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Do you have a favorite Winx character who embodies the show to you? Someone you think of every time you talk about what you love about it? I do.

Surprise! It’s not one of the Winx — or Roxy, as much as I babble about her. 😛 And it’s not one of the guys, either. I have my favorites, of course, but ultimately they’re all minor characters and aren’t essential to the show. Some of them only exist to be love interests.

This character drew me in from the very first season. Their presence added mystery and wonder to the show. They existed before the story began and have often been behind the scenes, guiding the Winx on their adventures.

If you can’t tell from the description (or the post categories 😛 ), my favorite character of all time is…
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Musings & Rants


Last fall, FloraAsia posted an article on whether the Winx Club should add another member. His top candidate: Daphne.

…unlike Roxy, she’s experienced and has been familiar with the Winx since season 1. And as you all know, it’s the perfect opportunity for her as well, since she was finally restored to her physical form in the season five finale.

This post isn’t meant to be a counterargument. But as you know from “Daphne Should Have Stayed Dead,” I’m opposed to her becoming a Winx. Here are four reasons why I don’t think it could work:

1. Six Winx is plenty, right?

Rumor has it Nickbow kicked Roxy out of the club because Nick’s writers felt seven Winx was too many. Wouldn’t it be hypocritical then to add Daphne? If they’ve changed their minds, they should return to the original plan. Roxy almost become a Winx; spot #7 still belongs to her.

capture_006_15012014_172536_2682. She’s too busy.

Daphne’s a professor now. That means classes to teach, lessons to plan, papers to grade, etc. She doesn’t have time to run around with a bunch of teenagers!

“But the Winx were teachers in season four!”

True, but was that handled well? No. After one class, they packed their bags and headed for Earth. Now they’ve been retconned as students again. And Daphne’s their teacher, at that! (Imagine the “teacher’s pet” accusations!)

Plus, she just became Crown Princess of Domino. She’ll probably be flying to and from school to attend to her royal duties, like Sky does for Erakylon. (Not that Nickbow couldn’t write a way around this.)

3. She’s Bloom’s sister.

Five words: “Vortex of Flames” dance scene. It wasn’t the first sisters-only moment this season, but it was the most blatant. Count on seeing more of them if Daphne joins the Winx. The other girls would be nothing but background fodder.

Also, Daphne’s obviously from the same planet as Bloom and might have a similar power source. That’s too much redundancy. (Bloom and Roxy didn’t count since they were born on different planets.)

capture_008_24102013_071155_6854. She’s too elegant to be a Winx.

This is gonna sound like I’m dissing them, but bear with me. In Nickbow’s Winx Club, the Winx are trendy teenage fairies who love to party and rock out in their band. Daphne’s not like that. First off, she might not even be a teenager. Second, she’s more graceful and mature than them.

Now, some people felt Roxy didn’t act like a Winx, either. Surprise — I agree. But if she took on that “cool” personality, it wouldn’t feel as out of character for her. Think of it as her growing up. But for Daphne, it would seem like she was trying to act young again.

Even with all I’ve said, I don’t think Daphne will become a Winx anyway. There are a few signs of that:

  • She has no known power source.
  • She’s still a Sirenix fairy.
  • She’s still treated as a separate character (“Daphne and the Winx”).
  • She hasn’t had a matching outfit with them yet (even her Sirenix looks different).
  • She has no emotional attachment to anyone but Bloom (same as Roxy now that she’s not a Winx).

We’re only six episodes in, so this could change. But I hope it doesn’t.

Musings & Rants

You…You wish I was dead?

Don’t get me wrong. I haven’t changed my mind about corporeal Daphne. I liked her more as a spirit, and I’ll be mad if she becomes a Winx.

But after reading your comments on “Daphne Should Have Stayed Dead”, I get why Nickbow revived her.

TheRedStar explained it well:

“I think Nick did this because Daphne was the only dead person who was in the series as a spirit. They didn’t wanna confuse the little kids with why the spirits of characters like Nabu or Musa’s mother weren’t there…”

I doubt any of us wondered where Matlin’s spirit was. Just like poor Musa, we accepted that Matlin was gone forever. But Nabu’s death complicated things. If he sacrificed himself like Daphne did, why didn’t he become a spirit, too?

capture_025_30092013_130858_145I’d always believed Daphne’s ethereal form came from being a nymph. Since it’s not, then what’s so special about nymphs? She looks no different than any other girl in Winx Club — in fact, Faragonda called her “the last fairy to acquire Sirenix” (episode 5X04). She’s just like the Winx!

That means death should affect her how it would anyone else. So why did she become undead?

Nickbow had to fix the canon to make death “fair” and permanent again. I think the Sirenix Curse was a cheap way to do it, but it worked.

I’ll always miss ethereal Daphne, but I’ll get used to her new self. Eventually. 😛

Merchandise News

pTRU1-15722137_alternate1_enh-z6 pTRU1-15722137enh-z6

(Credit goes to my affiliate Michael’s Winx Club for sharing this news first.)

Remember the rumored San Diego Comic Con Daphne doll that disappeared a few months ago? It looks like she’s back — she’s been added to She costs $29.99 and comes with a bright-orange gown, glittery golden wings (JAKKS’ special touch), and her signature mask.

Daphne may already be in stores, but you can’t buy her online until July 18.

Many fans have been asking for a Daphne doll (check out MagixJourney’s toy request petition for more fan choices). Maybe JAKKS is listening to us!

QUESTION: Now that Daphne’s being released, who’s the next special character you’d like to see in doll form?

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Guest Posts

We’re now accepting guest posts! Our first one comes from a fan (who wants to stay anonymous) with an interesting theory: Rainbow may have planned different roles for Daphne and the Trix. Part I below is mainly about Daphne. Part II (which I’ll post tomorrow) will focus on the Trix.

If you’d like to share your own guest post, send it to [email protected].

Was Daphne Going to be Bloom’s Mother?
~ by an anonymous fan ~

My theory is that in the beginning, the story was supposed to be as follows:

In the old times of the Dragon, the nine nymphs ruled the Magic Dimension with Daphne as the greatest one of them. Later the Dragon disappeared, and Bloom was born to Daphne. Shortly after, the Ancestral Witches attacked Domino, and Daphne sent her across time and space to the modern-time Earth, while Daphne was locked in another dimension. The Ancestral Witches, having failed in their quest, later took on a younger appearance and became the Trix, which explains why the Trix were so powerful in S1.

And I think that at first, Bloom was meant to defeat the Trix (i.e. The Ancient Witches), and then find and free her mother Daphne from the dimension where she was locked. Then the story was changed in mid-production of season 1, and Daphne was turned into Bloom’s sister and the Trix into The Ancient Witches’ descendants.

There are a lot of hints towards this. Read the rest of this post