So, about that season seven premiere…


Yeah, I’m annoyed, too. The waiting game’s getting unbearable. I hope Nick Jr. fixes those so-called “technical issues” soon. Wouldn’t it be sad if World of Winx premiered in the U.S. first? (Great. I bet I jinxed it. 🙄 )

At least this give me time to wrap up my season six reviews. Sorry for the lack of posts these last few months. I just finished floundering through another semester of college. Now I’m working on a custom template for the blog, and I hope to have it ready it by early January.

I could use a break from coding and color scheming, so let’s talk about the best and worst episodes of season six. For me, the worst were easier to choose. I enjoyed many of the episodes, but none of them stood out to me. In the end, I picked two I liked a lot and the one I felt was obviously #1. (You can probably guess it already.)

Let’s start with the three worst episodes, so we can end on a positive note. Read the rest of this post

Episode Reviews


We asked you to choose your favorite episode of the marathon in our newest Site Poll. The most popular pick, with 41 percent of the votes, was “Mythix!” I agree with you. It was a great episode.

Remember: assume I haven’t seen the last two episodes. No spoilers, please! 😛


IMG_0609Eldora’s thrilled to meet Bloom’s parents — especially her mom, since today happens to be Mother’s Day! Oops! Bloom completely forgot! But at least she won’t have to buy a gift; Eldora takes care of it. She gives Vanessa a magical plant with a funny-sounding voice. (It’s the thought that counts.)

On to what the Winx came to do: talk to Eldora about locking the Legendarium. First, she tells them more about the book. It’s a link between the Real World — the one they know — and the aptly-named Legendarium World, where fictional characters live. When Selina reads it, it pulls monsters out of that realm and into the Real World.

The only way to lock the book is with an item that once was in the Legendarium World. Sadly, Eldora doesn’t know where it is. All she has a lead: a good place to find magical artifacts is Tir Na n’Og Island! But she’s searched there before and found nothing. Good thing the Winx know the locals!

Meanwhile at Cloud Tower, the moment Selina’s been waiting for arrives. The Trix are ready to channel the power they’ve gathered from the magic schools. She’ll use her share to finally free Acheron.

But things don’t go as she hoped. The three witches make stone pendants for themselves to store the power, but Selina doesn’t get one. Why does she need it? She has the Legendarium, after all. On that note, they leave her behind to go try their new powers on another school: Tir Na n’Og College!

Eldora and the Winx are already there, warmly welcomed by Queen Nebula. The school is really Morgana’s castle remodeled. What a great way to continue the Winx’s mission of bringing magic back to Earth. 🙂

IMG_0615Nebula leads them to a room where seven, colorful wands float inside a magic mirror. According to legend, they belonged to the Seven Ancestral Fairies who crossed over from the Legendarium World, thus making fairies real. These items contain a power called Mythix. With it, a fairy can enter the Legendarium World.

Sadly, the Winx can’t just take them. No fairy can hold them until she’s proven herself before them. No, their record of saving the universe a dozen times doesn’t count. So what can they do to prove their worth?

They don’t have long to think about it before the Trix attack! And they’ve brought backup: the former fairy Lazuli and her “friends.” Eldora and the Winx transform and help Nebula and her students defend the school. But the Trix outsmart them. While they’re keeping them busy, Lazuli and another witch sneak in!

Of course, two, new Cloud Tower students are no match for a Bloomix fairy. Bloom follows them and beats them easily. But she’s not ready for her next enemy.

While she’s chatting with a group of Tir Na n’Og students, a bolt of dark magic suddenly zaps her in the back. It came from Selina! She follows it up with a magic snake that binds Bloom’s arms to her side. The students aren’t strong enough to save her.

Bloom tries to convince Selina she’s trusting the wrong person, but she won’t listen. Eldora was weak. She only gave her rules — Acheron gave her real power. She’s determined to free him, and she’ll use Bloom’s Dragon Flame to do it!

Bloom’s not about to let her magic be taken again. She gathers all her energy, and with a massive flame burst, she sends Selina flying to the other side of the room! That gives her time to go help her friends, who are having a hard time fending off the Trix.

But she’s no help. The power from the magic schools really has made them stronger! The fiery attack doesn’t phase Icy, and she counters it with an icicle barrage. Bloom tries to take cover inside the school, but she’s knocked into the wand room and lands (conveniently) in front of the magic mirror. The ice witch gathers her energy for a final blow.

As Bloom lifts her head, she notices a glowing stone hanging from Icy’s neck. That’s the source of her power! With a powerful flame ray, she shatters it, triggering a chain reaction that breaks Stormy and Darcy’s pendants, too. The Trix retreat to recharge and plan another attack.

IMG_0635The Winx win again!

Better yet, the wands like what they saw. They fly out of the mirror and into the Winx and Eldora’s hands. Now they can become Mythix fairies and enter the Legendarium World! (But no new look for you, Eldora. Sorry. 😛 )

They end up at a gateway between dimensions, which Eldora calls the Wise Doorway. It tells them that to lock the Legendarium, they’ll need…the Legendarium Key. That’s simple enough.

But they’ll have to forge it themselves. They’ll need two items hidden in the Real World: the Fantasy Emerald and the Silver Spear. The Mythix wands will guide them to them. Once they’ve found them, they’ll cross over into the Legendarium World.

This “Real World,” “Legendarium World” talk is confusing, so the girls decide to head back to Alfea to do some research. Which means asking Daphne. 😛

The professor quickly finds the spell to make the wands search for magic artifacts: “Mythix Insight.” (I love that name. 😀 ) It shows the Winx an image of an island called Calavera, which has a lot of legends associated with it. Sounds like a good place to start!

But not yet. It’s still Mother’s Day, and the girls have planned a party at Alfea with flowers, pizza, and a live performance. All their moms are invited — and Roxy’s, too! (Poor Musa. I think she’ll be okay, though. 🙂 )

Eldora feels like she’s intruding, but Bloom says she’s welcome, too. After all, she’s their fairy godmother. 🙂


Like I said, I thought this was a great episode — even better than “Shimmer in the Shadows.” (Can you tell how much I loved that episode?) I was glad to see Nebula and the Earth Fairies again — Nickbow finally remembered them — and the history of the Legendarium and the Seven Ancestral Fairies was really interesting. I even liked the Mythix scene; it was well-done and really beautiful. (Maybe I like fantasy worlds more than the ocean. 😛 )

I still have some complaints, though.

First, I hate how the Mythix wands match Eldora and the Winx so perfectly. I know it’s mainly for the dolls, but it’s too convenient. I want an in-universe explanation. Are the Winx descendants of the Ancestral Fairies? (I hope not. That’s been done already.) Do the wands adapt to their users’ powers? Make things make sense, Nickbow!

Second, I feel like the seventh wand was wasted on Eldora. To me, this episode was begging for more Roxy. The wands were in her homeland in a school that used to be her mother’s castle. The Seven Ancestral Fairies spread out to all the worlds of the Magic Dimension, including the Earth. And if each fairy had a different power source — the designs of the wands suggest it — why couldn’t one of them be “animals?” Instead, Nickbow doubled up on nature-themed wands. Boo.

Honestly, I think a lot of season five and six would have made more sense if Roxy had been a Winx.

Third, as much as I love the Ancestral Fairies story, doesn’t it conflict with the legend of the Great Dragon? He created all the worlds in the Magic Dimension. Did the fairies just come and live in them? For that matter, did he come from the Legendarium World, too?

Finally, a small gripe: I wish Nick had shown this on Mother’s Day. They probably could have if they’d air the show consistently. On television. *Sigh* 🙁

Final thoughts: very good episode. Should have been a Mother’s Day special, but still well worth watching.

Next episode: “Mystery of Calavera.” Following their Mythix Insight, the Winx head to Calavera Island to find a pirate’s treasure. Stay tuned for the review! Read the rest of this post

Guest Posts

Here’s the rest of Sterok’s theory on what Believix truly does. We’ve been told it helps people believe in magic. Does it really?

~ by Sterok ~

Also, consider when they gained Believix. That was when Roxy started to believe in fairies due to the Winx and the Wizards fighting each other. She didn’t need any special magic there. It was her believing that the Winx would protect her that activated the transformation.

This would also help explain why Morgana and Nebula apparently have Believix; though I don’t think it’s confirmed whether they have Enchantix, Believix, or something else. A magic that helps you connect to your followers is a good magic to have for leaders. Given Nebula’s designation as the fairy of peace or war, it helps explain how she convinced the fairies to rebel against Morgana, if Believix helps her influence others.

There’s also the Sophix and Lovix transformations, which are supposed to be sub-transformations of some kind. Honestly, aside from Sophix basically giving everyone Flora’s powers and a variation of her “Breath of the World,” there really seems to be no connection between the three transformations.

Most of this is conjecture based on what we see in the show while ignoring a lot of what we’re told about it. Still, I think it makes sense that this would be the true power of Believix, since it gives it a broader power that is useful in more situations.

It also helps explain why the Winx felt so weak in season 5 before they got Harmonix. They were away from the people of Earth that truly believed in them. Belief and trust in them, not the belief in fairies, is what the Believix is all about.

What do you think? Is it plausible? Bad writing? Me looking too deep? Whatever it is, I felt that there was too much that didn’t add up, so I came up with this. Whatever the Believix powers are, clear isn’t one of them.

Internet News

As one reader has pointed out, Roxy’s hair is no longer there for some reason. (Her wings still are.) I’m sure Nick will put it back later.

In its place, we now have more new content:

  • Nebula, Aurora, and Morgana’s dresses and shoes: Ah, that explains the last three hairstyles
  • Speedix wings: They were shown in the ad on the Winx page, but there weren’t actually in the game yet

Why would they put the Major Fairies’ outfits in the game before Roxy’s? 😕

Anyway, here are some new screenshots&mash;in case this stuff disappears, too. I was just winging it (pun intended) with the wings. 😛

*UPDATE* Instead of making yet another “Dress Me Up” post, I decided to add to this one. Most of you won’t see it, but that’s okay.

Anyway, Roxy’s hair is back! They also added her wings, her “civilian” outfit, her Charmix outfit, Nebula and Morgana’s wings, and the Zoomix wings.

Here’s one more screenshot. I tried to make an Enchantix for Roxy, but it didn’t really work out. The wings don’t fit with the color scheme. 😛

Musings & Rants

flora_fairy dustOkay, more forgotten magic.

Fairy dust wasn’t for the Enchantix only. We see the Winx still have it in Believix mode when they use it to miniaturize in episode eight, “Il Cerchio Bianco” (The White Circle). But fairy dust had other powers, the most important one being breaking dark spells. So, if the Winx can still do this, why haven’t they? They’ve had at least two chances this season: when the Wizards cursed the pets and when Roxy was possessed by Nebula. Would it have been easier?

There is one thing, though. It seemed like when someone was under a mind-control spell, using fairy dust hurt them, like when Stella used it to break Valtor’s spell on Sky. Maybe the Winx remembered that and wanted to try a different way.