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The full movie. Wow! They’re in a giving mood this holiday season!

I know what you’re thinking. “Oh, goody. The worst movie so far.” 🙄 Yeah, yeah. Most fans hated this one. I didn’t like it, either, especially since season five is my least favorite season.

But think of it this way. Some people didn’t get to see it at all because they don’t have Netflix accounts. They might like it. You never know.

Also, this might be a sign the fourth movie’s coming soon. That’s something to be excited about, right?

Anyway, here’s Mystery of the Abyss!

UPDATE: Apparently, Mystery of the Abyss isn’t on Netflix anymore. That might be why Rainbow uploaded it to YouTube. Thank you to @Thomasfan502 on Twitter for pointing that out!


Now this is a surprise! Rainbow made a video of ALL the Winx’s transformations from seasons 1-7! That includes Charmix from seasons one, two, and the Nick specials; the 3D Enchantix, Believix, and Sirenix from the movies; and Roxy and Daphne’s transformations. (Roxy’s grouped with Believix, while Daphne’s grouped with Bloomix even though she’s a Sirenix fairy.)

With eleven years worth of footage to go through, something was bound to get left out. They forgot Aisha’s Charmix/Magic Winx transformations — both from the original and the Nick specials. That’s a shame. Her Charmix is my favorite. 🙁

Still, the video’s worth watching for nostalgia. Bon appétit, Winx fans!

Merchandise News

Credit goes to WinxClubRUS for this news!

Rainbow has released the full soundtrack of Mystery of the Abyss on iTunes US! It’s just three songs: “We All Are Winx” (Noi Siamo Winx), “Magic All Around” (Luce Immensa), and “The Magic of Sirenix” (Potere Sirenix). But if you loved them, it’s worth the $3. 🙂



So…Mystery of the Abyss. Sigh. 🙁

Was it really a movie? It felt like a side plot of season five! There wasn’t enough action or story to hold your attention for 82 minutes.

Plus, I couldn’t ignore the glaring issues, like:

  • The sloppy lip-syncing
  • The groan-inducing voice acting
  • Too many recycled scenes from season five (even if they didn’t fit, like this shot in the Tritannus battle scene when Stella wasn’t attacking)
  • Mispronunciation of words (Sirenix, Eraklyon)

It had a few nice moments. Bloom and Sky’s date was très romantique. Their battle against the Trix was okay — I loved Sky’s line about “branching out” before smacking Stormy with an actual tree branch. 😛 And one of my favorite scenes was when the Winx used sonar to find a way out of the reef that housed the Pearl of the Deep. Way to be resourceful, girls!

The rest of the movie? A big letdown.

But instead of ranting about how bad it was, I’d rather talk about something positive: how I felt as I was watching. Believe it or not, this awful movie gave me hope for Winx Club‘s future. Read the rest of this post

TV & Movie News

cover_news_tsu_7Well, I’m late to the party, but in case some of you haven’t heard…

Rainbow and Netflix just announced a new Winx Club spinoff called Winx Club WOW: World of Winx, set to premiere globally in early 2016. In this story, the Winx will “embark on an undercover journey all around the world looking for talented kids in art, sports, music and science. These kids have their own kind of magic, and the Winx Club fairies are enchanted by them though it doesn’t take long before trouble sets in, and a new and dangerous mystery for Bloom and the others to solve.”

Netflix has ordered two seasons, each with thirteen, 22-minute episodes that will be “more serialized and designed specifically for the on-demand viewing of Netflix members.”

Also, Mystery of the Abyss will be released exclusively on Netflix in the U.S., Canada, UK, Ireland and France.

Exciting news, huh? 😀

PRNewsWire: “Netflix and Rainbow Studios Announce Spin-off of Winx Club as a New Original TV Series for Kids”