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Did World of Winx turn out exactly how you thought it would? Not for me. The final product barely matched my predictions. Thank goodness my lame ideas didn’t come true, but I was surprised (and disappointed) by a few things that did (or didn’t) happen.

Here are five of my expectations that weren’t met:

Winx Club 7X04 - Timmy, Brandon, Nex, Sky, and Helia

1. The guys would be in it.

You can’t blame me. They’re in every season, even if they don’t play major roles. I thought they’d have their own side story in World of Winx like in season four.

I also made up a suitor for Musa who’d turn out to be a spy for the Talent Thief. He’d pretend to fall in love with her to get close to the Winx. I named him Cole. Don’t ask me why. 😛

Anyway, I hope the guys show up next season. It felt weird not seeing them around, although at least it gave each Winx more screen time.

2. Ace would be a villain.

I’ve mentioned this before. I thought the reality show would be a front for the Talent Thief’s kidnapping operation. What better way to attract talented kids? Ace and the crew would be in on it. Eventually, he’d eventually figure out the Winx were spying on him, and they’d have to fight him.

So much for that. He was just your typical TV host character. The closest he came to being a villain was in “Dangerous Waters” (1X10), when he was under Smee’s hypnosis. We could learn more about Ace next season (if he’s back), but for now, he doesn’t seem to be tied to Tinker Bell.

3. The talents would be real kids, and the show would feature segments about their lives.

I came up with this soon after Netflix added a description to the show’s page. We were trying to guess why they categorized World of Winx as a reality show and were talking about kids auditioning for it. Guess someone at Netflix (or Rainbow) confused the show within the show for the actual show. 😛

Anyway, I thought each episode would follow a random kid’s life, narrated by the Winx who shared their interest (i.e., Aisha for sports, Musa for music, etc.). Near the end, an enemy would try to steal the kid’s talent, and the Winx would protect them. That sounds boring. I’m glad I was wrong.

4. The enemy organization would be a human crime syndicate.

This was before we found out the Talent Thief was Tinker Bell. I thought World of Winx would be a more typical spy story with the Winx busting into an underground compound to free the kidnapped talents. Could the Talent Thief still have been a magic being? Sure, but I didn’t think she’d be a fairy! (Or a pixie. I still don’t know.)

I also expected more common action scenes like car chases, hand-to-hand combat, and escapes from the enemy’s lair. Instead, Rainbow focused more on the fantasy aspects like Dreamix and World of Dreams. Oh, well.

World of Winx 1X01 -- The Winx Judging Contests

5. The Winx would create the reality show.

I know I just said I thought the Talent Thief would create WOW!, but I had other ideas, too. In one of them, the Winx would create the show to lure the Talent Thief to them. Yes, that’s using the talents as bait. But since the Winx actually did that (poor Naoki), I don’t feel guilty anymore for coming up with this. 😛

That’s my list. What were some of your expectations for World of Winx? Did they come true?


Okay, question: Timmy usually drives the Owl, right? How’d he get back here so fast?

A couple months ago, I realized I don’t talk much about the Winx’s boyfriends. Yes, this show’s not about them, but many of them have been around since the first episode of season one. I miss the days when they were more involved in the Winx’s missions. (Nowadays, they’re just…there.)

For the next week or so, I’m gonna share my thoughts about each of the guys. I mean Nabu and everyone in the above picture only. They may not be the only boys who’ve influenced the Winx’s lives, but the rest are just one-shot characters.

Here’s a little appetizer to get things started. Remember the “Things You May Have Forgotten About the Winx [and Roxy]” post I wrote four years ago? (Wow.) We don’t know as much about the guys, so I couldn’t come up with a “forgotten” fact for each of them. But here are few facts I did think of. Do you remember these?

  • Brandon is Sky’s assistant: Lately, the show’s treated Brandon like nothing more than Sky’s best buddy. But his job to protect Sky with his life; that’s the true reason they’re always together. How good is he at his job? Well…let’s just say he used to be better at it. 😛
  • Helia is Saladin’s nephew: Or grandson if you’re more familiar with the 4Kids dub. By the way, I think the last time we saw Saladin was episode 5X11. Where’d he go? I hope the poor old man’s not dead!
  • Riven dated Darcy: You didn’t forget this, did you? Oh well. 😛
  • Timmy and Tecna almost broke up in season two: For a good part of the season, Tecna felt Timmy was a coward and didn’t wanna be seen with him. She was really rude to him, too. (I’ll talk more about that when I get to Timmy.)
  • Nabu was a rich man: Besides Sky, Nabu was the only guy in the Boys Club who was born into the upper class. In episode 3X09, when Aisha’s complaining about her arranged marriage to him, she says all she knows is “he’s from the richest family in Andros.”

I kinda feel sorry for the Nick era fans. They missed out on the “Brandon’s really Prince Sky” plot twist. 😛

That’s all for now. I’ll start off this series with my thoughts about Bloom’s boyfriend — er, fiancé? — Prince Sky. See you later! 😛