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Did World of Winx turn out exactly how you thought it would? Not for me. The final product barely matched my predictions. Thank goodness my lame ideas didn’t come true, but I was surprised (and disappointed) by a few things that did (or didn’t) happen.

Here are five of my expectations that weren’t met:

Winx Club 7X04 - Timmy, Brandon, Nex, Sky, and Helia

1. The guys would be in it.

You can’t blame me. They’re in every season, even if they don’t play major roles. I thought they’d have their own side story in World of Winx like in season four.

I also made up a suitor for Musa who’d turn out to be a spy for the Talent Thief. He’d pretend to fall in love with her to get close to the Winx. I named him Cole. Don’t ask me why. 😛

Anyway, I hope the guys show up next season. It felt weird not seeing them around, although at least it gave each Winx more screen time.

2. Ace would be a villain.

I’ve mentioned this before. I thought the reality show would be a front for the Talent Thief’s kidnapping operation. What better way to attract talented kids? Ace and the crew would be in on it. Eventually, he’d eventually figure out the Winx were spying on him, and they’d have to fight him.

So much for that. He was just your typical TV host character. The closest he came to being a villain was in “Dangerous Waters” (1X10), when he was under Smee’s hypnosis. We could learn more about Ace next season (if he’s back), but for now, he doesn’t seem to be tied to Tinker Bell.

3. The talents would be real kids, and the show would feature segments about their lives.

I came up with this soon after Netflix added a description to the show’s page. We were trying to guess why they categorized World of Winx as a reality show and were talking about kids auditioning for it. Guess someone at Netflix (or Rainbow) confused the show within the show for the actual show. 😛

Anyway, I thought each episode would follow a random kid’s life, narrated by the Winx who shared their interest (i.e., Aisha for sports, Musa for music, etc.). Near the end, an enemy would try to steal the kid’s talent, and the Winx would protect them. That sounds boring. I’m glad I was wrong.

4. The enemy organization would be a human crime syndicate.

This was before we found out the Talent Thief was Tinker Bell. I thought World of Winx would be a more typical spy story with the Winx busting into an underground compound to free the kidnapped talents. Could the Talent Thief still have been a magic being? Sure, but I didn’t think she’d be a fairy! (Or a pixie. I still don’t know.)

I also expected more common action scenes like car chases, hand-to-hand combat, and escapes from the enemy’s lair. Instead, Rainbow focused more on the fantasy aspects like Dreamix and World of Dreams. Oh, well.

World of Winx 1X01 -- The Winx Judging Contests

5. The Winx would create the reality show.

I know I just said I thought the Talent Thief would create WOW!, but I had other ideas, too. In one of them, the Winx would create the show to lure the Talent Thief to them. Yes, that’s using the talents as bait. But since the Winx actually did that (poor Naoki), I don’t feel guilty anymore for coming up with this. 😛

That’s my list. What were some of your expectations for World of Winx? Did they come true?


Happy New Year!

2016 is finally over! Thank goodness! What a rough year! I’ve got some personal scars from it, but I won’t talk about that here.

Each December, I usually make a list of what to expect from the Winx franchise in the new year. I’m a bit behind, but it’s just New Year’s Day. It’s not too late for it.

The problem is I don’t have a lot of news this time. I’ve heard some unconfirmed things, but…they’re unconfirmed. I’ll just list a couple things I know are gonna happen. We’ll have to wait and see about anything else.

1. World of Winx premieres in Italy on RAI Gulp (January)

Since Netflix isn’t that popular in Winx Club‘s motherland, Rainbow’s airing the spinoff on RAI Gulp instead. It’ll premiere this month. Italy may be a couple months behind, but maybe being the only country that gets to watch the show on TV will make up for it.

2. World of Winx season two premieres on Netflix (Q2 — April, May, or June)

That’s according to the flier Michael got at the Licensing Expo last year. Let’s hope it doesn’t get delayed a dozen times like the first season did.

That’s all I know. Sorry, guys. Here are a couple things I’ve heard, but like I said, they’re not confirmed.

1. Tsumanga Studios releases new apps?

According to WinxClubRUS, Rainbow renewed their partnership with Tsumanga Studios — the makers of Winx Fairy School, Sirenix Power, etc. — through 2019. They’re apparently working on a World of Winx-inspired app. Since the whole series should be out by summer, the app will probably come out this year, too.

2. The fourth movie premieres?

I’m definitely not sure about this. I vaguely remember an article about it, but I couldn’t find it again. Maybe I’m right. Maybe I’m wrong. Don’t quote me on it.

We may be in for a lot of surprises this year — good surprises, I hope. Once again, Happy New Year! Here’s hoping for another magical year for Winx Club!


Musings & Rants


And we’re back!

I criticized WoW a lot in part I, didn’t I? Don’t worry. I’ve got plenty of good things to say about it, too.

If you don’t mind, I’ve got one more complaint. It’s not the only other thing I didn’t like, but I don’t wanna spend this post ragging on the show again. Let’s end on a positive note this time.

My last gripe (for now) is about the animation. I don’t mean the art itself. The backgrounds were gorgeous, and I liked seeing the Fairy Couture style come to life. I didn’t think the Winx’s expressions would look good — because I don’t think they look good in the stock art, to be honest — but I was wrong. (This Tecna face will be burned into my memory forever.)

What I didn’t like was the movement. Rainbow’s improved a lot since they tested this Flash-esque style in a couple episodes of season four. Everything was still wobbly and marionette-like in seasons five and six, but season seven was a big improvement — not perfect, but visibly better. Read the rest of this post

Internet News


By popular demand, you can now download episodes and movies from Netflix to your smartphone or tablet to watch offline. Only select titles are available for now. Thankfully, World Of Winx is one of them, along with Winx Club seasons one and two and the first spinoff, PopPixie.

The default video quality is “standard.” You can change it to “higher” in your app settings.

Is there a catch to all this? Maybe.

You may only get to keep the videos for a short amount of time. The first time I downloaded “The Talent Thief” (1X01) as a test, a message showed up under the runtime info that said, “Expires 48hr.” Strangely, it went away after I deleted the episode and downloaded it again. Might be a bug.



Some fans have been asking for this, so here it is. I’ve listed the voice actors’ (seiyuu) names in western order: first name, then last name.

The Winx

All the Winx’s seiyuu tweeted about their roles to spread the word about the show! Nice to see they’re excited about being part of the Winx franchise! 🙂

Bloom: Lynn

Stella: Eri Inagawa

Tecna: Sanae Nakata

Flora: Rie Suegara

Aisha: Arisa Shida

Musa: Yuri Noguchi

Confirmed, But Not In The Credits

The seiyuu who voiced Vincenzo (the chef talent) and Lorelei also tweeted about their roles.

Vincenzo: Takuya Inagaki

Lorelei: Ikumi Sato


Ace and Margot’s seiyuu were shown in the credits — not sure why for Margot, since she wasn’t that important — but I’m not sure if I found the correct people. Japanese names can be tricky to translate. I’m pretty sure I’m right, though.

Ace: Masamichi Kitada

Margot: Bibi

There you go. If I find anymore, I’ll let you know! 🙂