral?
  • Could someone with a “positive” power source (like charity) be a witch? Vice versa, could someone with a “negative” power source (like theft) be a fairy?
  • When a fairy or witch changes sides (“alignment”), does her power source change to its opposite “force” (like charity to greed)?


That did NOT just happen!

Is what Bloom and all of us were saying after Icy selflessly sacrificed herself to save Tritannus. (She got better.) Maybe her ice-cold heart is finally thawing out.

A selfless act by a witch? Makes me wonder: are witches truly “evil?” What if they just need someone or something to lead them out from the darkness?

Everyone’s capable of good and evil. Take Bloom in season two. One spell later, she was cackling like a witch and attacking her own friends. Her Dragon Flame magic, which may be the purest power in the Magic Dimension, was tainted by darkness.

If even a Winx can turn evil, who’s to say a Trix can’t turn good? Read the rest of this post

Musings & Rants

They call Alfea “the best fairy school in Magix.” Its headmistress is a former member of the Company of Light. And its most famous grads? The Winx.

With that reputation, why can’t its current students fight?

Every time a monster attacks, they duck and hide or run around screaming, while the Winx transform and save the day.

What a change from season one, when the whole student body fought the Army of Darkness. No hiding behind their teachers. Each student was proud to defend Alfea and the whole Magic Dimension. Their grade levels, power sources, and fairy forms didn’t matter, because they believed in their magic.

The Winx were no different. They weren’t stronger than their classmates back then, but they fought anyway.

Speaking of “classmates,” what’s happened to them? Amaryl, Francine, Luna, Ortensia, Mirta. They took the same classes under the same teachers and passed the same tests. If anyone should be as powerful as the Winx, it’s them. But they haven’t even transformed since season three; it’s like they’ve forgotten they’re fairies. And like the newer students, they rely on the WInx for protection.

What will happen when they’re gone?

Let’s hope they can trust the skills they’ve learned at Alfea. Just like the Winx do.

QUESTION: Who do you think is the strongest non-Winx fairy?