What If Wednesday

Today’s “What If Wednesday” question: “What if the schools in Magix got new teachers?”

Have you noticed the faculty at these schools hasn’t changed much? Alfea added Avalon in season two and Daphne in season six. That’s it. (You could count the Winx, but let’s not go there.)

We don’t see some of the teachers anymore, but it’s hard to tell if they’re gone for good. What happened DuFour? Or Avalon? Or that dance instructor from season three? I think Rainbow just decided not to show them anymore, since they’re not important. (DuFour and Avalon did appear in a comic recently, so they haven’t been forgotten.)

Wouldn’t it be interesting if someone left for real? The best choice would be Wizgiz. He’s been teaching for more than 1,000 years! I think he’s earned a few centuries of retirement.

What about at Cloud Tower? We’ve only ever seen three teachers: Griffin, Zarathustra, and Ediltrude. The latter two haven’t shown up since season three. (Winx Wikia says there’s a fourth professor — a wizard named Bittersmoke — who was mentioned in the show but never appeared.) I doubt Griffin’s running the school by herself, so where’s the rest of the staff?

Redfountain’s in a similar boat. Saladin and Codatorta are the only faculty members we’ve seen, but at least they both showed up in season five. Who else is training the Specialists? It can’t just be them.

As for Nex and Thoren, we don’t even know where they go to school. I doubt Redfountain has a Paladin track; it seems to be a Specialist-only school (that’s run by a wizard, for some reason). A lot of Wikis say they’re from Lynphea College, but I think that’s wrong. The evidence points elsewhere.

Anyway, I guess before Rainbow writes anyone out of the schools, they need to show some of the “hidden” teachers first. What are their subjects? What do the students think of them? What do they think of the Winx? Are they as star-struck as the students are?

That last part is why I think switching out the teachers could be interesting. Faragonda, Palladium, Griselda, Wizgiz, Saladin, Codatorta, and Griffin know the Winx well. They trust them enough to send them on dangerous missions and give them access to secret areas of their schools. But if a new teacher — someone who didn’t trust the Winx — came in and interfered?

Worse, what if they became the headmaster of Alfea? That would mean sidelining Faragonda for a while (but not necessarily killing her off). Maybe the Winx would have to sneak out again like they used to, or maybe they’d finally leave the school for good.

(This is starting to sound like Harry Potter. That’s not what was thinking about, but…why not?)

A happier possibility is they could learn something new from the new teacher. Rainbow could have done this in season seven with Wild Magic, but I think using Wizgiz worked, too. His subject is metamorphosymbiosis, after all. Wild Magic was a form of it. But what other types of magic — besides transformations — do the Winx not know about yet?

To sum it up, switching out some of the teachers — or just adding new ones — could change the character dynamic a bit. It could also reveal more about the schools in Magix and maybe make them more relevant again. I think Redfountain needs it the most. How long has it been since we’ve seen it? Four seasons? Five? Good grief!

That’s it for today!

What If Wednesday

Today’s “What If Wednesday” question: “What if we learned more about these three magic species?”

I know. That’s a weird question. 😛 Anyway, we barely know anything about them, even though they were all introduced in season one.

Who are they? Let’s take a look.


I ran into a fan on Instagram last week who didn’t know Palladium’s an elf. Can you blame them? Besides having pointy ears, he doesn’t stand out much from the other magic beings we’ve met.

Elves are a staple of fantasy series, so why are there so few of them in Winx Club? All we’ve seen are Palladium and these two at Musa’s show in “The Show Must Go On” (2X15):

See them in the pink and teal dresses? They look out of place, don’t they? Maybe they were headed somewhere else, heard music coming from Redfountain, and decided to stay for some entertainment. (Side note: there’s a weird animation error in this screenshot. Can you spot it?)

The only thing Rainbow has told us in the show about elves is they evolve. That’s why Palladium looked like a Keebler elf with a growth spurt in season one but now looks more like a high elf. Will we ever see him change again? Probably not — although he called it one of his “many teacher transformations,” which means it’s happened before.

What did he look like before season one? Maybe I don’t wanna know.

Anyway, one of the season six comics focuses on him. In #125: “The Kingdom of the Dark Elves,” the Winx travel to his realm through the Legendarium World to find his lost lover Athris. I won’t give the story away. Find out what happens for yourself. 🙂

I’d love to see that realm in the show. Where is it? Is it isolated from the rest of the Magic Dimension? Maybe that’s why we don’t see more elves in Magix.


Season one, episode one. Bloom’s eating an apple in the Gardenia Park when a panicked Kiko scurries up and gestures for her to follow him. He leads her to a clearing where a sun fairy’s being attacked by a bunch of ghouls and an ogre.

That ogre, Knut, is the only one of his kind we’ve seen to this day. Where’s the rest of them? Did the Specialists wipe them out?

Also, why is he allowed to roam freely? Aren’t ogres are treated like monsters? Yet the optics shop owner in Magix City didn’t have a problem with him trying on glasses!

To be honest, I don’t care where Knut comes from. I also don’t care why he’s not Alfea’s janitor anymore. Or maybe he is, but it doesn’t matter because he’s such a minor character.

But he still makes this list because we don’t much about ogres, and — to be fair — he played a big role in bringing the Winx Club together.


I understand not knowing Palladium’s an elf. Without the ears, he could pass as a regular guy with long hair. But what else could Wizgiz be besides a leprechaun? You could put him on a box of Lucky Charms, and no one would know the difference!

Just like Knut, Wizgiz is the only one of his kind that we’ve seen. Where is he from? We know he’s got a home somewhere, since he left Alfea to visit his mom in “A Friendship Sundered” (1X08).

Wait a minute. How can he have a mom? Aren’t all leprechauns little bearded men?

Also, how old is he? The season two and three version of the website said he’s been teaching at Alfea for more than 1,000 years! Good grief!

Final Thoughts

If I had to pick one species I’m the most interested in, it would be the elves. I’ve always liked elves. Plus, Palladium’s one of my teachers.

What other magic species do you wanna know more about?

That’s it for today!

Episode Reviews


I’m going back to my old review format from now on. Essays are boring to read, and they’re not my style. 😛

Like the last review, I wrote this after finishing the episode and before moving the next one. Assume I haven’t watched any others yet. No spoilers, please!


Next stop on the Trix’s world domination tour is the Zaltora (I think) School for Psychic Arts. It’s another easy win. They bewitch the school’s magic crystal — conveniently located right on top of the building  — and the students become their mind slaves. Then the Trix get a message from Selina, who says she has a plan to get rid of Bloom.

Let’s see what the Winx’s boyfriends are up to. (Forgot about them, didn’t you? 😛 ) Oh, they’re “training” in Aisha’s Morphix gym. That’s great.

capture_013_21052014_152649_468Meanwhile for the Winx, it’s time for potionology class. Palladium shows how it only takes a few drops of potion to break a transformation curse. Those three poor freshmen — Evie, Laurie, and Carol — are frogs no more. Then, with a potion boosted by Roxy’s magic, Palladium turns Griffin the crow back into herself.

The Winx are so busy watching, they almost forget to ask him about Eldora’s flower! Sadly, he doesn’t know what kind it is, either. But he knows who Eldora is! She once taught floral magic in Alfea’s greenhouse, which is now locked inside their vault. Flora can’t wait to go there!

Back at Cloud Tower, the Trix aren’t keen on Selina’s plan. If she’s Bloom’s friend, what if she betrays them? They decide to trust her anyway. After all, they’ll be watching her the whole time through Griffin’s Magic Eye.

capture_007_18052014_101846_158Before the Winx head to the vault, Selina and the boys show up. Selina lies about getting separated from Bloom back in Egypt, how Eldora’s her fairy godmother, and how she wants to help the Winx find her. Sky’s suspicious, but of course Bloom believes every word.

Selina’s plan moves to phase #2 inside the greenhouse. She secretly poisons Flora with cursed pollen, then turns a few plants into monsters. When she pretends to know an antidote to cure Flora, Bloom agrees to take her to the potion lab. She keeps one of the monsters busy while Selina whips up an even more potent poison.

capture_003_21052014_151938_565Bloom’s just about to pour it into Flora’s mouth…but Helia knocks it out of her hand just in time.

A little earlier, Sky had gone to the nurse’s office, where Griffin, Palladium, and Faragonda were. Griffin had warned them that Selina’s working with the Trix. Feeling guilty for trusting her (and almost poisoning her friend), Bloom decides to leave Alfea…and the Winx Club. (More on my reaction to that later.)


I liked this episode a lot more than the last one. It had a lot more action, a good amount of drama, and slightly better dialogue (most of the time). Plus, any time there’s a potionology class, I’m a little biased. Potionology’s my favorite subject. 🙂

This will sound morbid, but the poisoning scenes were my favorite. They made the episode feel more tense, like the Winx were actually in danger for once! Of course I knew Flora wasn’t gonna die, but I still got nervous when Bloom opened that potion! I even yelled, “No, don’t!” or something like that. Well done, Nickbow. You got me!  😛

Next up in the Magic Marathon: “Broken Dreams.” Flora keeps researching Eldora’s flower. Bloom goes home to Gardenia, where, thanks to Selina, she has to stop a vampire invasion. Stay tuned for the next review!

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TV & Movie News

­Translated from a recent article on guide.superEva.it, here’s the basic storyline of Winx Club‘s upcoming spin-off.­­­­­­

Pixieville is a city located in the heart of a vast forest of trees and shrubs. The city is composed of streets, neighborhoods, streets, squares, and a central park where you will find the Tree of Life. This tree grows “Pops,” bubble magic that gives the pixies extraordinary powers once they have discovered and used their talents to do good deeds. The powers of the Pops, however, attract the evil elves, who, using whatever means, want to steal them from the pixies to use them for their evil purposes…

A nice, simple framework for a mini-series, I’d say, and now we may know why it’s called Pop Pixie. There are a few questions I have about the series from what I’ve seen and read about it so far:

  • Why do the pixies appear not to have wings in some of their pictures, like this one? Does this mean fairies and pixies are more alike than Winx Club has shown us (in other words, is there a “pixie mode”)?
  • Why does Livy look like a boy in this series? (And why did Chatta call her “LIE-vy” in the trailer?) 😕
  • Why are there male pixies but not male fairies? And—not meaning to sound perverted—what’s the point since pixies are born from the Tree (er…Flower) of Life?
  • Is Palladium the same kind of elf as these mini-elves in the series?

Anyway, it looks like it’ll be a cute series. Are you looking forward to it?

Here’s the trailer again, but this video also has some pictures from the series. Enjoy!