Winx Club 7X25 - Aisha and Nex HuggingNope, my blog’s not dead. 

Last month, I started writing Winx fanfiction. I wanted to finish this story by Valentine’s Day, but schoolwork — and nervousness — got in the way. Now I’m finally done…with the first chapter. Good grief.

As you can guess from the picture, “The Storm” is about Aisha and Nex. Expect most of my fanfics to be about them. No couple in this series has ever ignited my imagination as much as they do. They’re a treasure-trove of creative ideas waiting to be used to tell thrilling, clever, romantic, and even profound stories.

Let me guess: you think I’m exaggerating, right? Okay then. Give me a chance to show you why this couple’s so unique and powerful together.

My story takes place on Andros between seasons seven and eight, ignoring the comics (they’re not canon, anyway). Read the rest of this post

Episode Reviews


Winx Club‘s finally back, which means…more reviews! Yay! 😀

The final battle against Tritannus is about to begin. But first — time to save another damaged environment! *Sigh* 🙄

Yep, this was a filler episode. The only important moment (more or less) was when the Sovereigns’ Council finally agreed to team up to kick Tritannus out of the Infinite Ocean. That wrapped up a couple side plots, including this season’s Bloom-Sky drama.

Later, Flora got some time in the spotlight. Too bad her wish was just another public service announcement to protect our oceans. We get it already!

Next episode: “Battle for the Infinite Ocean.” The Winx, Nereus, Tressa, and an “army” of Selkies confront Tritannus. He wants to capture Cousin Aisha and use her Sirenix powers to activate the Emperor’s Throne. That poor girl needs a vacation.

Here were my thoughts while watching episode 5X24: “Saving Paradise Bay!” Read the rest of this post

Musings & Rants

And now, what else could possibly happen?

You may remember I wrote a post like this in 2010 for season five. At least four of my wishes came true! Not bad! I hope this list scores that high, too. 🙂

So far, all we know about next season is 1) the pixies will be back, and 2) the Winx will — as always — gain a new transformation. That’s fine with me.

But here’s what I don’t wanna see in season six. Share your list in the comments! Read the rest of this post

Merchandise News

Looks like our fellow fans “across the pond” are getting the JAKKS’s Sirenix dolls before us! Bloom’s now listed on Amazon UK! Here she is (click for a better view):

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What do you think? I’m pretty impressed, myself!

JAKKS has said these dolls will be released in America this fall. But if you can’t wait, Amazon UK does ship internationally. She’ll cost extra, and there’ll be at least a two-week wait before they send her out (that could mean she’s not in their warehouse yet). But it might still be worth it to own her before everyone else does. 😛

Amazon UK


Summary: Stella’s impromptu fashion show at Alfea doesn’t go as she planned. While looking for ideas for new outfits, she’s transformed into a three-year-old girl by an Age-Change item! Meanwhile, Bloom, Tecna, and Aisha search for the Gem of Empathy in the oceans of Tecna’s realm, Zenith.

Winx Club: "The Gem of Empathy" S1
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